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EdgePro Sharpener’s Will be in Stock SOON!!

I’ve always had a real intolerance for dull knives.  The old line that you’re more apt to cut yourself with a dull knife is greater than with a sharp one isn’t a joke.  You end up putting more pressure on the blade to get it to cut and the chance of slipping as a result increases with the degree of dullness.

For years I’ve taken pride in my ability to put a decent working edge on a blade free handing with a stone.  When I got my hands on the 1″ belt sander to sharpen a convex edge I was really happy!  Life was good but then Dave and Bill rocked my world.

A couple of months back I ended up with a Schatt & Morgan that Dave sent up to me with just an incredibly fine edge on it.  Now I’m not talking just ‘sharp’, I’m talking absolutely razor sharp with a mirror polish on the bevel.  I know Dave’s a perfectionist and I figured if he did that with a stone and a strop, I wanted to sit at the masters knee for a bit and learn his secret.  Well, it didn’t take much to get him to admit to using some modern ‘technology’ to reach this level of perfection.  He uses an EdgePro Apex sharpener.

I was familiar with the EdgePro through articles I’ve read and Bill in New Jersey had told me all sorts of good things about the EdgePro as well.  Now that I had a knife in hand that had been sharpened with one, I was impressed and had to have one.  The Apex 1 sells for around $165 and after using it for just a couple of weeks I can’t imagine giving it up.

I’ve tried a number of the sharpeners before including the Lansky, DMT, Spyderco’s Sharpmaker.  I ended up carrying the DMT in the store on a regular basis as I liked the simplicity, cost and while the diamond stones don’t last forever, they’ll remove a lot of metal in a hurry if you need to.  (They’re also very forgiving if you drop them)  My primary complaint with all of them is maintaining an exact angle across the blade.  They’re much better than the freehand method, but …….

The advantages the EdgePro has are a simple to use, well made, solid platform, that allows you to maintain a precise angle across the blade for a truly professional edge.  And it’s made in the USA.  You can change that angle from around 10 degrees up to 35+ degrees.  They use water stones in grits from around 220 up to 1000 for a highly polished finish.  Take it a bit further and you can use the polishing tapes up to 3000 for an absolute mirror polished edge.  If you’ll take a few minutes to watch the instruction videos and read the brief but complete manual before starting up, you’ll be able to sharpen like a pro in no time.  The EdgePro site has some great short video’s dealing with all sorts of tips and shortcuts

The sharpener comes in a slick carrying case that holds the sharpener, stones and water bottle.

If you’ve read me for any length of time, my philosophy has been if I won’t use it, I’d prefer not to sell it.  The EdgePro absolutely passes muster.   My biggest complaint …… I’ve run out of knives to sharpen.  Trust me, when you find out what kind of edge you can put on your knives in a matter of minutes, it can become almost a compulsion to want to touch that edge up every chance you get just because it’s so darned easy.  Ask Dave or me!  I promise you, it’s worth forgoing buying a couple knives to invest in the EdgePro. 

I’ll have all 4 models and accessories in stock by late next week.  To kick things off I’ll figure out some sort of promo to help you make a decision.  If you use a knife at all and appreciate a sharp cutting edge, you won’t regret it.

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