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Mindless drivel and upcoming…… stuff…

Tomorrow’s the first of July already and we’re finally getting summer up north.  And you all know what that ultimately means. 

I’d planned on heading for the woods this upcoming week.  HOWEVER, our politicians in Minnesota can’t come to an agreement on how much more money to spend next year, and if they can’t come to a decision by tomorrow, all non essential state offices will close down including our park system.  So for now, the field trip is on hold.  But I’m thinking I may have to take an extended trip later to make up for lost time!

It just reminds me of an old joke.  

Does anyone know the difference between the government and a troop of Cub Scouts??????  The Cub Scouts have an adult leader.

IF I don’t head up nort’ next week, I’ll most likely hold another auction to raise funds for the flood and tornado victims.  I have another of the Lace Wood 56 Factory Test Production knives that will be offered.  Shortly after that, I have the IKC Black Buffalo Horn Prototype Sunfish that will be auctioned for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Both of these have also been most generously donated by GEC.

The really big event will be Great Eastern’s Rendezvous July 28, 29 & 30.  I believe (hope) we’ll get some more updates from Jan right from the show, in real time!  Really appreciated her posts during the Blade Show and look forward to more.  And along with the Rendezvous will be the release of …… The Whaler!

I’m really glad to see the increase in blogs and discussion groups dedicated to Great Eastern.  It wasn’t that long ago that I felt like the lonely voice in the wilderness and now…..  I think it’s great that the interest just continues to grow.  

Something I’m going to focus on the balance of this year is spending more time evaluating some of the GEC’s.  I got wrapped up keeping up with posting information about upcoming releases and really drifted away from one of my passions, testing new products.  Each year it’s has steadily gotten busier and busier making it more difficult to actually get out and cut some stuff!!!  Somehow, I’m gonna make that happen.

Another thing that’s happened is I’m serving more and more customers that are doing crossover buying between the knives and the shooting related items I’ve got in the store.  Some came in looking for pistol magazines or brass and ended up buying a knife plus I find there are more than a few of you that are not only knife collectors but shooters as well.  This has had some interesting side affects.

I’ve never made a huge point of advertising it, but I buy and sell a fairly large amount of used shooting and reloading accessories.  I’ve done some trading with a few of you for knives, bought some stuff locally, on Ebay, Gunbroker, etc.  It’ seems like I end up selling the stuff before I get a chance to list it in the store.  Again, one of these days……  Anyway, if any any of you have hunting, shooting, reloading, parts, scopes, etc you want to get rid of, drop me an email.  Might be able to work something out.

Well, if you made it this far down the page,  that’s probably about all you can stand for today!!!  Me too.  I have to go make some calls to my congressman.

Brown Jigged Bone Steel Sunfish are here

Here’s the latest release of the Sunfish in Brown Jigged Bone with steel bolsters.

One of the neat features they carried forward on this knife is the stamped Un-X-Ld trademark on the blade.

There were around 40 run in Brown Jigged Bone, all without serial numbers.  There are also approximately 12 coming through later this week in a red jigged bone.

45 Colt Brass is back in stock!

For you cowboy shooter’s, I FINALLY got a shipment of 45 colt brass in.  I currently have around 7000 rounds left on hand after filling a couple of backorders and have already ‘reordered’.  It’s been impossible to keep a steady supply coming in, but hopefully, this will help everyone make it through the upcoming summer shoots!

Congratulations to the auction winner!

Congratulations Herb!  You are the winner of the Factory Test Production Lace Wood 563111Ez Open, Serial #02 of 6.  PLUS a $50 gift certificate redeemable at the TSA Knives store.  Most important is a big thank you to you and Great Eastern Cutlery in assisting the disaster victims this Spring.

The winning bid was $125 which will be donated to either the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army, Herb’s choice. 

National Disaster Auction needs BIDS so I’ve raised the ANTE!!

Hey gang, there are roughly 36 hours left on the auction for the 56 Lacewood Factory Production Test Run knife, serial #02.  The proceeds from this auction are much needed for the tornado/flood victims this spring.  Right now, the bidding is sitting at $75 which is WAY below the selling price for a ‘normal’ run knife!!!!!

Here’s what I’m going to do.  Great Eastern was generous enough to donate a pair of Factory Production Test Run knifes as fund raisers, so TSA Knives is going to raise the ante and INCLUDE a $50 TSA Knives store gift certificate to the auction.  SO, whoever wins this auction is not only going to get the Factory Production Test Run knife, they’ll also get $50 towards their next purchase in our storefront.  If the $75 bid stands and wins the auction, the winner will end up with a highly collectible GEC knife for $25 PLUS $50 in credit. 

Think about the ‘numbers’ a bit, then go to: National Disaster Auction and leave your bid.  You’ve only got until 9:00PM CST Tuesday, June 21, to get a bid in.

Most recent Production Update 6/17/11

#36 Northfield Smooth Steel Bolsters, Stamped Spear blade/pen blade, steel liners, pins

 40 pcs. Jigged Bone


#65 Ben Hogan

 Tidioute – smooth bolsters, cap end bolster, clip blade

             50 pcs. – jigged bone

            50 pcs. – black acrylic

 Northfield – lined bolster, cap end bolster, clip blade/saber grind, double pull

             50 pcs. – jigged bone

            50 pcs. – Fools Gold acrylic

            35 pcs. – Snakewood

            50 pcs. – Burnt Stag

            35 pcs. – Genuine Stag

 #46 Whaler


             75 pcs. –   jigged bone

            75 pcs. – Ebony wood


             60 pcs. – jigged bone

            60 pcs. – cocobolo wood

            75 pcs. – burnt stag


 #65 Ben Hogan

Tidioute – smooth bolsters, cap end bolster, spear blade

             50 pcs. – jigged bone

            50 pcs. – ebony wood

            50 pcs. – blue abalone looking glass acrylic

 Northfield – lined bolster, cap end bolster, spear blade, double pull

             50 pcs. – jigged bone

            50 pcs. – black gold acrylic

            50 pcs. – burnt stag

            35 pcs. – genuine stag

First Natural Disaster Knife Auction Starts TODAY!!!

Several weeks ago Great Eastern Cutlery generously donated two highly collectible GEC knives to be auctioned off with the proceeds to be donated to the American Red Cross or Salvation Army.  All of you living in the southern half of the country are well aware of the seemingly, never ending chain of natural disasters this Spring.  So with a special thanks to GEC, we’re going to kick off the first auction to try and help the recovery process.

Up for bid is a 563111 Ez Open with gorgeous Lace Wood handles.  The knife is etched “Factory Test” and the tube bears a COA label on the back stating that it is a Factory Test Production Run knife, Serial #02 of just 6


To place a bid, simply “reply” to this post with your Bid.  Bids will be accepted until 9:00 PM CST Tuesday, June 21, 2011.  100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army, whichever organization the auction winner prefers.

Spread the word to the collectors you know.  This is a great cause and hopefully Great Eastern’s generosity will help motivate more people to help out.  And a heads up for everyone, when this auction ends, there will be another auction for a match to this knife starting NEXT week!!!