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77 Yankee Jack Sunbrite Acrylic

A box of 77 Yankee Jack Sunbrite Acrylics and Antique Autumn Sawcut Bone showed up this morning.  I’ve just listed the Sunbrite Acrylic this AM and the Sawcut Bone will go in the store Monday.

Like I said, the Sunbrite is a great color for an acrylic!!!  A little deviation from my usual listing is I’ve used a stock photo to represent all of the knives in the Sunbrite.   They are identical in color so there isn’t a lot of point in shooting an extra 50 pix.

77 Yankee Jack Sunbrite Acrylic

Shipping included?

I never give it a lot of thought, but every now and then someone will email or call and ask what the shipping charges are on an item in the store.  It’s pretty easy to click the Shipping button on a listing and it’ll usually show $0 for US shipments and a subsidized rate for Canada and Overseas.  With a few exceptions for some of the heavier items, shipping is included in the cost for most domestic shipments.  Virtually all of my overseas shipments are at a discounted rate.

I don’t always list the items with a “Free Shipping” lead in, but probably should.   Sometimes folks don’t realize the price is delivered with the shipping included.  Recently I did some checking around and found out that I may have a higher sale price then some of the competition, but when you factor in the shipping and delivery time, not so much.

Something else I don’t really advertise, I ship a minimum of 2 and up to 3 times a day.  Not a week, a day.  As a result, items ordered on Saturday morning are usually delivered in a large part of the country Monday or Tuesday.   Nothing more irritating to me then placing an order knowing it won’t even ship for a couple days.

But the question is, do you prefer to see a lower price anticipating shipping charges?  Or do you prefer seeing the delivered price right up front?  I know there’s also a lot of discounting that goes on, but it comes at a cost.  Would you prefer immediate shipping or a reduction in price and shipping a couple times a week?

New Releases from EdgePro!

Personally, I’ve been waiting for this for a while.  EdgePro announced this morning that they’re finally releasing the PROFESSIONAL KIT series to their dealers.  The Apex Kit has been their standard kit since day one and the PRO had been a direct order only item.  Basically, they were built as they were ordered!

So what’s the big deal?  For starters, if you’ve ever considered setting up a sharpening business either in your home or at knife shows plus the capability to sharpen more then knives, this is the machine you’ll want.   Or,  maybe like me, you just want the top of the line in sharpeners, this is it!   EdgePro is also changing the configuration a bit from their original PRO model, adding a case and a couple other items.

  • No electric motor so no need for any plug ins to operate it.  Set it up just about anywhere you have a flat smooth surface.
  • The height is adjustable so whether you work off from a table top or a counter, you can set the height at a level most comfortable for you to work at.
  • The ramp system keeps the stone in even contact throughout the full sharpening stroke for accurate sharpening and even stone wear.
  • You can sharpen blades up to 5 1/4″ wide and adjusts from 6-33 degrees of angle.
  • There is an optional scissor attachment available that will allow up to 130 degrees of adjustment to allow you to sharpen any scissor, hair styling shear, plane blades (up to 2 ¼” wide), any length planer blade, loppers, pruners, flat chisels, and most gouges.

Another new item they’re offering is the Small Knife Attachment.


It just attaches to the base of your EdgePro Apex or PRO Sharpener and makes sharpening smaller knives a little easier.  Some people find sharpening the smaller folding knives a little more difficult and this should make life easier.

I should have pictures of the new PROFESSIONAL KIT around the 19th of November and hopefully, will be able to start shipping around that date as well.

77 Tidioute Yankee Jack

Okay, got the Ebony wood 77 Tidioute Yankee Jack and the Prototype Sunbrite Acrylic in this afternoon.   Regarding the Ebony Wood, it is brown with a whoooooole lot of variation in color.

77 Yankee Jack Ebony Wood
77 Tidioute Yankee Jack Ebony Wood

I’ve listed photo’s of all of my inventory in the store so you can pick and choose accordingly.  If you’ve got a preference for light or dark, be sure you know what you’re going to get before you place an order off from a ‘stock’ photo or you could be in for a big surprise!!!

