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Everybody likes a bargain

I was just uploading some new/old stock in the store and realized there are some great bargains that are getting overlooked and some opportunities missed.   Every now and then, I’ll  see items that puzzle me as to why no one has picked up on them.  What really stood out this morning are the number of Genuine and older Natural Stag GEC’s that are available.  Not just my inventory, but around the internet.

One of the reasons I’m surprised so many are still offered for sale is the fact that rarely does GEC use “Genuine” stag anymore.  Most of the releases the past couple of years have been the “Natural”  or “Burnt” stag.    Genuine is cut from the ’round’ usually resulting in a better quality or match side to side while the Natural comes from the slabs (supposedly unburnt) and Burnt is torched to enhance the color.

When we first saw the Natural come out in 2011, the 530411 Natural Stags were actually cheaper then the same knife in Burnt Stag.  Today, the Natural Stag is considerably more expensive then Burnt.  I’m guessing they saw the consumer accept the Natural over Genuine without any problem so the prices quickly crept up but was kept below pricing for Genuine.  Considering the Genuine Stag is infrequently run anymore, it would seem that would enhance the collectibility and demand.

It’s always interesting to try and figure out the trends in this business, but …..don’t think I’ll live long enough to do it!  Always seems about the time you see a trend shaping up, the next trend is coming at you.  For the collector it always comes back to collecting what you like and forget about appreciation.  If prices drop or rise, it doesn’t matter, but there are still deals to be found!

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