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GEC Lanyard tube size varies

I just finished uploading the recent load of 72 Burnt Stag and Antique Green Jigged bone knives.  As I was shooting the pictures, it became obvious the lanyard tubes were quite a bit smaller in appearance (at least) than some of the other knives I’ve looked at.  I checked some other 2013’s and went back to some of the 2012 production knives and sure enough, the newer releases have a tube that measures just slight over .1″  The older GEC’s have a tube that’s around .125″.  Meaning, beware if you plan on actually putting a lanyard on one of the new production knives.

You can tell the difference quite easily by just looking at them.  The new knife (on the left) has a thicker outer wall while the older production (on the right) has a thinner wall.  I’m not sure if the difference is consistent in all of the production runs, but it’s worth paying attention to before ordering the leather lanyard material. 

I’ll be listing the flat leather belting strips which is obviously smaller than the round cord and works great in the smaller tube.  Not as dressy as the braided, but functional and a lot less expensive.  In fact, if you place an order for one of the 72’s, there’s an option to add one of the lanyards for just $1.25.

Which brings to mind a question that I was asked regarding the purpose of the lanyard.  Is it just to make it easier to get out of your pocket or is there another purpose.  There’s another purpose.  If you slip the lanyard on your wrist with the sharp edge of your blade facing away from you. 

 It can save you getting ‘bit’ should the knife slip out of your hand and swing back toward your arm as the blade will fall with the sharp edge away from your arm.

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