Thank you!!!!

I’m happy to report that a check was just sent off to the Wounded Warrior Project  in the amount of $300.  This is a result of knives that were sold that I had listed in the special Wounded Warrior Project store category.  All of the proceeds from the sale of items in that category are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Nothing is withheld to cover shipping, credit card fees or PayPal fees.  Every penny you spend on these items goes to the WW Project.

I’m down to just one knife in that department, but I have some more items to put in there for sale.  Some time back the old Desert Hermit, aka Dave from Knife Leathers Traditions, had sent me some ‘odds and ends’ to do with as I saw fit.  That was about the time I’d conceived this idea of using items like that for raising funds.  So, in the next hour or so, I’ll be listing some GEC blade keys with a variety of handle materials as well as a couple of GEC knives that have been generously donated by Dave.  Check ’em out as the prices are going to be ‘reasonable’.

So far now, thanks to those of you that helped out by buying these products to help support a great organization!

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