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45 Roughnecks are here

Just uploaded the latest 45’s into the store this AM.  There are several different handle materials and I do like the Snakewood.  It’s nice and ‘snakey’!  Also like the looks of the new shields.

The question came up a couple of days ago as to what the difference is between the Lumberjack and the Roughneck.  Not a lot.  From what I’ve observed, the Lumberjacks bore the Tidioute trademark, carbon steel liners and of course the saw-blade in the 2 blade version.  The Roughnecks have the Northfield trademark, brass liners, and the big pen and small clip on the 2 blade version.  And of course the blade etch and the tube labels are different. 

This will give you an idea of the size of the clip blade. 

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