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Mammoth Ivory 33’s and 56 Weavers!!

I just listed some 331211 and 562211 Mammoth Ivory knives in the store.  These  came up on rather short notice and are very short run items.  There are just 8 of the 33’s and 6 of the 56’s.  I’ve tried something a little different regarding pricing on these.  There is a price differential based on the natural fractures (or lack thereof) in the ivory.  ALL of the fractures are stabilized so have no concerns about the ivory cracking.  There are some great looking knives in this lot.

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It’s Memorial Day and we have a WWP Auction Winner!

Congratulations to Paul for the winning bid in the Wounded Warrior Project Auction.  Not only did he end up with a gorgeous and rare 538311 Ancient Kauri Wood Great Eastern, but he’s helped make the transition back to the states a little easier for some of our wounded military personnel.  Thank you.

I hope each of you will take a moment today to pause and at the very least, spend a moment thinking about the sacrifices the members of our military have made over the the years.  Whether you agree or disagree with the particular ’cause’ this is the time to think of the commitment they’ve made generation after generation. 

“Home” is wherever they might be stationed for an uncertain amount of time possibly far from family and loved ones.  For most of them, each day begins with a similar mission as the rest of us. They’ve got a job to do and they’re going to do the best job they can.  But that’s where the similarity ends.  It may be another day of mind numbing routine that seems to stretch on forever.  It might be a day filled tension, danger and constant life threatening situations or worse.  Their day may be filled with sights no one should have to witness.  Some come home unscathed, some broken and wounded, and years later, some still haven’t come home. 

So if a parade goes by today, take your cap off out of respect.  It’s the least you can do.  When the flag passes by, put your hand over your heart and take a moment to feel it beating in your chest.  Then consider the possibility if it wasn’t for all our military has done for us throughout history, you might not have the privilege to feel that heart beat.

Spend time with family and friends.  Take a moment to pause and consider how lucky we all our to have those dedicated individuals putting themselves in harms way so we can enjoy this day. 


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72 Spear Points and Lace Wood 56’s are in

I got the first of the 722111 Spearpoint’s on Saturday.  Just listed the following in the store:

722111 Ebony Wood, Copperhead Jigged Bone

563311 Lace Wood
563111 Ez Open Lace Wood

The 56’s are Factory Test Production Run knives.  Serial #02 in both patterns will go up for auction next week.  Both of those knives have been donated by Great Eastern Cutlery to be auctioned off to raise money for the recent Flood and Tornado victims down south. 

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Time to open a TSA Knives forum????

The question comes up every now and then so maybe it’s time to ask the rest of you.  Does anyone have any input about having a TSA Knives forum available?

Back when I started this blog, my original intent was to have a place to post information from GEC, my personal opinions about GEC knives, an occasional review, photo’s etc.  I really didn’t anticipate a lot of things that have occurred as a result of the blog!  Specifically, I didn’t think as many people would respond to the blog as viewers or respondents.  This brings with it some issues.

While I’ll admit to only rarely visiting other forums, there are definite advantages over a simple blog.  Nothing new probably to those of you that spend time reading and participating on them. 

One of the main issues I come across is that it’s difficult to post pictures on the blog.  Threads aren’t always easy to follow.  Until you get comfortable or familiar with the advanced search feature, finding an old article can be frustrating.  Opening new topics, etc, etc appear to be much more user friendly on the forums.  AND, there are other things that I’d like to do that aren’t easily accomplished on the blog format.  (In fact I’ve even considered purchasing software to handle auctions…. not gonna happen for security reasons)

IF, I were to open a forum, I’m not sure if I would continue the blog or use an area of the forum for my personal soapbox.  The main purpose of a forum would be to allow/encourage more interaction and turn over more control of the discussion to all of you.  Or are there enough outlets already?????

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Wounded Warrior Project and Tornado Victim Auction Notes

Just want to remind everyone of the current Wounded Warrior Project Auction that is going on until Midnite Sunday nite.  This is for a rare 538311 Ancient Kauri Wood knife.  There was a nice opening bid but I hope we’ll see more bids come in.  With Memorial Day on Monday, I hope we can raise a few dollars to help out our Wounded Warriors. 

Next week, there will be several auctions held for a couple of #56 Weavers that are finished off in Lacewood and have been donated by Great Eastern Cutlery for this purpose.   Their will also be another knife or two, maybe a book, or similar items that’ll be donated by TSA Knives.  The proceeds from these auctions will be donated to either the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army to help the folks that have been pummeled by the recent tornadoes and floods.  The recipient can choose which group they’d prefer the funds go to.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced tough times at some point in our lives.  This is a chance to give back a little bit.  Not only will you help someone out, you’re going to end up with a great knife!

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A couple of notes on the Templar’s

I had some other commitments last nite and couldn’t get the rest of the Templars listed till this morning.  AND, there were a couple of comments I felt were worth passing on regarding a few details.

A couple of people have asked about the end caps.  Are they inlaid or do they sit above the handle.  Above the handle material.

The brass liners really stand out nicely on the Black Micarta.  It still hasn’t been determined which of the phoenix’s on the label is Ken and which is Bill.  Likewise, the rampant lions have not been identified as to which is which.

Some of the production numbers were very limited.  The set of three that I pictured in last nites post…..

The last I heard, there were only 3 sets of these that were going to be produced.  IF they all made it past Patty’s discerning eye.  I really hope we get to see more of the Pink Awabi Shell and the Red/Black Stripe.  In addition, the Black/Gold Perylic was going to be a run of around 38, the Red Abalone 20 and the Solid Burgundy, just 17.