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A few words about Queen’s Ice Out Contest Runner-up Prize

Congrats again to David for winning the runner-up prize most generously donated by Ken Daniels and Queen Cutlery!!!!  For second place, you didn’t just do too bad David!  On it’s way to you this afternoon is a new Robeson Limited Production #40 Jigged Bone Gunstock.

I have to take a minute to offer a special thanks to Ken and acknowledge exactly what kind of a person Ken is.  When I first started buying GEC knives in 2007, Ken gave me a call one day just to introduce himself and offer up any help or information I might need.  I took advantage of his knowledge on numerous occassions and to this day, still do.  When I had one of the first Wounded Warrior Project auctions, Ken was on the phone and offered a knife to auction off.  At the first announcement of the Ice Out Contest, Ken offered up a prize.  And this isn’t the only prize or auction items Ken’s donated.  DONATED.  I have NEVER solicited him for a prize or an award.  He’s always stepped forward and asked if he could help.  See a pattern????   

When Ken purchased Queen Cutlery, I got a phone call with an invitation to become a Queen dealer, was welcomed with open arms and flattered at the invite.  I’ve never had a face to face meeting with Ken but I consider him a close friend and a valued mentor.  In more ways than one, Ken’s one of a kind when it comes to selflessly promoting the knife industry and supporting the people that enjoy knives….and having a good time.  While I may have a few years on him, he’s taught me a lot about knives and the knife business, for which I’ll always be greatful.

The reason I wanted to bring all of this up is for the people that have never met, talked to or might not know who Ken Daniels is, is to let you know how lucky the knife world is to have an industry promoter like him.  It’s that willingness to move beyond corporate profits and self interest to educate, encourage young collectors and bring enthusiasm to the table that sets Ken and Queen Cutlery above the pack.  If you ever get a chance to meet Ken at a show, by all means take a minute to step up say hi and thank you.  Cause I’ll bet if we’re all really nice to him, this won’t be the last time he’ll join in the fun!!!  Many thanks Ken!!!

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