The Sunbrite Acrylic is a nice color.  I’m not a huge fan of some of the acrylics but this is a nice looking handle material.

77 Yankee Jack Sunbrite Acrylic
77 Tidioute Yankee Jack Sunbrite Acrylic

I had someone ask earlier what the difference was between the Yankee Jack and the American Jack.  For whatever reason, GEC doesn’t go into much detail so I hope this helps.

DSCN135777 Tidioute Yankee Jack (left)  78 Northfield American Jack (right)

Ignoring the fact the 77 is a Tidioute and the 78 a Northfield, the first thing you notice is the blades reversed order.  The clip moved to the front.  If you look a little closer, you’ll also notice the 77’s blades are slightly thinner as well resulting in a slimmer knife.

DSCN1359Otherwise, the profiles are identical.  You’ll also notice the middle pin locations are slightly different and measuring the two knives for height, the 77 Tidioute Yankee Jack is roughly .03″ shorter (measured at the pins).  Length of the knife closed and the blade lengths are close enough to be nearly identical.


The most noticeable differences are the springs.   The 78 (on the right) came with some really hefty springs for the size of the knife and on the 77 Tidioute Yankee Jack, GEC backed off considerably.  The spring serving the pen blade is noticeably narrower and a quick check with the mic’ shows the clip blade to be considerably narrower as well.   DSCN1360

As you’d expect with a slightly ‘shorter’ height profile and the thinner springs and blades, you’ve got a weight reduction with the 77 over the 78.  I have no doubt there might be other subtle differences, but like the #54 and #53, these two knives are definitely kissin’ cousins.   With the slight reduction in size, weight and a noticeable reduction in spring tension, the 77 Tidioute Yankee Jack should be a nice EDC.  Prices are within a dollar or so of each other.

So what’s happening this morning….

I checked with Chris this morning about the website not working and supposedly Billy had it up and running.  Not sure if anyone else tried it, but last I checked, it’s still not functioning.

Sounds like the 99’s should be coming through the first or second week of November.  November sounds like a long way off until you check your calendar.

Don’t forget there’s an auction going on for a knife donated to help raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project!!  Mike W donated the first WWP knife we auctioned off (and Mike won) on the  TSA Knives website back in 2009.  He did so in honor of his daughter Amanda who was injured in Iraq and continues to suffer from those injuries.  Just because the ground battle is over doesn’t mean the life long battle these wounded vets face has.

I got a great text message from a ‘new’ EdgPro customer which read as follows: “.….1.5 hours outside today with the EdgePro taking my knives to another level was outstanding”  What’s gratifying about the message is this is another customer that had to ‘see it to believe it’.   He purchased one of the Fallkniven U2’s about 2 months ago and was really happy with it.  We met up at the last gun show and I touched it up for him on the EdgePro.  That’s all it took!!


Special Wounded Warrior Project Auction Starts Today!

This marks 5 years that TSA Knives, LLC has been running auctions and selling certain store items to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.   If you’ve bid on items or donated items to be auctioned, give yourself a pat on the back for the ongoing support.

A few weeks back I mentioned a special donation for a Wounded Warrior Project Auction made by Mike W or “mike-in-japan” as he’s known on Ebay.  It was pretty cool that Mike offered to donate the knife that started this whole thing back in 2009.  And to make that donation in honor of his daughter Amanda, who is one of our Wounded Warriors, is incredibly special.  I’m not publishing Mike’s last name due to the security risks to members of the military and their families.  Here’s the email he sent me a couple of weeks ago…

