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If you only had one knife….

Had a great trip to the north woods last week.  Nice weather, good company, got to see a bear (about 20 feet in front of the Jeep) and spent some time relaxing with numerous cups of coffee and a couple of cigars.

While I was mentally solving the world problems I got to playing that mental game of ..’what if….’.  You know, what if your spouse was really serious about your only owning one rifle?  Or one pistol?  Or what if you had your BOB packed and only had room for one knife.  What would it be????

Well, I started to put all kinds of ‘qualifiers’ on the situation.  Would I be in the jungle, or the desert or at sea??  Would I have an axe, a saw or any other cutting tools with me?  Could it be a multi-tool or one of the SAK’s with a dozen blades, screwdrivers, pliers, allen wrenches and so on?  The options and possibilities were limitless.  So I brought the whole issue back to the most basic consideration.  It had to be a fixed blade or a conventional folder with no more than two blades, no other cutting tools, axes, saws, etc. 

You’re gonna start out aboard a ship that sinks and you drift ashore several days later on a beach near a jungle.  There’s a stretch of desert you have to cross before reaching the snow covered mountain range separating you from civilization.  In other words, you’re going to be in all kinds of different environments each posing their own unique cutlery related issues.  The point is, it’s a pretty rare occasion you get to plan your own emergency situation prior to the event.  Yup, you’re in deep doodoo with one knife.

As impossible as this situation seems to be, it’s a fun mental exercise.  Don’t know about the rest of you, but in northern Minnesota, you don’t have to travel that far to be in some pretty desolate areas.  Every year we have a few hunters spend a night or two in the woods until someone finds them.  People get stranded in snowstorms in their vehicles (hopefully).   I’ve camped in areas with 10+ miles of water and woods between me and the nearest signs of a road or civilization and I really wasn’t that far back in the woods.  One knife……

I came up with my personal best choice.  Anyone else considered what yours would be? 

Bid Here on the GEC Disaster Relief Auction Knife!!!!

A while back Great Eastern Cutlery donated a couple of knives to be auctioned off to help raise funds for the tornado and flood victims in the southern states.  Between field trips, rendezvous’, etc, the second knife hasn’t been put up for auction yet.  After hearing the news story yesterday that FEMA is suspending or limiting funding to Missouri due to the recent hurricane on the East coast, it’s definitely time to try to raise some more cash to help out.

It’s been a particularly tough year financially for a lot of the country and these natural disasters have made some of the problems even worse.  Great Eastern has made similar donations in the past which I think is incredibly generous on their part.  And to try to sweeten the deal a bit more, I’m adding a $50 TSA Knives gift certificate to the auction.

Here’s what we’ve got….

#563311 Tidioute Weaver Jack, Factory Test Production Run, serial #02 of 11 knives finished with Lace Wood Handles. 

So the winning bidder will receive the knife AND a $50 TSA Knives store gift certificate.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army (winning bidders choice).  To place a bid, simply “Leave a Comment” to this post with your bid amount.  Bids will be accepted until 6:00PM CST Monday September 5, 2011.  Spread the word, tell your friends, bid high and bid often!!!

KLT is on vacation!

Wanted to make sure everyone knew that Dave at Knife Leather Traditions is taking a couple of weeks off.  As a result, no new sheaths will get made until after 9/15/11.  So if you’ve placed an order in the last day or two, there’ll be a delay in delivery, so hang tight.  I did promise Dave, that I’d have a nice stack of orders waiting for him when he gets back so get your orders in now!!

I’m back and new knives are here….

I’m back and things are slowly returning to normal.  Had a box with more of the 73’s with lanyard loops as well as some of the new Cuban/Castro’s.  If you like the bigger multi blade knives, you’re gonna like the Castro.  My only thought is why did they put 2 pair of very, very similar blades on it?  

The 73’s continue to be one of my favorites and after this weekend using one, I remember why.    They’re not too big, not too small and can handle most anything called upon to do under normal circumstances.

Tell me a story

So I cheated on this one, it was suggested by a friend but I liked the idea so much I thought we could have some fun with it.

