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Couple of Bark River Additions

Added a few more Bark River knives to the store today.  There’s little ones (Huntsman), big one’s (Gameskeeper II) and REALLY big one’s (STS8).

The STS8 was one of those impulse additions when I place my last order.  Every now and then someone is looking for a big knife like the Bravo II or a Fallkniven A2 so I figured why not round things out with an STS 8.  It’s a BIG piece of 154CM steel.  You’ve got 8.5″ of blade that’s .29″ thick coming in at an even 16 ounces.  It’ll take the place of a machete and do the work of a small axe.  All you need to worry about is your arm getting tired!!

The Gameskeeper II has always been a favorite of mine and only recently did I part with my Ivory Micarta to a friend.  That ricasso gives you room to get your finger right near the action if you’re doing some ‘delicate’ trimming.  Lots of backbone and a great tool for splitting firewood.   I always felt it was a good match for the Fallkniven A1 and big enough for most heavy duty tasks.

But I think the gem of the group was the Huntsman.  This is a compact smaller knife with a whole bunch of back bone for heavy duty work if called upon.  Just 7″ OAL and a 3.25″ blade that’s .187″ thick.  When you put the knife in your hand it might feel small until you realize just how stiff that blade is.  NICE!!!

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