Queen and Schatt & Morgan Additions ~ Christmas Sale!

I just added around 45 Queen and Schatt & Morgan knives to the store this morning.  Most of these are short run knives that Queen made to clean up some odds and ends.  I made a deviation from the way I typically list every knife in inventory with these.  You’ll find one listing per pattern/color, but there are several of the knives per pattern in stock.  The only reason I did that is the handle material is virtually identical unlike the variation you’ll encounter with Stag or Wood.

So, in keeping with the Christmas sales I’ve been running, there’s an extra 10% discount applied to these knives that will stay in effect through midnite CST, Saturday, December 15.  And allof them ship free to the US and Canada.  I have mulitples on all of these knives, but they’re items that I can’t restock.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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