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GEC’s across ‘the pond’ Thank you!

I always appreciate getting letters like this and thought this one deserved sharing….  And thank you, it is truly a pleasure!!…

On Wednesday the Northfield white owl with clip and pen blades in cocobolo wood arrived at my door in the Outer Hebrides, Western
Isles of Scotland. Impressive I thought, considering it came in just 6
working days from the States and then UK mainland by ferry amidst 70mph

being my first interaction with TSAknives and my first GEC, I thought
it would be polite to express my gratitude to you, Greg and to say how
impressed I am with both the service and the product, which is
excellent. A beautifully finished pocket knife. 
a casual collector I mostly enjoy pocket knives for their utility. I
would imagine, like many, I started when I was a young boy and my father
first put one into my hands and told me not to remove any of my digits
“for your mothers sake”. I am looking forward to wearing it in and
making some memories. I find the knives I have that I love most are the
ones with the deepest scratches and reshaped post-chipped blade tips due
to either some minor adventure or a job almost well done. 
That being said, I sense this one will not be the last that I’ll own.
Much obliged,

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