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Fallkniven HK9Cx Wow!

I had a special order come through for one of the Fallkniven HK9Cx knives and was thrilled to be able to take a good look at one.   This is a high end production knife that has an MSRP around $2800.

I never paid a lot of attention to them as the price was in the range that it’s a bit hard to justify picking one up for a ‘demonstrator’.  As a result, I never knew a whole lot about them.  When the order came in I started doing a little reading, particularly about the Damascus Cowry X blade steel used in the Fallkniven HK9Cx.  This stuff is incredible.

On initial glance out of the box, you wonder why the HK9Cx is so expensive.  A quick look tells you it’s definitely well fit and finished, the blade has a mirror finish, but appearance is only a small part of the total package.


From my reading, Cowry X is one of the new powder steels used primarily for knife blades and to put it mildly, it’s expensive and an incredible blade steel.  Just the blank  3/16″x 1 3/4″ x 12″ bar stock runs around $140-160, and that’s NOT Damascus.  It’s a very high carbon steel with an ability to harden to 66-68 HRc without becoming overly brittle.  PLUS the carbon structure allows for a mirror like polish and excellent edge retention.   The convex edge on this knife is absolutely razor sharp.


Fit and finish is exactly what you’d expect from a knife in this price range.  When you run your finger along the mating surfaces of the White Micarta and the tang, they’re absolutely seamless.  No lumps, bumps or rough edges.  A detail that I like is the use of the small pins to attach the Linen Micarta Handle.  They’re simple, functional and really add to the overall appearance.

DSCN0462It’s a little hard to explain unless you actually handle the Fallkniven HK9Cx, but the simplicity and clean lines of this knife are what make it a really great looking knife.  And the feel in your hand is superb.  The weight and balance are exactly what you look for in a high quality hunting knife.

THE most enjoyable part of this transaction is knowing this knife is going to get USED!!!  This isn’t going to be a safe queen and I’m glad to know that.  That would be a total waste.  I take my hat off to Fallkniven for building a knife of this quality without putting exotic handle material, mosaic pins or engraving all over it.  There’s not necessarily anything wrong with a dressed up knife, but too often they end up not getting used.  The HK 9Cx is a great looking knife, but it was built with the intent it should be used, not just looked at.

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