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New knives yesterday…+ comments on the old/new stock

I listed the latest 66 Calf Roper’s yesterday.  This has turned into a popular smaller knife for me.  The recent show I attended they were VERY well received and I personally like the size for a comfortable carry pocket knife.  First one’s through were the Ebony Wood, Spring Green Jig Bone and the Tomato Acrylic which is fantastic looking if you like the acrylics.

Also in the lot were a couple more Orphan Knives.  I put 3 (total run) #235211 Tidioute Antique Brown Jig Bone in the store.  NICE looking handle material on a popular pattern.

And from the emails I’ve been getting, sounds like there have been more than a few of you happy with some of the recent listings I’ve put up for sale.  I haven’t gone too far out of my way to highlight some of them, but those of you that pay close attention have found them!  I have this twisted sense of humor that makes it fun to list a rare or hard to find knife without saying anything and just waiting for the lucky treasure seekers response when they stumble across it.  Let’s see, here’s a couple of excerpts from 4 customer emails that came in within the last day or two:

Tell me I did GOOD!! It looks to me like this knife is a ‘One of One’.

Am I crazy or was that an amazing deal?! Seriously, are you not
surprised that knife lasted on the site for as long as it did? When did
you put it up?

Just wanted to let you know how fast the delivery was on my last
purchase. I don’t know if you tied it to a lightening bolt or what but I
ordered on Sat. 2/25 and recieved on Mon. 2/27

That was just too tempting!

Man I love my job!!!! ….most days…..

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Today’s additions..

A few new / old knives in the store this morning.  There are a pair of 235210 Genuine Stags with really, really nice stag.

A very unique 661211 Burnt Stag that is NOT a Bullwinkle J Moose.  I don’t remember any coming through without the BJM etch, but this little gem has some outstanding stag and the Northfield blade etch.  And I hate to even mention it, but there was also a 538210M in Red Stag that lasted in the store almost 10 minutes.  Outstanding piece with some really chunky stag.

That’s about as chubby as the come!!

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New 23 Orphan Red Stags, + older Red & Genuine Stag

Just added a few ‘Orphan Knives” to the store this afternoon.  GEC is cleaning up some #23 odds and ends and among them were 7 Northfield, #235111’s finished in Red Stag.  That’s all they ran and when they’re gone, they are gone!  Nice looking stag.

I also added some more older knives to the storefront.  There’s some Red Stag, a rare #73 unserialized Mammoth Ivory, some really, really nice looking Genuine Stags plus a few other odds and ends. 

The updated “Current Inventory” page was quickly made not so current last nite.  So today, I deleted a few more knives from the list and added a few.

Also, thanks again to you guys that gave me the heads up on the store front issues this AM.  I’m happy to say that a phone call to our web host had us back in business in short order.  There are a few of you that are really diligent about letting me know when there are issues, errors, etc and it is much appreciated.

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Some nice older stag added today, inventory updated too!

About 70 knives to go and I’ll be current again!!!  If you took a look this afternoon, you’ll see some really nice ’08, 09, 10 and 11 goodies added to the store.  Ancient Kauri Wood, big fat stag, GEC Red Stag, etc, etc. 

And something else I finally took care of was updating the “Current Inventory” page.  There have been a lot of changes in inventory in the last two weeks and an update was long overdue.  I’m glad so many of you find that page useful and I apologize I don’t get a chance to update it even more often.  It’s one of those things that’s never going to be totally current.   

If you don’t use it or you’re not familiar with it, check it out.  “Current Inventory”  It’s a great quick reference to what I’ve got on hand.  BUT, understand, it’s guaranteed there are items I haven’t added or deleted.  Meaning there are no doubt items in the store that haven’t been listed yet.

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26 Ivory, Gen Stag, older Gen Stag, etc, etc

The Ivory Pocket Watch Sunfish is nice!  And the Genuine Stags look equally good.  If you didn’t notice, there are about 18-20 new/old stock knives added to the store today including some drop dead gorgeous genuine Stag.  A 538308, 538311 (#02), 235210EC Genuine Stags and a few other interesting pieces.  And there’s more to come!!

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Gunshow, 26 Gen Stags and Primitives, etc

Had a show I went to this weekend and it was excellent.  It’s a smaller regional show that is usually a pretty good show to attend as a buyer or a seller for, primarily, shooting related items.  This year they ran over 1100 people through the door on Saturday and it was hard even moving through the aisles.  By the time the dust settled Sunday afternoon, most everyone was smiling.  Between the show and online sales, it was one of the best weekends I’ve had.

Sales of the Fenix flashlights was way beyond expectations.  Seems like a lot of folks are reading the articles in the mags about the lights and knew what they were looking for when they got to the show.  I wasn’t ready and sold out of a lot of the lights as a result.

Knife sales were excellent as well and it’s the older knives that are really drawing the attention.  When I say older knives it seems like the 2008’s in particular are getting ‘noticed’.  Which reminds me, thanks to those of you that helped turn up some knives for a few collectors that have been looking.  Since I posted the page on the blog, I think there have been around 15 ‘matches’ made.  I know I had a number of knives to contribute but thanks again to those of you that helped out. 

Just listed the recently released 26 Watch Pocket Sunfish in Genuine Stag and Primitive Bone.  Good looking little knife.  Based on the weekend at the show, it’ll be fun to see some more of the 66’s coming through.  I sold a couple at the show and it seemed like that was a size that drew a fair amount of attention. 

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Tuna Valley Giveaway on IKC board

Just had a link emailed to me that you might find interesting:

Tuna Valley Giveaway

FREE Tuna Valley Cutlery Co. Knife Giveaway
Posted by Ryan Daniels on February 15, 2012 at 11:08am in Daniels Family Knives
Back to Daniels Family Knives Discussions
.Hey everyone we’re going to try something fun on here. I’m running a
free knife raffle. The prize will be a future Tuna Valley Cutlery Co.
knife (sorry can’t let you know whats coming out so its still a mystery
one which on it will be). The goal is to get 100 members signed up for
the Daniels Family Knives group once we hit the number I will pull a
winner. Now the way you get a chance is become a member of the group. If
your already a member you have already secured a chance but how do you
get more chances? Well I’m going to give you and the new person you
signed up a extra chance. So that means you sign 7 new members up you
will get 7 more chances. So go out there and tell people about the group
and we will get this thing rolling. If everyone likes the contest then
we will be doing several give aways on here so watch out. Please message
me and your friend whenever you do get them joined so I can put your
extra chances down. Thanks everyone Good Luck.

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Orders Temporarily on hold for the Tuna Valley Burnt Stag

I pulled the ‘order form’ from the store front on the Tuna Valley Burnt Stags for the time being.  I talked to Ryan this afternoon and it sounds like there’s going to be a rather interesting change made on the knife.  Nothing more I can share with you at this point, but as soon as the details are firmed up, I’ll let you know!!! 

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The Tuna Valley Cutlery Amber Stags starting to ship out today

Well, as advertised, they look great!!!!!  Got the first Tuna Valley Cutlery Amber Stag from the Daniels Family and they are sure to please.  The quality of the stag is top notch and the finish is excellent.  I picked this knife at random for photographing.  After opening 5 other tubes, this is a representative sample of the knives.  Now this is the kind of consistency I like to see!!!