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More 62W’s and a bunch of EDC’s

Couple of new colors for the 62 Courthouse Whittlers arrived today.  One of the more interesting is the Fool’s Gold.  This was a limited run item of less than 15 pieces.

The Snakewood is great…

And their are a lot of EDC additions. A number of these are multiples of 2 or 3 in some cases.   Lately the EDC sales have been more active than usual so I was glad to be able to pick up a fairly broad cross section of EDC knives.  The stags are really nice as the majority of them are fine with the exception of front and back panels that aren’t a perfect color match.  All of them have very minor issues.

  • 62W Burnt Stag
  • 89 Genuine Stag
  • 89 Primitive Bone
  • 36 STL Burnt Stag
  • 73LP Burnt Stag
  • 89 2nd Cut Smooth Burnt Stag
  • 48WT Grizzly Cut
  • 12 Blue Abalone LG
  • 53 Cattle Baron Black Pearl
  • 53MFT Red Abalone
  • 36 STL Snakewood
  • H73310 Burnt Grizzly (will add tomorrow)
  • H734111 American Elk (will add tomorrow)
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How could life get any better!!!!!

Just checked in after a great weekend with family to find a prayer had been answered.  Last week, I put out a bit of a distress call regarding the super crappy so called spring weather we’ve had up north.  Record snow, the lake is still iced in, the one day we saw a little sunshine we all thought the sky had caught on fire…..  Anyway, the Easter Bunny heard my plea and I just opened up one of the greatest gifts you could ask for up here!!! 

I received a genuine, Florida Starter Kit with including everything from comfortable chair & umbrella, my own palm tree, dolphin, salt water fish, beach, ocean water to mist myself with and THE key ingredient for a cool pina colada (and I ain’t talking about a coconut!!).

Baby, it don’t get no better than this!!!!!!!

And tonite, when I go to bed, I can watch the fish swimming in sea of changing colors.

Tomorrow is looking better already.  I’m not sure if I’ll be in or not. I very well may extend this sabbatical yet one more day and enjoy a little more Florida hospitality right here in my own office.  I can bring in a heat lamp, a couple of shop worklights and work on my tan.  Yeah!!!  Jan and Donnie, you guys are the greatest!!!
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One more thing…. more EDC’s are coming in

Meant to mention this before.  Lately, EDC sales have really picked up.  A few days ago I quietly put 8 or 9 more in the store and they quickly trickled out.   The first of the week, I’ll have around 15-20 more to add to the inventory.  There’ll be everything from fixed blade hunters to sunfish.  This time around I’ll try to be sure and make mention of what all I’ve added.

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Happy Easter and I’m taking a break…..

Summer is supposedly coming along with warm sunny weather… we’ll see.  Anyway, I’m going to start going into training for the upcoming ‘field testing’ ventures when it warms up and I’m gonna start by turning off the phone and ignoring the computer for the weekend.  Like all addictions, I don’t want to go cold turkey for a week or two this summer so a little break now will help me ease into things later on.

So, starting Friday (tomorrow) orders won’t be shipped until Monday the 25th.  I’ll try to make sure any orders that come in tonite will go out in Friday’s mail.

Otherwise, hope everyone gets to spend time with friends and family this weekend!!!

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Severe shortage of Genuine Stag Courthouse Whittlers

If you were on someone’s ‘reserve’ list for the Genuine Stag Courthouse Whittlers you’ve no doubt found out by now that you’re probably not getting one.  For whatever reason, the production ended up being just a handful of knives and I’ve been told that the distributors are each getting one, which is almost worse than getting none!!!

I placed an order for these over a month ago on 3/15 and had no idea until this AM I’d be getting a grand total of one.  Will there be more at a later time?  Not a clue. 

GEC is trying to avoid this type of situation but there are events beyond their control, and even though I understand that, it doesn’t make it any easier to accept on this end.  I guess the way to look at it is that GEC isn’t trying to push out more product by using cheaper materials or with disregard for quality just to satisfy a rapidly growing market.  That’s the good part.  The bad part, those days of ordering 10 Genuine Stag 23’s on Monday and reordering 5 more the next week are looooong gone.

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62 Courthouse Whittlers are here

I just put the 62 Easy Pocket Courthouse Whittlers in the store last nite.  Couple of points worth noting. 

The 62W has a split back spring similar to what we saw on the 89 Executive (Melon) Whittlers.  And if you don’t like the stiff springs you find in some of the larger frame GEC’s you’ll find this whittler to be a bit more comfortable to open.  The nicely rounded corners make it very pocket friendly.  If you’re a carver, this is a great blade combination and the size is perfect for, (as it’s aptly named) a  whittler.

The split spring offers the opportunity to keep the knife a bit slimmer while adding a third blade.  At the mid point the knife measures just .49″.

The Garnet is a great color and I really think this pattern is a great choice for the Frontier Bone.  I like the Frontier Bone, but I’m not fond of the really big slabs on the larger patterns.  In my opinion, this is a great balance.

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GEC releases the #56 Weaver Jack

Here’s the next new variation shipping most likely on Monday, April 25.  Unfortunately, we won’t get to see pix until then but here’s the details.  All of these will be Jacks including the 3 blade.

56 Tidioute Weaver Jack  EZ Open, Bare End, No Nail Mark, Smooth Bolsters, HAWKBILL BLADE:

  • Ebony Wood  75 Total
  • Jigged Bone (unnamed)  75 Total
  • Rust Red Micarta  75 Total

56 Tidioute Weaver Jack Bare End, Smooth Bolsters, HAWKBILL, Clip, Pen Blades:

  • Bocote  50 Total
  • Rust Red Micarta  50 Total

56 Northfield Weaver Jack End Capped, Lined Bolsters, HAWKBILL and Pen Blades:

  • Jig Bone (unnamed)  75 Total
  • Burnt Stag  75 Total

56 Northfield Weaver Jack End Capped, Lined Bolsters, HAWKBILL, Clip, Pen Blades:

  • Jigged Bone (unnamed) 75 Total
  • Cocobolo Wood  75 Total
  • Burnt Stag  75 Total
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Do you know what Great Eastern Cutlery just did???

Let me tell you…..

In an effort to help Luca get closer to the magical #50 Buffalo Horn Sunfish, I had asked GEC to include a Prototype in the production run which I would purchase.  I told Chris I intended to put the knife up for another Wounded Warrior Project Auction.

Yesterday I called Chris and told her to go ahead and charge me for the Proto whenever.  Chris told me she had talked to ‘upper management’ and the Prototype would be donated by Great Eastern Cutlery for another WWP Auction.  This is not the first knife they’ve donated and I sincerely hope everyone takes note of their generosity and maybe drop a note in the mail saying thanks.  I don’t know how many other knife companies are willing, or do step up like this, but I think GEC sets a standard for the industry to follow.

It’ll be a while before the knives go to production so this auction probably won’t take place until summer.  I’ll be talking about this again as we get closer to auction day and in the mean time, Thank You Great Eastern Cutlery!!