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Educational viewing…

Last year I posted a link to the live Den Bear cams up here in Minnesota.  My wife watches every night and they’ve put together an incredible archive of bear videos.  Incredibly fascinating animals.  Right now, if you go to: and click on “Jewel’s” live cam.  She’s got a pair of cubs still in the den.

What brought this to mind is I got an email from Steve yesterday informing me there’s a Peregrine Falcon livecam set up in Boise, ID.  As luck would have it, I checked it out and got to watch him/her checking out the city skyline and getting buzz bombed by some sort of bird.  That site is:

And for those among us who fear black bears, check this out:

See, there is more to my life than knives!!!!!

If your posts are getting blocked let me know…

Just got a message from Dave that he couldn’t post on the blog and thought maybe I was trying to muzzle him.  Well, every now and then it’s not a bad idea to shorten his leash a bit, but he should be back on.

IF you ever get a message that my posts are closed for comments or you just can’t post, drop me an email and let me know.  I’m still dealing with a group of Chinese spammers that will hit the blog every now and then with up to 200 spam messages.  Our host is great about keeping them from showing up on the blog, but I have to go in and block their IP and Email address in an effort to at least make things a little more difficult for them.  When I do that, I’ll occasionally end up blocking someone in error.

It’s an extremely rare occasion I’ve ever (if ever) blocked someone, so let me know if it happens to you.  I’ll get it straightened out.

Lumber Jack Sheaths are now available!!

Dave just sent me samples of the sheaths for the 45 Lumber Jacks.  They look great and use a whole bunch of leather to make a sheath for a slip joint.  Did I say the look great?????  Sorry, they look fantastic but I guess I’ve come to just expect that of Dave’s leather work.

The real surprise is the price.  The KLT Lumber Jack sheath is the same price as the Whaler sheath.  I fully anticipated a higher price but Dave is trying to keep things affordable for everyone.  That’s a lot of quality leather work for the price.  Thanks!

More Moose on the Move!!!

Sorry about that…. had to do it.

First of the Northfield Moose showed up today.  Southwestern Turquoise and Dark Cherry Jigged bone are the first releases.  Both are great colors.  It’s worth repeating for those of you that are unaware, the Southwestern Turquoise is an acrylic material NOT made from chips of actual Turquoise.  Great color however!!

And one more Tidioute in Summer Green Jig Bone.  Nice green.

AND, I snagged a couple more Grizzly Cut Bone Lumber Jacks!!

Take a minute to read this…

My friend Luke sent me a link to an Australian sports magazine that contained a short commentary about a new series of laws in Queensland, NSW affecting pocket knife owners.  It just drives me crazy when I read stuff like this.  What in the world has happened to common sense????

It’s a short article worth reading:

There are some crazy laws around the world regarding blade length.  You can’t carry a blade over 3.5″ long in many areas.  Anyone know how long a blade you need to severe a carotid or a femoral artery?????  1″ should be more than sufficient.  We’ve got similar laws in parts of the States and it’s so frustrating these politicians can pass laws like this and get RELECTED!!!!

Tuna Valley Burnt Stags are in!

It took a while, but it was worth the wait.  The Tuna Valley Cutlery Burnt Stags arrived over the weekend and I relisted them in the store with photo’s this afternoon.  Originally, I’d put them up as a pre-booking item and after a design change and price change, I decided to wait until I had them in hand to list them again.

Once again, the stag is very nice and the engraving exceeded my expectations.  Engraving is one of  those things that can very easily be ‘overdone’.  I’m really happy to say I think the engraving on these is a really classy touch without being over the top.  The lines are clean and sharp.  VERY nice!


You know how you always have that friend, that lives too far away to visit?  Life gets in the way and you don’t get to send an email as often as you would like?  I have a dear friend just like that and this week I got the greatest surprise in the mail.  As a Beavertail collector I am always challenged as to how to display my knives.  I have a Beaver pelt but it is a pelt and needs care so I don’t take it out of its case often.  When I opened this package I laughed until I had tears running down my face.  LOOK HONEY… IT”S A BEAVERTAIL!!

Thank You my friend for the beavertail and for the smile!!!!

Do you use the blog archives? Here’s a couple tips..

In March of 2008, I launched the TSA Knives blog which has typically focused on the Great Eastern knives.  If you take the time to search back through it, you’ll find there’s at least a mention of virtually all of the GEC releases made since then.   I’m not sure if any of you use the blog to search for old articles or information about knives, but here’s a few tips that should help.

On the left upper corner of the blog is a “Quick Search” window.

The quick search only looks back at the past 3 months of posts and looks only at the “Title” of the blog entry for the search ‘term’ you type in.  So if you’re looking for more or older knife info, expand your search using the Advanced Search feature.

If you click on the “Advanced Search” tab, you can tell the search engine to look at a much wider range of info.  For instance:  If you select “Advanced Search” type in the term “mosquito“, ask it to search in “title, content and comments” and in the “Date Range” select “all“.  You’ll end up with an article posted in July of 2008.  Below it are comments using the term “mosquito” that are related to posts made in August of 2010.  From those comments you can track back to the original posts they are commenting on.  You’ll find there were several comments containing that term is response to posts I made.

Another tip is if you start using a relative long search term, “primitive bone 2008 Northfield #73“, you’ll probably come up with zero results even searching the title, content and comments in the  entire date range.  Start narrowing your search terms.  Drop “2008”, no luck? continue to drop words such as bone, #73 or northfield. 

Yesterday, someone sent me an email about a 23 Red Stag.  While I didn’t specifically find the exact answer they were looking for, a quick search of the blog using different search terms brought up an article where I had posted pictures of the knife which helped narrow down the release date and few other pertinent details. 

Anyway, hope this helps some of you if you’re doing any research.  In the next day or two, I’ll also get some information up on the blog to try to pass along a few tips on how to stay on top of new listings in the store.