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Enraged Beaver Attacks Rabid Skunk!!!!!

Didn’t get all of the details, but I’ve heard a report there was an Beaver somewhere out east that got fed up with an, apparently rabid skunk, that was stinking things up.  It seems the skunk had been antagonizing this quiet, reserved Beaver for quite some time but finally crossed the line.  While Beavers are normally pretty docile critters, evidently this one had had it’s fill and after numerous tail slaps and false charges, she finally ripped this skunk a new one.  Too soon to tell if it’s a Dead Skunk or not.  (It’s always the quiet one’s you gotta watch out for!!!)

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Too many to fast????? whoa….

Let me tell you what’s on the way in the next few weeks, understanding the numbers on some of these  are ‘projection’s and not necessarily hard numbers.  Also, I was writing as fast as I could, but I think this is pretty close to accurate.

#25’s in the next few days
#33’s around the first week of March
soon to be followed by….

Tidioute #53 Muskrats Clip blades

  • Black Diamondwood  10
  • Brown Diamondwood  8
  • Green Diamondwood  12
  • Bocote  17
  • Jigged Wood  45

Northfield #53 Muskrats

  • Bocote – w/Double Diamond Inlay  13
  • Snakewood – Abalone Inlay  10

Tidioute #53 3 Blade Stockman

  • Un-named Jig Bone  50
  • Ebony Wood  50

Northfield #53 3 Blade Stockman

  • Jig Bone
  • Smooth Yellow Rose
  • Genuine Stag
  • Snakewood

Tidioute #23 Single Blade Skinner

  • Frontier Bone  8

Northfield #73

  • Green Bone  9

Tidioute 73EC Single Blade

  • Smooth Red Bone  5

Northfield #73 Single Blade

  • Burnt Stag  11

Northfield  #65 Ben Hogan

  • “Fat Stag”  9

Tidioute #65 Ben Hogan

  • Patriot Acrylic  3
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More and more new knives…. too many???

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen so many new knives coming through it’s really been difficult to comment in a timely manner.  We’ve seen 23’s, 73’s, linerlocks, 56’s and we’ll soon see another release of 25’s and then the much anticipated #33.

The latest 56 with a main spear blade lives up to expectations.

It’s a great size for a pocket knife with a pair of really popular blades. 

The 23’s and 73’s are always a welcomed release as they’ve proven to be two of the more popular and the oldest patterns from Great Eastern.  It can just get to be a bit overwhelming for collectors to have so many great knives coming through in such a short time. 

So my question is, are the new releases coming out too close together? 

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Gunshow this weekend February 19 & 20 Fergus Falls, MN

I wanted to make sure to invite anyone in the area to drop by the Fergus Falls Gunshow this weekend February 19 & 20th at the National Guard Armory, 421 East Cecil Ave, Fergus Falls, MN.  This is usually a well attended small regional show that draws from Minnesota, North and South Dakota.  I’ll be there with an assortment of merchandise including a display of Great Eastern Knives.  Always fun to get to meet a few of you there!!  It’s gonna be to damned cold to do anything outside up here this weekend anyway so you might as well drop by!

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#56 Spears are coming through!!!!!

Finally!!!! the 56 spears are coming through.

Picture used with Great Eastern Cutlery’s permission 

I know there have been more than a few of you that have been waiting since early January for these.  From the reaction and emails I’ve received already this morning, it looks like GEC’s got another winner!!!

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Photo Contest Winners

Sorry for the delay, but here are the photo contest winners!!!

International First Choice is #3 submitted by Mark Y in Australia.

For the US entries, there was a tie.  To make it simple, I decided to award both of them gift certificates.  Congrats to:

Tom H from North Carolina:

And Octavio in Florida.

Just want to say thanks to everyone for participating and encourage you all to keep sending in photos.  There were some neat pictures submitted and I think everyone enjoys seeing your ‘pride and joy’!!!

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The #33 is a Conductor!!! Updated 8:50AM

Finally!!!!!  Here’s the details.

Name:  #33 Conductor
OAL: 3 3/8″
9/16″ high in the middle
3/8″ thick
Slim Clip & Pen Blades (on opposite ends)
Release date: Around the first week of March

Ebony  75
Dead Skunk  9
Tortoise Shell  28
Bone??    75
Bone??   75
2nd Cut Stag  25

Burnt Stag  80
Genuine Stag  35
Southwest Acrylic  10
Cranberry Acrylic  10  50
Bone  65  100
Ancient Kauri Wood  35

The Ancient Kauri Wood sounds really interesting.  Here’s just a bit of information I’ve pulled from the web, this is NOT petrified wood. :

Now you can actually have and use the world’s oldest wood

  • Every tree grew for at least 1,200 years
  • Preserved underground for 50,000 years
  • Every board is certified and guaranteed
  • Ancient Kauri is the oldest workable timber on Earth

Ecologically Friendly

  • Excavated land is returned to natural state
  • No living trees are harvested

Stunning colors and finishes

  • Rich gold and cognac colors
  • Exciting and distinctive grains
  • Highly polished finish is rich and luminous
  • Deep opalescent finish that shimmers and shifts
  • Glistens as if lit from within
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New Sheaths added to the Store for GEC’s Folder & Fixed

I’ve just added in a short line of sheaths from Dave T of Knife Leather Traditions.  Dave was good enough to send me one of his handmade sheaths around Christmas time to evaluate and see if there might be any interest in carrying them in the store.  I didn’t take long to make up my mind.   These are some extremely fine sheaths.

What really impressed me was the attention to detail and the obvious fact that Dave has 60 years of leather working experience and has designed a sheath meant to be used by the outdoorsman.  The leather was chosen specifically for the project NOT because it was just a big thick chunk of bull hide.  These are hand stitched NOT machine stitched.  Maybe the info I put in the store sums it up a little quicker……

  • Finest Grade Oak Tanned Leather Oil dyed
  • Raw Edges are creased, beveled and finished
  • Stitching is a Double Needle Saddle Stitch, “HAND STITCHED
  • Professional Grade Waxed Nylon Saddle Thread
  • Main Seams have a welt to protect the Stitching from the knife blade
  • Stitching is ‘set down’ into the leather to protect the stitching from premature wear
  • Extra stitching in the belt loops
  • Cement used on the seams is the same used in the shoe industry for flexibility and strength
  • Leather is treated to replace the natural oils
  • 2 coats of a Professional Grade Saddle Finish is applied
  • Each sheath is “wet formed’ to the properly fit the knife is designed for
  • 60 Separate Steps are involved in the production of each sheath

They are absolutely top shelf.

Starting out, I have sheaths in stock for the Great Eastern Fixed Blade #H73 series (belt loop and pocket clip attachment) and both the single and two blade #23 folders (belt loop only). 

The finished edges and the stitching lying below the surface.

Notice how even the belt loop is preformed to accept a leather belt.  Also, the pouches for the #23 size folders also have a slight forward cant to make access even easier.

Here’s my offer, you buy one of the Knife Leather Traditions sheaths, get it in your hands and you don’t feel it’s one of the nicest sheaths you’ve seen for your Great Eastern knife…. send it back for a full refund.