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Are collectible knife prices up, down or sideways?

I’m curious as to what collectible knife prices are doing.  Every now and then I hear reports of substantial premiums being paid for older GEC knives.  Then someone tells me about a knife going for a super low price on Ebay.  What  trends are you ‘active traders‘ seeing?  Have the knife shows been busier than normal? 

I’m asking because I’ve seen a lot of activity at the retail level and am wondering if it’s due to an increase in the number of  collectors discovering GEC knives or is there a general uptick in the number of people starting to collect.  Another interesting personal observation has been that in spite of the tight economy, higher gas prices, etc, etc, it seems that the group of collectors moving to the higher priced knives is expanding.  I know that in tough economic times investors move into higher quality investments and is that what we might be seeing.  Is that what’s going on or is there just a general increase in collectors joining the GEC fold?

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Stockmen and More Muskrats, GREAT STAG and Ram’s Horn

The first of the 2011 Stockman arrived today and are they nice!!!   But first, I also received the Northfield Muskrats.  The stag on the Muskrats is reminiscent of what we saw on some of the early 23 and 73.  Nice figure and thick slabs.  Job well done!!

Then, I have to modify my early comments about the double diamond inlays.  I’ve always said there are some handle materials that work best on certain knives.  The Abalone double diamond inlays works fantastic on the Snakewood.  VERY nice looking combination!!!

The Stockmen look great and this is definitely some of the nicest Smooth Ram’s Horn I’ve seen from GEC.  Nice mellow golden color.

There is also an Ebony Wood and a new color called Bumble Bee Jigged bone.

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Sunfish Sheath Arrived today

Can’t say enough good things about these sheaths.  There’s two sizes for the sunfish.  One for the bone/acrylic handles and one for the thicker stag handles in tan and dark brown leather.  As these are a custom made sheath, allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

The Fit and Finish on these is incredible and unlike any machine made sheath you’ll ever find. 

The attention to detail is fantastic.  Even the belt loop is formed.

I’ll guarantee that if you buy one and don’t think it measures up, send it back and I’ll give you a full refund, on questions asked.

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The #33 Kauri Wood has come and gone…….

Last nite I opened the box with the #33 Kauri Wood knives.  If you didn’t get one, keep the faith as there’s no doubt going to be more knives come through handled with it.  The worst thing about it is that it doesn’t photograph worth a darn and it’s impossible to demonstrate the depth of color.  This was a run of 35 serialized knives with a “Factory Test” blade etch and no Prototype offered.

It reminds me of a piece of amber that has depth that’s only visible in the sunlight.  The finish on it is satin smooth with an almost ‘soft’ feeling to it, but I don’t think it would be slippery.   My understanding is that on future handles, they may try to end up with a slightly lighter finish.

The COA is attached to the tube but each knife comes with a card inside the tube explaining what Kauri is.  Very interesting.

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New EDC’s are in the store

Meant to mention that I added a group of new EDC’s to the storefront yesterday.  Most of them were #33 Conductors and a couple of #56’s. 

For readers that aren’t aware of the Great Eastern EDC’s, they are knives that aren’t sold as ‘collectible’ quality due to minor cosmetic imperfections.  GEC stamps a small “S” on the tang for “Store Knife” and they typically end up for sale in the Great Eastern store.  I’ve been carrying them in the TSA storefront for several years as they represent a fantastic value for someone wanting a top quality Every Day Carry knife.

The majority of these knives have flaws that are not readily noticeable and will not affect the function of the knife.  The photo’s of them in the storefront are stock photo’s and not actual pictures of the knife for sale.  If you email me at: I’ll send you a link where you can view all of our EDC’s with photo’s of the flaw.

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Short run 53 Muskrats are here

There are some short run 53’s making their way through and the Muskrats are the first one’s out.  The first was a 53M in Mexican Bocote (approximately 17 total).

The next three knives are finished with Dymond Wood.  Great Eastern has used this before on some short run Hunters.  It’s a laminated wood product that’s been around for a long time used in making gunstocks and more recently knives.  It’s a great looking, tough material that’s very stable.  First up is the Black Dymond Wood (approx. 10) which is kind of a cross of Ebony Wood and Buffalo Horn in appearance.

Then the Green Dymond Wood (approx 12).

And finally the Brown Dymond Wood (approx. 8 total) which looks a bit like Bocote.

We should be seeing the 53 Stockman shortly as well.

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Another Credit Card Fraud Attempt this Morning

Have to share this with you all.

I received another order this morning for $534.85 worth of Fallkniven knives.  The billing address is in Woodbury, MN and the shipping address is in New Lennox, IL, same name on both addresses.  It was charged to an American Express Card.  Needless to say, I didn’t and won’t be shipping the knives. 

Here’s the unbelievable part of all this.  I spent a half hour on the phone this morning trying to talk to someone at AMEX in an effort to save some other poor merchant from getting robbed.  After 3 phone calls to AMEX and getting passed around to recorders
asking me to enter the credit card number (which I don’t have as it’s
only visible to my credit card processor) I finally gave up realizing
they really aren’t that concerned!!!  Why would they be as they really
have nothing at stake. 

You see, the cardholder is protected from loss and AMEX, Visa, etc recover the money by simply taking the money back out of the account of the seller of the merchandise.  In other words, the merchant, i.e. TSA Knives, is left to absorb the total loss.  In addition, the merchant can/will get charged $25 for recovery fees.

As they used to say……”…fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” or something like that.

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Blog posting issues resolved??

I’ve been working with our blog host and my understanding is that the issues surrounding some of your problems leaving comments should be resolved.  I know it’s had been kind of quiet on here the last few days and hopefully now we’re back to normal!

Thanks to those of you that took the time to send me an email regarding this as that’s the only way I find out about things like that.