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We have an auction winner!!!!

Congratulations and many thanks to Alan for the winning bid of $260 for the Prototype Black Buffalo Horn Sunfish.  This should be a great addition to what should be a fantastic collection.  How about some pix someday?????

I’d also like to say thanks again to GEC for donating the knife, Luca for allowing us to use the Prototype, all of the other bidders and a special thanks to the individuals making donations to the Wounded Warrior Project as an aside to the auction. 

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Time is closing in on the WWP Bidding!!!!

Okay gang, there’s just 4 hours left to bid on the Wounded Warrior Project knife.  To bid go to:  Wounded Warrior Project Auction and Bid NOW!!!!!  The bidding officially ends at 7:00PM CST this evening.  I believe the current bid stands at $200.

A word of warning.  Do NOT wait until the last minute to place a bid in the hopes of beating someone by a couple of bucks.  The blog has been getting spammed unmercifully by an outfit out of China and the only way I can keep it from showing up on the blog is to manually approve each and every comment that’s posted.  That’s why you see a delay between writing a response and seeing it show up on the blog.  So if you post a bid at 6:45 and my wife has me doing dishes, I may not get to approving your post until after 7:00.  I’m gonna try to use the auction as a means of avoiding KP tonite, but Bid NOW just in case my ploy doesn’t work.

It’s really gratifying to see we’ve got a couple of you that have committed to a donation, win, lose or draw on the auction.  That’s fantastic.

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Don’t forget to bid on the Wounded Warrior Project Knife!!!

Just a quick reminder that the bidding for the Wounded Warrior Project auction is only open for  a couple more days.  Right now the bidding stands at $160 for a Prototype Sunfish Black Buffalo Horn knife from Great Eastern Cutlery.  Not only is it one heck of a neat knife, 100% of the proceeds from the auction go to a super cause supporting our injured troops.  

I know the economy sucks and more than a few of you are scratching to make ends meet, but the next time you think you’ve got it tough, visit the Wounded Warrior Project website and see who the people are this organization supports.   If you can’t afford to bid, try to make a donation directly to the WWP.

To place a bid on the knife, go to:  Wounded Warrior Project Auction

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We haven’t seen the #57’s and a new #85 is announced!!!

The next release after the #57 is going to be a #85 Teardrop.  At this point all I can share is that it’s going to be available as a 2 blade…… with a spear/pen or spear/punch blade combination.  I think we’ll get a few more details on the #85 shortly.

Actually, here is a picture of the #57 ‘in the rough’.  Looks like it’s gonna be a great little Whittler!!!

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New Wounded Warrior Knife Auction Starts Today!!!

The history of this particular knife deserves some explanation.

This spring, Luca, who is an active member of the IKC board, put the time and effort into putting together the orders necessary for a special run of #362211STL Sunfish finished with Black Buffalo Horn.  It turned out to be an outstanding looking Sunfish.  As this was ‘his project’ I asked him and got the okay for a Prototype knife of the series which would be auctioned for the Wounded Warrior Project. 

My intent was to purchase the knife and auction it off but that’s not the way it worked out.  When Great Eastern found out what I intended on doing, once again they stepped up and donated the knife.  I’ve lost track of how many knives GEC has donated to be auctioned off to raise funds for different charitable organizations but this is another classic example of their generosity.

So here’s what is being offered for bid:

  • Prototype #362211STL Sunfish with Black Buffalo Horn
  • Prototype Blade Etch & COA
  • Deep Stamped Un-X-LD logo in the blade
  1. Bids will be accepted starting immediately until 7PM CST Wednesday ,September 28.
  2. To bid, simply click “Reply to This” or “Leave a Comment“, at the end of this message, and enter your bid amount.
  3. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

And here’s what you’re bidding on:

Bid high and bid often.  If you can’t bid, PLEASE, just take the time to pass this link onto your friends, neighbors or anyone else that might be interested.  The Wounded Warrior Project is a fantastic cause helping an incredible group of people facing some major challenges.  Check them out at:

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News Release on the New #57!!!

Directly from Great Eastern Cutlery:

Here is the information for our new #57 Wharncliffe Whittler which we will start to see in inspection next week.


Wharncliffe blade on one end and then a little clip and a coping blade on the other end, tapered spacer, 3 ½” closed length.


Tidioute – Smooth bolster and smooth cap end

            Jigged Bone – color to be determined

            Acrylic – color to be determined

            Ebony Wood

            Smooth Black Buffalo Horn


Northfield – Lined/dimpled bolster and cap end, swedge


            Jigged Bone – color to be determined

            Cocobolo Wood

            Primitive Bone

            Red Stag

            Natural Stag

            Burnt Stag

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GEC #12 Powderhorn Video is on YouTube

I really overlooked the Toothpick in the first comparison video, so I put together just a 2 minute review of the recent Powderhorns that came in and posted it on YouTube at:  Powderhorn Jack Video

We’ll see how long it lasts, but I’ll try to put a short video up whenever a new model is released.  I seriously doubt I can get a video up of all of the variations that come through but if we get a handle material that doesn’t photograph well, I’ll try to get a short clip uploaded. 

By the way, if you just go to and plug in the search term tsaknives, no spaces, no caps, you’ll find me!!!  Hope you enjoy!!

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GEC side by side knife comparison video is up

I just posted a new video on YouTube that may be of interest to a few of you.  On a regular basis, I’ll get into a phone discussion with someone asking me to send photo’s of different knives in my hand or next to an known object to give them a better perspective of the size and proportion of a knife.  Some time back, I made a video comparing the Bark Rivers and Fallknivens which has been fairly popular on YouTube, so I decided maybe the something similar would be worthwhile with the GEC’s.  Check it out: GEC Pattern Comparison

I’ll apologize in advance for mis-identifying the #72 as a linerlock.  I did correct myself a bit later, but…..  Anyway, hope the vid’ is helpful to some of you!!