Tell me the best excuse or reason you ever used (to yourself or someone else) to purchase a knife!!

I can’t wait to hear these stories.  Tell me yours and I will tell you ours.  I will even tell you the best line I ever fell for when Donnie wanted a new one.

A conversation with Bill at GEC…

I had a nice conversation with Bill at GEC the other afternoon and we discussed a number of things.  Mostly knives. You know that person that sits quietly in the back of the room, doesn’t say too much, if you don’t look back there every now an then you might think they left the room.  About the time you think they aren’t paying any attention at all they ask a question or make a statement and you suddenly realize they’re about 10 moves ahead of everyone else in the room?  Pretty well sums up Mr Howard in my estimation.  It was really obvious that Bill’s sincerely interested in what you/we would like to see come from GEC in the future. 

Bill’s a bit like Santa Claus in that he knows when we’re complaining, he knows when were pleased.  There’s no doubt he knows what kind of knives he likes to make and I have no doubt he’ll continue to surprise us. Most important, he’s reading/listening to our wish list submissions and taking them under consideration.  Just like Christmas, are we always gonna get what we ask for???? no, but every now and then, even Santa’s hits the bulls eye.

I asked about GEC making more nice, small, pocket friendly ‘dress’ knives.  In the same breath we talked about the economy, knowing that some collectors are feeling the pinch.  My question is, how do you all feel about seeing more small patterns knowing they’re not going to be a whole lot less expensive than some of the mid sized counterparts?  While a 2.5″ knife uses less raw materials, the labor to put it together is no different than assembling a bigger knife.  OR, are Morrie and I the only two that like the smaller patterns?

My point?,…. keep posting what you’d like to see from GEC.  Post them up here or on any of the boards you participate on.  He’s watching…..

New / Old additions in the store

If you were watching yesterday, you probably noticed I added some ‘new in the tube‘ 2006 and 2007 GEC knives to the store inventory.  I was lucky enough to pick up 70 really nice #23 and #73’s with a variety of handle materials.  There were several pairs of 73 Beaver Pond and Beaver Tails with matching serial numbers and some really nice Primitive Bone 73’s. 

How about some really great looking #2006 Tidioute 73’s in Bocote?  GEC only made 78 of them and all of the serial #’s I have are in the 240 range.  Time for an explanation, particularly for the newer collectors.  When GEC started out they would serialize a run of knives without regard to handle material.  For instance, the aforementioned 73 Bocotes were part of a run of 250 knives (actually 251).  There were 78 in Bocote Wood and 173 Chestnut Jigged Bone.  The Bocote’s I have are in the 240 serial range indicating they were run AFTER the Chestnut Jigged Bone.  Confusing???  Consider, you could have serial #242 of just 78 made.    hmmmmm…….

The second point for the newer collectors is that the early GEC’s did not come with COA’s even though they were serialized.  I believe it was sometime in late 2007 that the COA’s became standard issue with the serialized knives.

When you’re looking for these in the store, you can pull up knives by production year to speed up the sorting.  In the left column of the storefront, select the GREAT EASTERN link, then scroll down until you see them sorted by production year and select the year you’re interested in.  IF I did my job, you should find them there.

Anyway, hopefully this will offer up an opportunity to pick up some ‘fillers’ for a few collectors.

Knife Leather Traditions Whaler Sheaths are Available!

Just opened up a package with one of the new Whaler sheaths from Knife Leather Traditions.  It uses up enough leather to cover up a whale of a big knife!!

Not only is it a great looking sheath, but I think it’s fantastic to have a sheath of this quality available for a unique knife like the Whaler.  This isn’t the type of item you can walk into your local sporting goods store and pick up off the shelf.  And not only will you be carrying one of the best knives in the best sheath available, they’re both made right here in the USA.

Dave donated one of the Whaler sheaths to accompany the Wounded Warrior Project Raffle Whaler.  He sent the sheath off to the raffle knife winner and I hope we get a chance to hear from him and see what he thinks of it.