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73 Hunter Series Review & Free KLT Sheath Promo

Last summer, I lost a brand new iPhone in a blueberry patch in North Eastern Minnesota.  On that phone were photo’s I had planned on using for an article on the blog.  I’d shot some pictures using one of the 73 Hunter series knives from GEC and a few others I wanted to share, but, wasn’t meant to be I guess!!!

Anyway, just a few words on the Hunter series of knives and a promotion to pass along. 

When the #10 series first came out I thought it was a neat knife reminiscent of some of the earlier sheath knives of my youth, but I can’t say that I was overwhelmed with a… ‘gotta have one of those‘… moments.  The utilitarian squared off handle and heavy duty guard just didn’t work for me.  The later #50 and #60 left me with the same feeling.  Interesting and maybe a bit nostalgic looking, but the last 40 years of Buck, Cold Steel and Bark River changed my ideas of what a fixed blade knife should look and feel like.

I know I’ve said it many times before, that the Bark River Northstar is one of my favorite smaller fixed blade knives. This one (next to an H73110) has gone with me on many a trip. 

One of the things I’ve really liked about the size of the Northstar is the convenience of slipping it into a small pack.  Rarely do I wear a fixed blade knife on my belt.  It’s either in my vehicle or in my pack.  I just don’t like something hanging from my side if I can avoid it. 

When the H73 series came out, I felt like GEC had a fixed blade I could use.  The size is great for my needs.  I have the A1 Fallkniven or Gameskeeper II for heavy duty use, the Northstar is a good ‘mid range’ knife and the H73 was dead on perfect for lighter duty.  Not quite as convenient as carrying my 73 Linerlock in my pocket, the tradeoff is well worth while to have a slightly longer blade and a bit more heft.  On top of that, it’s a lot easier to clean the blood and fish scales off in the lake and dry it than the liner-lock or any other folder for that matter!!

One major upgrades I made was one of Dave’s sheaths from Knife Leather Traditions. 

This sheath is much slimmer than the standard issue sheath making it easier to pack away.  The sheath pictured is a slip type design without a belt loop making it super convenient to slip in a back (or front) pocket or a small day-pack.  It’s one of the nicest aftermarket sheaths I’ve seen and fits my purposes to a “t”.

It’s been disappointing to me that the Hunter series hasn’t drawn more attention, but I understand that most GEC buyers are collectors.  When it comes to collecting fixed blade knives, that’s a whole ‘nother thing.  You’ve got Loveless, Randall and more than a few others to compete with so it’s understandable that it’s been overlooked as a collectible.  Where the Hunter series comes into it’s own is in the field.  Size is great, the steel takes and holds an edge and overall, it’s one fine knife!!!

To encourage a few more of you outdoorsman to try one out, I’ve got a limited special offer for you.  Dave at Knife Leather Traditions was good enough to provide me with a few of the ‘slip’ style sheaths pictured above.  I’ll include a FREE KLT Sheath with the next 5 H73 Series GEC’s sold.  All you have to do is include a note with your order that you’d like a Free KLT Sheath with your H73.  Great opportunity to try a great knife and sheath to match.

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Let me know if you’re being blocked from posting

Quick note:  If you’re comments aren’t showing up on the blog, let me know.  I’ve been pre-approving commentor’s, but I’m finding out I’m also occasionally blacklisting some “good guys” by accident.  If I have a group of 30 or 40 spams and your post happened to get sandwiched somewhere in the middle, there’s a chance I may put you on the blacklist purely by accident. 

Did I ever mention I’m not perfect????  hmmm probably don’t need to…….

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GEC Schedule update 10/28/11

Picked up some news this AM on a few new items worth watching for. 

We could see pictures of the new #85 Bullet End Jack on the GEC website this afternoon.  Here’s a few more details about it and upcoming attractions.  As always, understand that things can and do change, but here’s what’s in the plans!

#85 Bullet End Jack Spear & Pen Blades
Tidioute Smooth Bolsters ~ Northfield’s are lined

  • Ebony Wood (Tidioute)
  • Smooth Buffalo Horn (Tidioute)
  • Indian Paintbrush (Tidioute)
  • Unnamed Bone (Northfield)
  • Cocobolo (Northfield)
  • Red Stag (Northfield)
  • Burnt Stag (Northfield)
  • Natural Stag (Northfield)

Early to Mid November

Single Blade Whaler

  • Unnamed Bone (Tidioute)
  • Ebony Wood (Tidioute)
  • Unnamed Bone (Northfield)
  • Cocobolo Wood (Northfield)

Mid November

#85 Bullet End Jack Spear / Punch

  • Burnt Stag (Northfield)
  • Primitive Bone  (Northfield)

Late November early December

#33 Conductor

  • Elephant Ivory (Northfield)
  • Unknown Bone (GEC)
  • American Elk (GEC)
  • Stag (GEC)

#46 2 Blade Whalers

  • Smooth Buffalo Horn (Tidioute) Approx 12 Total
  • Unnamed Bone (Northfield)
  • Primitive Bone (Northfield)
  • Snakewood (Northfield)

Mid December  ~  The as yet, unknown #61 Deluxe