Monthly Archives: August 2012

Update on Josh’s new Maverick!

I got an email from Josh this AM and he made a pretty neat proposal.  There’s a few details to be ironed out but this is what he’s proposing.

Josh suggested turning this knife into a ‘traveler’.  He had the idea of passing the knife around to people that were interested in using it for a week or so and then sending it on to someone else that wanted to try it out.  Along the way, you’d add your name and what part of the world you live in to a slip of paper that stays with the knife so there would be a bit of a diary / travelogue accompanying it.

What we may end up doing is put up a special category on the blog and call it the “Josh Wills Traveling Maverick” post where the current ‘foster parent’ could hopefully post a picture or two and give us an update as to where and how the knife is being used, performing, etc. 

At some point, I may put up a post asking for names of folks interested in adopting the knife for a short time, but I’ll let you know when.  It’s really be fun to see this go International, so Will, Andi, Andreas, Jani, and everyone else overseas that’s interested should keep it in mind as well.

So whaddya all think??? Sound interesting????  Pretty generous offer on Josh’s part and I think it sounds like a lot of fun.

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