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Busted my Queen Gunstock….darn….

Just after bragging about the service I’ve gotten out of my #40 Queen Gunstock….. it broke.


I opened the pen blade last nite and felt/heard a minor click.  The pen blade flopped open and I immediately knew what happened.  The spring broke about a 1/4″ from the center pin on the hinge end of the knife.

It’s not like I don’t have another knife, or don’t know where I can get a replacement.  It’s the idea that I had really started developing an almost symbiotic relationship with my knife.   Not to get too carried away, I have to admit I’ve probably developed more attachment to this knife that I have any others in quite a while.  I really like my Queen #48 Stockman but the #40 Gunstock was just a little beefier knife for the flooring project and seemed the perfect fit for the job.

So, now what……?  Grab another one and move on or try something new?  Right now I’m back to the Country Cousin which I like as well so maybe, maybe I’ll take my time, move on and try to find the perfect replacement.  Nothing to big, not too small, a solid feel without feeling like I need suspenders to hold my pants up…..  The new GEC Dixie Stockman is a tad long for my personal liking.   I kind of like the traditional 2 blade jack for work.  MAYBE, I should try one of the new  Schatt & Morgan Gunstocks with the ATS blade.    But I really like the D2…. any suggestions?

Everyone I’ve given a hard time for not being able to make up your mind…… well, I’m sorry.

Another week behind us at TSA Knives..

It’s been an up and down week for knife sales.  The week started off strong with the arrival of the balance of the Dixie Stockman and then quieted down.   A number of Queens went to new homes and a few more golden oldie GEC’s as well.  It’s always interesting how the release of a new knife will actually spur sales of older knives.  Never figured that one out.

Update on the flooring project.  The slow down in knife sales this week was a great incentive to pound nails.



That’s three bedrooms down, the master, hallway and stairs left to go.


With any luck at all I should have the hallway finished up the first of the week and maybe get the steps done next week.  Then the new doors and bifold doors go up the week after the 4th.   I’m holding off on the master bedroom till Fall as we haven’t decided (we…huh!) if “we’re” going to tear apart the master bath and redo it while “we’re” at it.

I’m really happy with the performance of my Gunstock.


In the last three weeks I’ve cut up jute backed carpeting in the three rooms, trimmed dry wall to fit my flooring, trimmed flooring to fit my drywall, used it as a screwdriver on a couple of occasions and finally broke down and put it on the EdgePro on Tuesday.  Actually, the main reason I had to use the EdgePro was I used the knife to open up four sand bags that were in the back of my truck all winter for weight.  Bagged sand is NOT blade friendly.  The only other touch-up I’ve done on the blade is stropping it every few days.   The wonderful thing was it took all of 5 minutes to put everything right again.  (did I mention I really like that knife??)

I just marvel at the people that don’t carry a pocket knife and wonder how on god’s green earth they make it through the day!

Anyway…. starting to put together my shopping list for the 4th of July.  Fireworks, lemons, ribeyes, cigars……  catch ya later!!!!

New Arrivals from Hess Knifeworks

The guys at Hess Knifeworks just never cease to amaze me with the quality of knives they build at the prices they charge.

Caper Cocobolo Wood
Caper Cocobolo Wood
Hess Large Caper Curly Maple
Hess Large Caper Curly Maple
Hess Hunter Buckeye Burl
Hess Hunter Buckeye Burl

The fit and finish is superb and they look fantastic.  I’ve used and carried one of the small capers for a couple of years now and can’t say enough good things about it.   Whether you’re looking for an EDC knife or a great looking addition to the knife case….give them a look.

Dixie Stockman Stags are in!

I listed the 82 Dixie Stockman Burnt and Natural Stags yesterday and gotta say, the stag is very nice.


Lately I’ve found a lot not to like about the quality of some of the stag GEC’s been sending out but this group of knives definitely is well above average.  Front to back is nicely matched and there are some really nice slabs for the thick stag collectors.

Dixie Stockman Burnt Stag

This should round out the Dixie Stockman releases.  Nice pattern and I’ve had a number of people express interest in a slightly smaller version.  Would be nice!!!!

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Welcome to the new home of the TSAK Blog!

I hope everyone’s gotten the message that the location of the blog has changed.  There’s a new web address if you haven’t updated your bookmarks:

I believe I moved all of the posts from the old blog over here BUT, unfortunately, the comments couldn’t be moved.  That’s really sad because there were some comments that were actually better then my original posts!  Another very real concern I have is that the pictures could disappear tomorrow when the old blog officially goes down.  I think I have that covered but time will tell!!  I’m still working on moving the videos and again…. I ‘hope’ I can get them over here!!!

It was actually rather fun going back through the posts and rereading a few of them.  Probably the most memorable post is that very first one from March 25, 2008.  Prior to that I had maintained a newsletter on a separate web page with updates and commentary on the newest and latest GEC knives, kind of like a blog.  I’d started that back in 2007 and wish that I had archived some of the content as it was pretty primitive to put it mildly!  There were very few blogs (relatively speaking) back then and I’ll take credit as having one of the very first covering GEC knives almost exclusively.  This whole exercise brought back a lot of memories and made me realize there are a few things I used to do regularly that I should get back in the habit of doing… such as testing knives!

I’m gonna be tweaking this site to try and get it as user friendly as possible so get used to seeing an occasional change every now and then.   It’s just a matter of getting the time to really sit down and try different formats, etc and just finding the right combination.

In the mean time, kick back and relax.  Don’t take umbrage if I get critical or make fun of your favorite (fill in the blank).  Humor me if I tend to take off on the occasional tangent to vent over some minor issue.  Understand that from time to time I’m gonna take a shot at a manufacturer if I disagree or don’t like what they’re doing.   While I’m usually relatively polite in my criticism,  I’ll admit that once in a while I can tend to get a bit …..shall we say, ..blunt?

So in the tradition established over 7 years ago… let us begin afresh!  Welcome to the new home of the old TSAK blog!