“I ran across that first Wounded Warrior knife you put up and I won back in the day (2009).  How would you like to have it back to raffle off again?  It was a 2009 2nd cut jigged stag 89.  Be my pleasure to donate it if you want to do it.  Already engraved with Wounded Warrior Supporter on the blade……………”
“Greg, ……..  I’d like to do this in honor of my daughter, Amanda, who was an Army MP Sergeant involved in an IED explosion when she was stationed in Baghdad in November 2003.  She still has constant headaches and a 90% VA disability from the Traumatic Brain Injury she suffered. At that time the HMMWVs were not armored and the explosion blew the vehicle upside down.  Both her and the driver were knocked out and when she came to, the vehicle was on fire.  She pulled the still unconscious driver out and then the HMMWV burned up totally.  Anyway, she refused the Purple Heart because she didn’t have a gunshot wound – she was a stubborn one.  At that early time in the conflict, all the brain injury issues from the IED explosions were unknown.
Anyway, I’m honored that you’d put it up again for auction at some point.
Thanks, Mike”
Not much I can add to Mike’s comments other then hope it gives everyone a better sense how important it is we continue to support our Wounded Warriors.  Here’s what’s up for bid.
GEC 892309 Jig Cut Burnt Stag Wounded Warrior Project Knife
GEC 892309 Jig Cut Burnt Stag Wounded Warrior Project Knife
GEC 892309 Jig Burnt Stag Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife
GEC 892309 Jig Burnt Stag Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife

At the time of the original auction in 2009, I had GEC engrave “Wounded Warrior Supporter” on the blade.  You’ll also notice this goes back to the days when GEC was etching the blades with the “PPP” Premier Pattern Production on their first release knives.

That first auction ended on November 1, 2009 and I thought it might be appropriate to celebrate 5 years of doing these auctions by ending this 5th Anniversary auction on November 1, 2014.

In honor of Mike’s daughter Amanda, you’re going to be bidding on the Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife and a $50 TSA Knives, LLC Gift Certificate to the winning bidder.   The rules are pretty simple:
  • Bidding Starts immediately.  Simply “Leave a Comment” to this post with your bid amount.
  • Bidding ends at 12:00 Noon, Saturday, November 1, 2014, CST
  • In the case of a tie bid, the earliest time stamped bid is the winner
  • 100% of the Proceeds from the Wounded Warrior Project Auction will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project

A couple of reminders.  If you haven’t posted on the blog before, your post won’t show up until it’s been approved which doesn’t happen until I get to it.  I also encourage last minute bidders to NOT wait until the last minute.  Servers can go down, bids can get delayed, etc, etc.

Good Luck!!!

A couple of pleasant surprises…

With all of the interest around the recent spate of 77’s SFO’s I’m really happy to see the number of early orders coming in for the standard Tidioute run coming up.   While it was a nice knife, I don’t recall the #78 being this popular but it seems the SFO’s may have really helped set the 77’s on fire.  I’m anxious to actually get one in hand as it should be a great ‘user’.

The second thing I was glad to hear came from a conversation with GEC a couple of days ago.  I brought up the fact we hadn’t been seeing much in the way of ‘new’ items from GEC in the last few months.  While no details were forthcoming, I was assured there are a number of new designs on the board for next year.   Try as I might, I couldn’t get any details, but it was reassuring to hear we might see a few more truly new releases.

I also pressed for a return to a few more exciting standard run handle materials.  New jigging patterns, Mammoth Ivory, Himalayan Rams Horn, different exotic woods, some nice Snakewood, even some of the highly figured Bocote we saw on the 42LB back in August.  I’m not overly confident it’ll happen, but, ya gotta ask!  There’s a group of consumers out there that are more then willing to pay the price for a high end knife.

77 Tidioute Cutlery (?) are coming soon

Okay, we’ve got the 77 Washington Jacks, a 77 Barlow AND a 77 Tidioute Cutlery (Jack ?).    If you can’t find something in there to like, you’re outaluck.

I don’t have the first two but I will be getting some of the 77 Tidioute Cutlery (Jacks?).  These will be available in Antique Autumn Sawcut Bone, Ebony Wood and a Sunbright Acrylic.  My understanding is the 77 Tidioute Cutlery version should be shipping in a week or so.

