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Very Special Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife

I just received a pretty neat donation of a special GEC knife to be auctioned off for the Wounded Warrior Project.  This is one of those things that doesn’t happen very often and I’m really happy to share the story with you.

Back on October 20, 2009 I kicked off the very first Wounded Warrior Project Auction with the winning bidders name announced on November 1, 2009.   The winner was a retired Marine by the name of Mike W, who was working in Kuwait at the time.  A few of you may be familiar with or know Mike as he’s been selling his fairly extensive collection of GEC knives on Ebay under the name “mike-in-japan”.  Check his listings out as he has some real gems.

Mike was  a pretty special and unique customer as he used to send funds for knives that I sent to his dad stateside while Mike was in Kuwait.  Unique, because Mike never even saw the knives I shipped him for almost a year after I shipped them.  That my friends is trust.  For all MIke knew I was sending him tubes filled with sand.

Maybe the easiest way to lay this out for you is to just post the email(s) Mike sent.  I think this is a very special donation for a fabulous cause.

“I ran across that first Wounded Warrior knife you put up and I won back in the day (2009).  How would you like to have it back to raffle off again?  It was a 2009 2nd cut jigged stag 89.  Be my pleasure to donate it if you want to do it.  Already engraved with Wounded Warrior Supporter on the blade……………”
“Greg, ……..  I’d like to do this in honor of my daughter, Amanda, who was an Army MP Sergeant involved in an IED explosion when she was stationed in Baghdad in November 2003.  She still has constant headaches and a 90% VA disability from the Traumatic Brain Injury she suffered. At that time the HMMWVs were not armored and the explosion blew the vehicle upside down.  Both her and the driver were knocked out and when she came to, the vehicle was on fire.  She pulled the still unconscious driver out and then the HMMWV burned up totally.  Anyway, she refused the Purple Heart because she didn’t have a gunshot wound – she was a stubborn one.  At that early time in the conflict, all the brain injury issues from the IED explosions were unknown.
Anyway, I’m honored that you’d put it up again for auction at some point.
Thanks, Mike”
Here are links to the original auction posts from 2009 when the auction kicked off and when Mike was announced the winner.  When I made the comment about Mike appreciating what the Wounded Warrior Project was all about back in 2009, I had no idea his daughter Amanda was one of the  Wounded Warriors.  To have Mike donate this knife to be re-auctioned to raise additional funds is very special. For now, thanks  Mike and a very special heartfelt thanks Amanda.
Stay tuned, pass the word around and I’ll kick the auction off in a couple of weeks.  It’d be nice to have the auction end on 10/31, just like the first time around.

1 thought on “Very Special Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife

  1. What a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do!
    Mike is a real hero for doing this in my book, as well as Amanda, certainly a Wounded Warrior herself. Blessings to you both for kindness and a great idea, as well as your military service and sacrifice.
    Good on both of you.

    Sand in the GEC tubes……….. What a novel business approach……….. Hmmm…..

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