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Pair of New Schatt & Morgan added today

In amongst the boxes waiting for me when I got home were a couple of new Schatt & Morgan knives.  I just added them to the storefront but here’s a couple of pictures.  The first one is a Schatt & Morgan Exclusive Limited Production model #05 with a long Wharncliffe ATS34 Blade and Rosewood Handles.  These were limited to 75 unserialized knives.

Schatt & Morgan #05 Exclusive Limited Production Knife
Schatt & Morgan #05 Exclusive Limited Production Knife
Schatt & Morgan #22 Medium Coke Bottle Stag 1 of 50
Schatt & Morgan #22 Medium Coke Bottle Stag 1 of 50

The second is a Schatt & Morgan #22 Medium Coke Bottle finished with a 420 SS blade and Stag handles.  These were limited to just 50 pieces carrying the Keystone Shield.  (the spots on both blades are oil)


Field Test Reports are coming SOON!!!!

I just returned from a quick trip to the North Woods with a couple of knives I’ve wanted to Field Test and will be reporting on them in the next few days.  For now, unpacking and mowing grass comes first….I’m told.  In addition, Dave also spent a couple of days in the desert cutting stuff up with his Fallkniven HK 9CX and has some interesting Field Test info to share as well.

So hang tight and I’ll get some notes together and a few pix to share as well.  Always a good time getting out in the field and actually using this ‘stuff’!!

First of the 42LB Missouri Trader run has arrived

Got back from a few days in the woods to a box full of the GEC 42LB Missouri Trader knives.  These have always been a popular pattern and up until the Viper was released, was easily one of the most popular knives of the Great Eastern lineup.

The first group of 42LB Missouri Traders include the following hand materials.

Indian Paintbrush, Blood Stone Acrylic, Bocote, Yellow Rose, OD Green
Indian Paintbrush,   Blood Stone Acrylic,    Bocote,    Yellow Rose,    OD Green

The Bocote Wood in particular is just outstanding.  We still have a bunch of knives to come through yet but the first batch looks great.

Ruple Trapper Stag on the way!

A number of weeks ago I had a few of the first release of the Ruple Trapper built by Queen in collaboration with Bill Ruple.  These were part of a run of knives that were built for the 2014 Blade Show.  The initial run sold out quickly and I’m glad to hear more are coming through later this week.

Photo: Make sure you watch out for our dealer, a new batch of these Ruple Trappers went out today! Have a great weekend everyone!

The Ruple Trapper is just over 4″ OAL closed with D2 blades.  Great looking knife and I anticipate these will go quickly as well.


GEC 47 Elk Viper

As you may have noted the GEC 47 Elk Viper sold out as fast as they came in.  The knives I had looked outstanding with some really nice even panels front to back.  Last I talked to GEC on Friday I should have a few more coming in later this week.    I know the Maroon Linen Micarta is starting to getting low as well, so be advised!

It was good to see a few more knives come through in stainless as that’s always been a good seller, but for whatever reason, it seems we never see that many of them.  Now, if we could convince them there’s a market for a nice drop point….

No Shipping Next Week ~ Field Testing Instead!

Heads up folks, I won’t be shipping next week until most likely Friday the 29th.  I have a couple of new products I wanna try out and I’ll be leaving the phone off the hook and just let the orders accumulate.  Sorry about that!

It’s that time of the year when I’m ready for a break and believe me, it’ll be good for all of us to have me out of the way for a while.  So, if you place an order next week, be forewarned, I haven’t forgotten you, but it won’t be heading your way for a few days.

PS: If you try to call…..good luck.  I will be checking my email every day or two.  That’s always the most reliable way to track me down!

GEC 99 Lock Back NEW! Update 8.25.14

Update 8.25.14: GEC is adding Natural Stag to the Northfield Run

I had a note yesterday that there’s a new GEC 99 lock back coming through late this fall sometime in November.  This a takeoff on the Farm & Field only wearing the Tidioute and Northfield labels.  Their will be three blade choices and only in 1095 on the Northfield & Tidioute.

Tid NF #99.JPG

Tidioute: Spear, Clip or Wharncliffe Blade, Smooth Bolster & End Cap

  • Jigged Bone (unkown)
  • Gabon Ebony (back to good old black ebony)

Northfield: Spear Clip or Wharncliffe Blade, Lined Bolster, Smooth End Cap

  • Jigged Bone (unknown)
  • Burnt Stag
  • Natural Stag

Farm & Field Spear Only

  • Orange, Black & Nifebrite Delrin
  • OD Green & Maroon Linen Micarta



GEC #47 Viper Antique Amber & American Elk

I believe the last of the GEC #47 Viper run arrived today.  Handle materials are Antique Amber Jigged Bone….

47 Viper
Antique Amber

And American Elk…..

47 Viper American Elk
American Elk

The  GEC #47 Viper probably ranks up there with the 23 and 73 for popularity.   And the American Elk is a gem.  All of the American Elk had really nicely balanced (color, thickness, texture) detail.  In the past we’ve seen thick panels on one side and thin on the other.  Not this run.  They look great.

Fallkniven HK9 Cowry X Review

Not too long ago I mentioned a customer had purchased one of the Fallkniven HK9 Cowry X knives.  I made a point of mentioning it because not only is it at the upper range in price for a ‘production’ knife, but the Cowry X steel in a Damascus is something we don’t run across on a regular basis.  The information I found left me pretty impressed and curious whether it was really all it claimed to be and was the Fallkniven HK9 Cowry X really worth the money.  If you care to read my initial comments, here’s a link to that post:  Fallkniven HK9Cx Wow!

