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Wounded Warrior Project Auction Starts HERE ~ TODAY!

A week ago I was lucky enough to have won the GEC Rendezvous Raffle knife for the Wounded Warrior Project.  This year I haven’t been running any Auctions for the Wounded Warrior Project but instead have been donating a percentage of sales.  When I won this knife, it just seemed appropriate to pay it forward and auction it off with all of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project!  It’s a fantastic looking knife and truly  one of a kind!

721114LB Hand Carved Camel Bone #02 DSCN0456 DSCN0458

As the label states, the handle material is hand carved Camel Bone and even though it’s serial #02, this is the only one that was built.  GREAT looking knife and an even greater collectible!

The auction starts immediately and will end Saturday, August 23 at 7:00PM CST.

To place a bid, simply post a reply to this post with your bid.  A couple of suggestions from previous experience:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to bid.
  • If you haven’t already registered to post on the TSA Blog, you’re bid may not show up immediately as I have to approve new contributors.
  • In the event of a tie bid, the bid with the earlier time stamp will prevail

That’s it!  Nothing to it.  100% of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.


12 thoughts on “Wounded Warrior Project Auction Starts HERE ~ TODAY!

  1. Sorry, didn’t leave a comment…
    “WWP” it’s all about the warrior and the great things they do for these young soldiers…Thanks Greg for paying it forward, Again…

  2. $200 Charlie in Georgia

  3. I will bump it to $210. Thanks Greg.

  4. […] place a bid, go to:  Wounded Warrior Auction  and leave a reply with your bid amount.  This is a fantastic organization that does a great job […]

  5. Coining a phrase, I consider the “Legacy Knives” to be the GEC knives from 2006 to 2012-I don’t mean to demean Great Eastern. They are a great company! It is a breath of fresh air to see something exceedingly rare as this WWP project knife.
    Remember, Folks it is actually Greg, who paid for this knife. One of us is going to get a knife that can’t go down in value.
    $250–Charlie in Georgia

  6. Thanks for getting the bid up there everyone! Remember, it’s all over at 7:00 CST this evening.

    1. Congratulations, Paul ! I thought I had it. I’m glad for you !!
      Greg, I really enjoyed talking to you today. Made my day ! I wish my little girl had been at home at the time. Charlie in Georgia

  7. We Have A Winner!!!! Congrats Paul! $270 for the Wounded Warriors and a gorgeous knife for you!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity Greg.
    And thank you Charlie. I thought some other bidders might jump in there. I could not resist the opportunity to own such a unique piece and be able to help Greg with such a worthy cause. May God bless all of our wounded warriors.

  9. I’d like everone to know that Paul’s winning bid of $270 got rounded up to $300 when the payment came in. Many, Many thanks.

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