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Anyone excited about GEC anymore?

I’m curious what’s happening.  There are a couple of you that I stay in fairly close contact with and frequently the topic of what’s going on with GEC sales and ‘chatter’ (or lack thereof) on the boards comes up.  While I don’t get on the other boards very often and rarely post on them, it’s pretty obvious the chat is waaaay down on all of the sites. 

Personally, last year was another year with sales increases over 10%.  The last half of the 3rd quarter and the first half of the 4th quarter were pretty weak but I ended the last 5 weeks of the year with record sales.  January of 2013 was almost identical to last year and February is going to be off from last year.  Last year, February, March and April were fantastic due in large part to some nice new/old stock I brought in plus the #68 and #45’s in particular were a huge success.

It was pretty obvious that the excitement started to really drop off late last fall and people just seemed to clam up with very few comments about new releases.  Hell, people weren’t even complaining!!!  While I assumed it was part of the cycle that any product goes through, I’m starting to wonder if this is something else.  I’d say it was my abrasive and in your face attitude, that drove people away, and if it is, I’m not sure where you all went!!   While I see the stats and know there are a good number still reading the blog regularly, I’m wondering why everyone has gotten so quiet.  I’ve got my ideas, but I’d sure like to hear yours!  Nothing exciting to talk about?  Tired of GEC?  Wife finally caught ya?  Just plain broke? Or all of the above???

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