GEC Farm & Field Tool line…good deal??

Since GEC came out with their Farm & Field Tool knives, I’ve been curious as to what everyone thinks of them.  I know GEC makes a bunch of them and they don’t have any real attraction to the collector, or do they?  For a number of reasons, until this latest release, I haven’t carried them in the store.  I sold a few on a special order basis and that was it.  I have absolutely no doubt the quality is there but I’m really curious to hear what everyone thinks of the series.

I should have posed these questions in a survey, but I’d really like to give you the opportunity to ‘talk’ rather than a simple yes/no format.  So let’s hear it….

  • Is this a positive move for GEC to bring out a lower cost EDC line?
  • Do you consider it a collectible?
  • Do you feel it’s a good value?
  • Since GEC started up, everyone considered them to be building a high end collectible series of knives.  Does the Farm & Field series lower that impression?
  • Do you expect the same level of quality as we’ve seen in the higher end lines or are you willing to accept a little more ‘human error’?
  • Is it a knife you’d buy in multiple handle colors or is it a ‘tool’?

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