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December GEC Production Schedule

Just a note to regarding production numbers, most of the knives will be runs of 75 total with the first 25 serialized.  The Genuine Stag runs will total about 25 pieces. 

An interesting new handle material will be the “Glitter Gold with a White Shield”.  This is another of those acrylic/perylic handle materials that have to be seen to be appreciated.   In addition, the White Shield will be a type of  inlay rather than the typical ‘pinned’ metal shield.  Should be  interesting!

 Here’s the latest on the GEC Production, listed in order of release.

  • Christmas Posters will ship 11/30/10
  • GEC Playing Cards should start shipping about 12/6/10
  • 48 Jack (big clip/ pen) Tidioute Tractor Green
  • 48 Jack (big clip/ pen) Tidioute Glitter Gold with WHITE shield
  • 48 Jack (big clip/ pen) Northfield  Jigged Cherry Bone
  • 48 Jack (big clip/ pen) Northfield Burnt Stag
  • 48 Western Trapper  (Big Clip /Dble Hip Spey) Tidioute Jigged Bubinga
  • 48 Western  Trapper  (Big Clip /Dble Hip Spey)Tidioute  Grizzly  Cut
  • 48 Western Trapper  (Big Clip /Dble Hip Spey)) Northfield Jigged Sunset Yellow Bone
  • 48 Western Trapper (Big Clip /Dble Hip Spey) Northfield Southwestern Blue Turquoise Perylic
  • 48 Western Trapper  (Big Clip /Dble Hip Spey) Northfield Genuine Stag
  • 48 Western Trapper  (Big Clip /Dble Hip Spey) Northfield Burnt Stag
  • 61 ~ 2 Blade GEC (Secret) Bone Handle
  • 61 ~ 2 Blade GEC Cherry Wood
  • 61 ~ 2 Blade GEC Elk
  • 66 Moose Big Clip / Spear Tidioute Unknown handle
  • 66 Moose Big Clip / Spear Tidioute Glitter Gold White Shield
  • 66 Moose Big Clip / Spear Northfield Unknown Bone
  • 66 Moose Big Clip / Spear Northfield Genuine Stag
  • 66 Moose Big Clip / Spear Northfield Burnt Stag
  • 12 Toothpick (2 Blade) Tidioute Unknown Bone
  • 12 Toothpick (2 Blade) Tidioute Blue Looking Glass
  • 12 Toothpick (2 Blade) Northfield Unknown Bone
  • 12 Toothpick (2 Blade) Northfield Burnt Stag
  • 12 Toothpick (2 Blade) Northfield Primitive Bone

Wounded Warrior Project Auction Coming Up!!

Got some bad news from the Minnesota Gambling Control Board this morning.  No online raffle will be allowed for the Wounded Warrior Project.

This is a major disappointment as I know several of you already indicated you’d prefer a raffle but…. I could skirt the law and take my chances on getting busted, but I don’t want to risk a fine when the bucks could go to a better cause.

Right now I’m thinking about putting up one of the 2008 Prototype knives and a signed hardback copy of the Great Eastern Book for auction.  I might think of a couple other small items to add to the package.  I’ll have it put together and get the details posted in the next few days as I really want to have an end date somewhere around Christmas.

More Burnt Stag 36’s are on the way.

Good news!!  I have several more Burnt Stag 36’s on the way as well as some #36 EDC Snakewoods.  The Ebony wood was a short run to begin with and those are gone, gone, gone.  The Christmas Posters should be coming at the same time, so I’m hoping by midweek we’ll have all of the above in stock!  I’m adding the Christmas Posters to the store this morning if you’d like to pre-order.

Week 4 Photo Contest Winner!!!

Man am I slipping……  Had this on my desk since Sunday and just getting around to posting it!! 

Congrats to Nick P from  Pennsylvania for being the winner for the GEC Poster, week 4!!!

Remember, somewhere around Christmas time or New Years, we’ll have a vote for the most popular International and US photo’s.  The winners will each receive a $50 TSA Knives Gift Certificate.  In the meantime, check out the pix we’re getting at: Collector Pix

The poster will be heading your way on Friday Nick.

Happy Thanksgiving!! And another auction / raffle coming!!

Wanted to take a second to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!  We’re settling in for possibly our first blizzard of the winter, so we’ll probably stay home and tend the fire.

Also offer a heads up that I’m putting together either another auction or a raffle for the Wounded Warrior Project.  With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to try and share some holiday cheer with others that aren’t as fortunate as most of us.  Details will be forthcoming next week!!!

If anyone has a preference for a raffle over an auction, let’s hear it!

56 Gen Stags, Primitive Bone Antiq Yellow & Snakewood 36’s

The 56’s are great but the real standout is the 36 Snakewood.  The big difference is the UN-X-LD trademark is “stamped” into the blade and not Etched.  By the time you wear down the stamp, you’ll definitely be ready for a new knife!!  Great look.

And here’s the whole package:

This is really a simple touch, but it is definitely a unique idea.

New Photo’s! Go MINNESOTA!!!!

Be sure to check out the photo’s coming in for the photo contest .  The gang from Minnesota is getting into it.

I really want to point out the latest addition of Dawn from Minnesota with her Snakewood Toothpick.  I’ve never met this young lady, but I have met her dad.  My hat goes off to all parents and adults that take the time to show their kids the outdoors and pass down traditions.  (I’ve got a feeling this girl knows her 1/4 pounder didn’t come from the hamburger fairy!!)

And relax, neither of those beavers is Christine.

More Photo Contest Pix Came in this Weekend. Thanks!

Here’s the breakdown of a few of the places you’ll find Great Eastern Knives being collected and carried!  Check them out at:


  • Finland
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
  • Argentina
  • Australia


  • Minnesota
  • Texas
  • North Carolina
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois
  • Idaho
  • West Virginia

I think it’s fantastic to see so many countries from around the world being represented.  I say ‘so many‘ because so far, there are less than 2 states represented for each overseas entry.  (It’s really encouraging to see the Minnesota entries showing up!  Now where;s North Dakota????)   

It’s personally rewarding to see that a number of the knives are actually being put to use.  Since day one, I’ve been preaching about what a fantastic knife Great Eastern is making and it looks like people are finding that out first hand.

You still got plenty of time to get your picture in.  I’m going to run the contest up till late December, then we’ll start the voting for most popular entries and try to get a couple of people $50 gift certificates.