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Very Neat Cattaraugus “Display Knife”!!

Had a very good friend of the knife industry forward this neat pic of a Cattaraugus Steak Knife.  Guess I should note this isn’t just your run of the mill ‘steak knife’  This was a display model measuring 2 FEET long.  Now, that’s a serious steak knife by any standard!!  (I have it on good authority this may have been a special factory order for Paul Bunyan.  It was a particularly cold winter, food was short and his ox Babe….well, anyway…)

“The blade image of the Catt. display knife is sitting on the green
protector on top of the former NYS Governor’s & President Teddy
Roosevelt’s large round table where he would meet with other important
dignitaries while in Cattaraugus Village.”  Pretty neat connection to the past and many thanks for sharing!!!  Sorry, I should have also added that this unique piece:

“Now resides in The American Museum of Cutlery, Cattaraugus NY“.

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