Whaler Photo & Spec Comparison with a Sunfish

Here’s the pair side by side.

And the Sunfish lying on top of the Whaler.

With an Ez Open Barlow sandwiched between these monsters….

To bad that tang stamp doesn’t all show.

There’s a unique COA on the back of the tube…..

And, there’s a new, little acorn oak branch symbol in the upper right corner of the label.  It is tiny!!!!

Here’s the specs:

Sunfish  Wt: 5.8 oz
Whaler Wt:   6.7 oz

OAL Open Sunfish:  7 3/16″  OAL Closed 4 1/4″
OAL Open Whaler:  7 3/8″   OAL Closed 4 3/8″

Closed Profile Height Sunfish:  1.465″
Closed Profile Height Whaler  1.875″

Blade Height Sunfish:  .95″
Blade Height Whaler:   1.545″  Yup, an inch and a half!!!!!

TSA Price:  Ebony Wood  $148.95 serialized  /  $136.95  unserialized
TSA Price:  Jigged Bone  $153.95 serialized  /  $141.95  unserialized

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