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More Ben Hogans and a group of 2008 Burnt Stags

The Jigged Brazilian Cherry Beaver Tails came in today.  Even if you don’t buy one of the 65’s try to get your hands on one.  They’ve really got a nice feel for such a long knife.

The second item worth noting is the group of 2008 burnt stags I added to the storefront today.  There’s an assortment of 53’s, 54 whittlers, 73’s etc.  If you like stag, it’s a great group of knives.  A few of them have sold already, but there were around 15 of them to start so there’s a good assortment left.

And some more bottle openers came in as well as the polished stainless for anyone looking for a low price option.

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Snakewood prices are going up!!!

Talked to Chris at GEC this morning and she informed me we’re going to be seeing some substantial price increases in the Snakewood handled GEC knives.   Not sure what that translates to in dollars and cents yet, but from the discussion I have a feeling it’ll be noticeable. Their raw material costs for the Snakewood has gone up and as a result….

In the future, Snakewood will be handled similarly to Genuine Stag and Primitive Bone.  The runs will typically be limited to 25 serialized pieces (possibly less) and a special blade etch will be applied.

IF you like Snakewood, you might be well advised to pick up that knife you’ve been thinking about…. soon.  There are a few left floating around, but I have a feeling you’ll see them disappear fairly quickly.

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A peek at the new 1865 Ben Hogan…

I hope Bill’s reading this because I definitely would like to see this knife in a lockback.  This would be a great ‘camp’ knife with the longer blade and plenty of handle to hang onto when peeling spuds or slicing onions.  Here’s a look at it sandwiched between an Executive Whittler and a 73 for reference.  The slim profile should make it a pocket friendly knife to carry.

The handle is plenty long to fit in a big hand, but slim enough that it’s not overwhelming to someone with smaller hands…..(Jan).

And the price is right at just over $59 for a non serialized version and around $67.75 for a numbered model in the Glitter Gold. 

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Vote for the Photo Contest Entries NOW!!!

Photo Contest Voting Booth

Click on the above link to cast your vote for your favorite US and International entry to the Photo Contest.  The winners in each category will receive a $50 gift certificate to the TSA Knives store.  You can review the entries by going to:  Collector Pix

The voting will be tallied on 2/12/11 and the winners announced!!

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Crimson Sunfish, Mammoth Ivory Toothpick & A couple Rare Sunfish

The Crimson Grizzly Sunfish arrived yesterday and as expected, they look great.

Along with them were a couple of rare items.  This first is a beautiful #531310 Mammoth Interior Ivory.

And an Interior Mammoth Ivory Toothpick.

There were also a pair of 362211 Burnt Stags of which I believe there were only two made plus the proto…

and a pair of 362210 Steel Burnt Grizzly’s. 

It’s always fun to open a box like that!!!!!

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65 Ben Hogan’s Are on the Way!!

I see Great Eastern just posted pix of the new Ben Hogan.  NICE!!!

The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw it was I wanna see this brought out in a lockback!!!  What’s really sweet is this knife is gonna come through around the $60 to mid $70 range depending on serialized or not and handle material.

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Drop Point 25 Jack Review

As soon as the 25’s came through with the drop point blade, I knew I had to try one out.  It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a new release and this looked like the perfect choice.  There are times when it’s nice replace the 4 blade congress with something a little trimmer and 255111 Jack fits the bill.

First, let me say that the new edge they put on these is incredible.  It’s the first Great Eastern I’ve had that I didn’t feel any need to ‘touch up’ prior to using it.  Out of the tube it was razor sharp.  I’m really hoping they continue to use this grind on all of their future releases as I think it’s a major improvement.  The upside is that after a week of cutting cardboard and envelopes, it’s as sharp as it was on day one.

This new jack is going into rotation replacing a Buck Gent I’ve had for quite a few years. 

While the 25J appears quite a bit bulkier than the Gent the weight difference is roughly .7 oz.  That’s the equivalent of a quarter, a nickel and 3 pennies.  Small sacrifice in my book.

That slight increase in bulk makes for a knife that’s just a bit more comfortable to use.

Another point that was apparent was the polish on the blade.  I’ve had a couple of customers that suggested the Northfields weren’t polished as highly as they could be.  One or two actually felt they some of the Northfields have an almost ‘satin’ appearance.  This jack is polished like a mirror.  I wish this photo was a bit more clear, but my camera kept focusing on the GEC trademark.  What you’re seeing is the reflection of one of my business cards in the blade.  That’s about as fine a polish job as you’re gonna find anywhere!  The fit and finish is superb and the Burnt Orange is a great color. 

The spring on my sample is more than enough for a knife this size.  The half stop is very positive.  At first, I thought it should have had a little softer spring, but after using this for just a week, I’m finding that I tend to push it into chores that are probably better served by a slightly bigger knife.  In addition, I’d gotten used to the Buck Gent’s lockback mechanism so I actually have found the stout spring to be an asset.  The springs on the Barlow’s and the EZ Open are also fairly stiff.  In fact, someone had noted on the blog that they noticed the EZ Opens had a nail notch.  I have no doubt it’s due to the spring.

When it’s all said and done, I really like it.  In the winter, when I’m spending most of my time inside, it’s the perfect size for most of the household tasks that arise.  If I were inclined to put on a pair of dress pants or a suit (we’ll probably see ice forming somewhere besides Minnesota first) it would be a great knife to carry.  Compact, light weight and great looking!!!

Anyone else had a chance to use one yet??

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Bottle Opener Orders Being Accepted

I just listed the Unburnt Stag and St Patty’s Bottle Openers in the store this morning.  Both of those should be in stock sometime this week.

I’m holding off on listing the Bone handled openers until they get here.  Some of the projected production numbers are really short and I don’t want to oversell them.  As they come through, I’ll put them up.  I do have a list compiled that I hope covers all of the requests that were put up on the blog and in emails I’ve received.  If you want to confirm you’re on the list, drop me an email to that affect: