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Used GEC Toothpick for sale (SOLD)

Next knife offered is a used Northfield Toothpick with Blood Red Jigged Bone handles.  Model is a 128109.  This is an unserialized knife that comes in the original tube.  Condition is excellent showing minor pocket rash on the exposed metal surfaces.  The blade has a a very slight patina with a couple of ‘age’ spots showing.  Has been sharpened but mechanically it is A+.  Price is $39 shipped.  Email: if you’re interested.


GEC Production Schedule Update

You’ve seen some of the components on a couple of these already on the GEC website and now, here’s the latest on production……..

Straight from GEC,

We should start seeing these next week:


#61 Deluxe 2 blade Long wharncliffe and pen blade

 Tidioute – smooth bolster

 Jigged Bone – color to be determined

Smooth Black Buffalo Horn

Exotic Mexican Bocote Wood


Northfield – long flat lined bolster stamped UN-X-LD

 Jigged Bone – color to be determined

Smooth Yellow Bone

Stained Glass Perylic

Sea Glass Perylic

Black Gold Perylic


Elephant Ivory


next new knife is somewhat of a secret still but I can tell you it is a
2 blade with a spear and pen or a clip and pen, closed length is
3-7/16”.  It will be called the White Owl.



 Ebony Wood – spear/pen

Ebony Wood – clip/pen

 Bone – color to be determined – spear/pen

Bone – color to be determined – clip/pen

 Kryptonite Acrylic – spear/pen

Kryptonite Acrylic – clip/pen

 Dead Skunk Acrylic – spear/pen

Dead Skunk Acrylic – clip/pen

 Exotic Mexican Bocote – spear/pen

Exotic Mexican Bocote – clip/pen

 Buffalo Horn – spear/pen

Buffalo Horn – clip/pen



 Jigged Bone – color to be determined – spear/pen

Jigged Bone – color to be determined – clip/pen

 Cocobolo Wood – spear/pen

Cocobolo Wood – clip/pen

 Snakewood – spear/pen

Snakewood – clip/pen

 Primitive Bone – spear/pen

Primitive Bone – clip/pen

 Burnt Stag – spear/pen

Burnt Stag – clip/pen

 Genuine Stag – spear/pen

Genuine Stag – clip/pen

Used GEC’s for Sale ~ First up: #57 Burnt Stag (SOLD)


I’m thinning the herd a bit gang.  I’ve got a few Great Easterns that aren’t getting used and it’s time to let someone else put them to good use.  Some started life as EDC knives and some were ‘first run’.  If you’re interested in any of them, drop me an email at as I’m not going to be listing them in the store.  So here’s the first one.  Stay tuned for more.


First up, Northfield 570311 Burnt Stag EDC.  Not sure what the flaw was, but it’s a great knife.  Condition is 95% with minor scuffing on the bolsters and it has been sharpened.  It comes with the original tube.  Price $55.00 shipped.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Just a quick Happy Thanksgiving wish to everyone.  We’ve got a get together planned with some close friends and look forward to sharing a meal with them.  As usual, I feel like I’ve personally got a lot to give thanks for this year and a lot of it’s owed to you.

Have a safe and happy Turkey Day!!!!

Elephant Ivory 33’s and some 46 EDC’s

The Elephant Ivory 33’s came through today and they’re a really nice looking little knife.  There should be a few more of these floating around out there as this was a run of around 50 pieces.  One disappointment is the lack of any identifying marks that this is Ivory.   Mammoth Ivory, Genuine Stag, Primitive Bone, Natural Stag all get a special etch and a COA but the Ivory comes only with the COA, no etch.  To a lot of folks, it looks like Ivory Casein.

The other item worth mentioning is a really nice group of EDC Whalers that came today.  There is Cocobolo, Ebony and Antique Amber with a minor flaw that isn’t going to make a bit of difference to someone looking for a very cool EDC to carry around.

A Unique knife priced right

I am so very pleased to announce a selection for the 2011 iKnife Collector knife. Our selection is:

From GEC,  a Tidioute w/ lanyard hole, Item Number 722111. The blade is 1095 steel and is a Spear blade. The knife will have Indian Choffee handles. The knife will also have a round shield that will say iKC. Along with the knife GEC will provide a Certificate of Authenticity(COA) and will say 2011. We expect a delivery date somewhere toward the end of January to the end of February. The picture below is a representation of this never before made knife.   There are only a few of these left

The cost on this knife to the iKC Community is $65.19 per unit.  Shipping cost will be:  within US 10.00 and international 15.00. That will make a delivered cost in the US $75.19 and for delivery to areas outside of the US $80.19. And that is US dollars.

We do need your names and addresses to provide a list to GEC. Please send an email to Jan Carter @ with your name and address of where you want your knife shipped.

Payment:  For the processing.  Jan  is putting togeather a spread sheet with correct names, addresses and Credit Card numbers.  Anyone choosing to do a Money Order or personal check to GEC should still give us your name and address and mail their payment to:

Great Eastern Cutlery
701 East Spring Street
Unit 10 Building 2
Titusville , Pennsylvania 16354

Please make sure your name and the words IKC knife are on the payment.

The name and address information as well as the payment information is critical as we will cross reference everything and obviously the faster we complete this the faster we can start on our knife. There is a deadline!

 On behalf of Scott King our founder, the selection committee and all the members of iKC we sincerely appreciate your continued interest and participation in our community.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

New Single Blade Whalers and first of the Bullet End Punches

First is the 85 Bullet End Jack with the punch.

Neat looking knife, and I’ve actually been using one of the first series with the Wharncliffe, Coping and Clip blades. 

Then we have the Single Blade Whalers.

It differs from the original Whaler in that it obviously has just the single large Pen Blade AND it has a cutout in the handle.  By the time you’ve got your fingers all the way down in that notch, you’ve got about as good a grip on that monstrous blade as you can possibly get!!!  In fact, by my rough measurements, it’s almost 29/32″ from the top of the blade to the bottom of the notch. 

A message from WWP to all of you …..

I think this deserves to be shared with all of you that have participated in the Wounded Warrior Project Auctions.  Thanks and take the time to thank a Vet today!!!

Support wwp today!

Dear Greg,

Day is an important holiday. It is a day set aside for Americans to
honor and pay respect to our brave, patriotic veterans — men and women
who have made extraordinary sacrifices for our safety and freedom.
Unfortunately, many discount the day’s true meaning, viewing it as just a
day off from work or an opportunity for store sales.

Honoring Veterans Today and Every Day

I would like to send a special thank you to everyone who sent a message of gratitude to injured warriors.

Your messages have been shared with these warriors on a special WWP message board.

as a supporter of Wounded Warrior Project™ (WWP), you show your
appreciation for America’s veterans every day — and, for that, you have
my heartfelt gratitude.

Today, I ask that you
celebrate these brave heroes by offering them a small token of your
appreciation: a simple thank you for their service. A sincere “thank
you” and a handshake from a passerby can mean the world to a veteran,
young or old.

One of the most important things to remember is
that thousands of U.S. families still have loved ones in harm’s way.
These warriors should never be forgotten — and they never will with WWP
supporters like you by their side.

So, on this special day —
and on behalf of all the U.S. service members you are helping — I want
to thank you for honoring veterans all through the year.

With many thanks on this day of honor,

Steven nardizzi, signature
Steven Nardizzi
Executive Director
Wounded Warrior Project

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The greatest casualty is being forgotten.

#85 & 72 Mini Lockack EDC’s in Stock

I just received 10 really, really nice EDC knives.  There are a couple of the new 85 Black Buffalo Horn and a group of 72 GEC Mini Lockbacks with Burnt Grizzly Cut handles.  These are exceptionally nice knives with very, very minor flaws.  Most have very insignificant, small chips near the pins or pins that are slightly out of round.  If you want a link to the EDC knives I have in stock, just drop me an email at: