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Another GEC improvement??

A year or two ago, one of the complaints I had about the Great Eastern knifes was the edge wasn’t quite what I liked for an out of the box edge.  It seemed like any time I picked out a new carry knife, I immediately took it to the stone and did a little work bringing the edge up to my personal preference.  I never considered it a major issue as I don’t mind sharpening my knives but it didn’t seem like that should be necessary. There were more than a couple of you that agreed with me and we grumbled about it.  Sure enough, the new releases I’ve handled in the recent past appear to have a much more aggressive cutting edge that’s more to my liking.

I open every knife that comes in and shoot pix of them in different ‘poses’.  As a result, I can’t help noticing when some of them are gritty or tight when I open them.  It didn’t take long to figure out they seemed to have grit, polishing media or some such thing that wasn’t completely flushed out of the pivot areas.  The problem can really become noticeable with the larger knives like the Sunfish or the Whaler in particular.  The solution???  I use a product called Gun Scrubber and liberally rinsed the pivot and springs, opening and closing the blades while flushing them thoroughly followed with a light oil.  Problem solved. 

So I couldn’t help but notice the difference on the recent runs of the 53 Cuban Castro’s.  I could be wrong, but it appears to me that these are some of the smoothest opening and closing GEC’s I’ve seen.  With four blades, there’s all kinds of room for grit to accumulate, but these are particularly smooth.  I don’t know if they made any changes in the polishing or cleaning process, but I sure hope this is going to be an ongoing situation.  Anyone else notice any difference or is it my imagination?

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