Adding some New / Old stock, Collectibles & observations

I’ve really had a hard time getting very excited about most of the “new” releases from GEC lately.  With the upcoming Electricians Knife, I’m starting to accept the fact that GEC has definitely made a shift in direction.  Bad, good or indifferent, I guess time will be the best judge.

My GEC sales for the month of September have already beaten out last years September and the interesting thing is that it’s being driven by the older knives.  The recently released 42’s, 72’s and 46’s were the highlights in “New” knives for the month but made up less then half the GEC months sales.  Queen and Schatt & Morgan have been a bright spot for new customers.  I’m also starting to see more and more crossover sales with orders for both GEC’s and Queen knives on the same order.  There’s a group of EDC folks (which includes me) that love that D2 steel.  The price doesn’t hurt either.

Now, when I’m saying older knives, I’m including the early knives, but also releases that are 6+ months old.  This year there’s been a definite drop in ‘chatter’ on most all of the boards about GEC.  There’s the old group of collectors ( I mean ‘old’ in a good way) that still cover events over the morning coffee, but having just cruised a couple of boards this AM compared to a year ago, it has been quiet.  As a result, there are more and more new collectors who are asking about the “new” knife that was released 6 or 7 months ago.  The word’s not getting out. 

Something that’s really disappointing is to see a new GEC collector post a question on the GEC website and no one answers his question.  I don’t understand having 2 websites and a facebook page and then letting a question from an excited new collector just sit there.  Come on, talk about a ‘buzz kill’.  For a long time, the distributors really bent over backwards to get the word out and kept the excitement level up because they/we were excited.  After a while, you wear out.

Like a few other distributors, I’ve cut back on a lot of the releases, totally skipping some of them.  What I have been doing and trying to do, is to pick up some of the early release knives that have proven to be collector favorites.  In just the last 2 weeks, I’ve purchased several collections totaling over 200 GEC’s.  Some of the knives are common while there are also some real gems mixed in covering 2006 through 2012.  It’s gonna take a while to plow through all of them and get them in the store, but it’ll happen.

I’ve also been selectively filling in some inventory gaps with newer releases that have sold well for me.  The Whalers and Sunfish have been popular for me since they were first released.  It’s a smaller group of collectors, but I’m finding the interest is expanding, particularly since the recent re-issue of the Whaler.  I just added 20+ Whalers and Sunfish to the store to try and keep a good selection on hand.

Don’t know how anyone else feels about it, but I’ve sold all but a couple of my 54’s (the big jacks & moose).  It’s interesting that I’ve recently had 2 or 3 more requests from collectors looking for them as well.  It’s been 4 years since we last saw a run of 54’s, anyone like to see GEC make another run? 

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