Schedule Update is Disappointing

I just went over the ‘new’ schedule update at GEC’s website this morning and other then SFO’s, doesn’t look like much new.  There will be a ‘production’ run of Tidioute 77’s in Ebony Wood, an acrylic and a Saw Cut bone.  The 99’s will be a rebirth of the 99 Farm & Fields under the Tidioute and Northfield labels, then there will be another run of the 54 Big Jack’s and 54 Moose which we haven’t seen in a while.  What’s interesting is reading the comments left by some of you regarding what you’d like to see ‘rerun’ by GEC and comparing it to what GEC is running.  What you asked for and what’s coming isn’t exactly the same.

The handle offerings for the most part are limited to Jigged Bone & Ebony on the Tidioutes and Jigged Bone & Stag on the Northfields.  Of course the Farm & Fields will be offered in the Delrin and Micartas.  Looking back over the past year, I think it’s fair to assume the unique handle materials are being left for someone to SFO.

While I love to see some of the neat SFO’s designs that have come out, it’s a bit sad to see the standard production runs slowly but surely get rather…..blah as a result.  That was pretty well summed up by Muskrat at the Gun Show a week ago.  I put a full court press on him with the Bull Buster extolling the quality and price.  His response was, ‘...nice, but there’s no bling.  It just is, what it is…an inexpensive utility knife.’  You rarely would have heard that comment a couple of years ago.    As a factory production run knife, the GEC’s are still one of the quality leaders.  As an eye catching, ‘wow, I gotta have one of those‘, we have to look to the private labels.

It’s nothing new for companies to have their name put on a knife and contracting the work out to different manufacturers.  This has gone on for more years then I’ve been alive and some of those companies gained almost as much name recognition as their contracted manufacturers.

It’s an interesting situation, but I have a feeling in the future there’s a good chance we’ll see more of the SFO’s being run by both Distributors and non-distributors.  As the popularity of these ‘premium’ knives grow, I also think we’ll see more of them offered to GEC distributors and non-GEC distributors for resale.   That could very well be the only source for the truly premium GEC knives opening up an incredible opportunity for someone with some creativity in knife design.  We’re already seeing the standard run GEC knives try to capture more of  that lower priced EDC market rather then the higher end buyer and collectors market.

On the upside, for the collectors that have been around for a few years, this could bode well for the earlier GEC knives.  With the variety of blade etches and handle materials from the ‘old days’, there are some really interesting original GEC’s to collect.  For certain, the ground is shifting and it always takes time for change to happen.  My concern is years down the road, we could see the GEC name become recognized as a ‘manufacturer’ rather then a knifemaker.




SFO’s and the 77 American Jack

I’ve had not less than 10 emails and phone calls in the last week asking if I would be carrying the 77 American Jack SFO.  The short answer is no.

Most of the calls have been from collectors I’ve not dealt with before so I’m guessing the knives are either pretty well sold out and folks are scrambling to find one wherever they can.  I have an older customer that doesn’t do the ‘internet thing’ and I tried to find one for him without any luck by going directly to Charlie.  Four emails and no response so all I can offer up is good luck if you’re looking for one!

On the upside, it shouldn’t be too far down the road and we’ll see GEC release a Tidioute version to cover those folks that didn’t get one from the first run.  Obviously it won’t have the bling that the Northfield has, but if it’s the pattern rather then the collectibility factor, you’ll be able to find one.

It’s interesting to see these new SFO’s basically going into a secondary market  before they’re even released.  That is, a non-distributor is acting as a key distributor to the current GEC distributors (if you can follow that).   What’s really been amazing are the prices some of these have sold for on Ebay are approaching and even surpassing the cost of a custom made knife.  Pretty rare that happens with a standard production knife with bone or wood handles and a 1095 blade!

For now, good luck in your search and there should be a Tidioute release coming.