Our friend Dave from Knife Leather Traditions was the customer and he’s been gracious enough to allow me share some of his emails to me regarding his impression so far.  For those of you that have communicated with Dave by email, you know it’s always fun to ‘read him’ as he does a fantastic job putting his thoughts into words.  I’ve posted some of his emails with only a minimal amount of editing of some info that might be of a personal nature.  There will be additional installments, so to start it off , here  ya go and thanks for sharing Dave!!

Fallkniven HK9 Cx Damascus

Fallkniven HK9 CX
Fallkniven HK9 Cx Damascus

“……… all started with a “Clean out and organize the garage” project early last month.
I spent a solid week going through every shelf and container, sorting, cleaning, organizing.  I had a trash pile, a keeper pile, and a take to the local swap meet pile.  At the end of the week the biggest pile went down to the local swap meet and I came home with $200 and pocket change, proving once again that anything will sell if it is priced cheap enough.
Then it was the guns and ammunition that I no longer use or “need”.  That cleaned out a ton of space and brought in a few more dollars I didn’t have previously. 
After that you tried out the Fallkniven U2, which reminded me of how much I enjoy the three Fallknivens you got for me and how superior they are to anything I had in knives.  I looked in the knife cabinet and decided I would really rather go with quality rather than quantity, and that was where the HK9cx came in as well as the U2……”

Two Days Later………

“It is here!!
I didn’t expect it until tomorrow so I never checked the mail until after afternoon.

This knife is so incredible, in so many ways, I don’t know where to begin.  I will try to put down my initial thoughts on it either later tonight or tomorrow, but all I can say right now is that it is even more than I expected.  This knife has to be taken in hand to be fully appreciated.  The balance and “feel” is amazing.
It would be a total shame not to use and enjoy such a knife, which I fully intend to do.

Even if one could not afford the HK9cx, the HK9 in 3g steel would be one heck of a working knife and a knife that would last a lifetime.  I will add more later but I just wanted to let you know it is here and I am more than impressed.”

Two HOURS later……

You are right.  I have been carrying it and handling it all evening and it just gets better.  I too am glad they did not try to make a $2.00 whore out of it with paint and pimping.  It is as it should be, an honest working knife for someone who appreciates such a thing.   There is so much to say about this knife I really don’t know where to begin.  The only sad thing is: why didn’t you and I have such a knife available when we were both in the hunting stage of our lives?  Wouldn’t it be fun to use it on game?  Even so, it is going to be one heck of an all around camp and trail knife.  I can’t wait to take it out.
When I first held this knife I was reminded of a favorite knife I got back in 1966 or so, just after I got out of the Army and was working on the old Milwaukee Road out of Montevideo, MN.  I got the knife from Eddie Bauer, back when Eddie Bauer sold real outdoor equipment and when you wanted “the best” you got out the Eddie Bauer catalog.  The best goose down parka I ever owned came from Eddie Bauer at the time.
Anyway, the knife was a part of a series made especially for Eddie Bauer by Gerber, again, back when Gerber was producing first class knives using some really good tool steels.  Al Mar was working at Gerber then, before he went on his own, and I used to correspond with Al, a gentleman of the first order and a really swell guy.  I always wanted to meet him but unfortunately never got the chance.  The knife had a 3/16″ thick blade, like the HK9, and also like the HK9 was ground to a fine working edge.  I don’t recall the blade steel but I do remember it was very hard, took and held a beautiful edge.  It was a substantial knife and made to be used.  Had a Stag handle and a butt cap.  Perhaps you remember the series.  The sheath was one of the best and well designed leather sheaths I have ever seen.  Just one heck of a knife.  I used that knife in the woods a lot and really enjoyed it.  For one reason or another I let it go and I always wished I had it back.  The HK9 reminds me of that favorite knife and brings back a lot of good memories.
This is just one very incredible knife!!  I don’t know what else to say………… 
Did you happen to notice that you can see the strip of Cowry X steel sandwiched in the center of the blade along the spine and tang?  It is quite thin but adequate for the edge, pretty much no matter how you sharpen it.  Interesting to be able to see it.  And as you know, it is shaving sharp right out of the box!”

Two Days Later…..

I am impressed with the sheath.  Probably the first thing I tend to look at in a sheath knife.
Very well made for a “factory” sheath.  Good quality, heavy leather, well designed, and the knife locks in solid with no danger of falling out.  I find it very serviceable and I am not intending on replacing it.  I just finished sealing and burnishing the raw edges and will put my usual wax finish on it, but other than proper hand stitching I could not improve on it too much.  For me that is saying a lot.  I am very pleased with this sheath.

At first I thought the knife was “heavy”, but in use and practice it is not.  Instead it is very well balanced so that only wrist action, combined with the natural balance and weight of the knife, does the work with a minimum of additional effort.  The knife practically works by itself so to speak.  A lot of thought and design went into it no doubt.

I tend to choke up on my sheath knives when slicing or fine cutting, laying my thumb and forefinger on either side of the blade just ahead of the guard, as in holding a chef knife.  This puts the end of the handle on the HK9 right up against the heel of my hand, just where it should be.  Therefore, the handle is correct, even for my size large hands.  The knife just seems to lay naturally in the hand and seems comfortable in any position held.  An extension of my hand rather than a separate object.  Pretty impressive really.

I am having a lot of fun with this…………..”

I have no doubt we’ll hear again from Dave.  I’m particularly interested to hear what he has to say about the quality of the blade steel once he gets a chance to really use the knife in the field.  The Fallkniven HK9 Cowry X has a great reputation but it’s always good to get some feedback from someone you know and trust with first hand experience.  Thanks again Dave!