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Great Eastern Cultery International Photo Contest Entries Needed!!!!

The pix are dribbling in slowly and in the US, it looks like the southern states are kickin’ butt.  I hate to turn this into a North / South thing, but ……  And Pennsylvania, no one in Pennsylvania owns a Great Eastern knife there proud of?? I know better than that. 

Overseas pix have been slow to come in and I’ve had promises of photos from Australia, Argentina, CANADA!!!!!!, come on guys, don’t be shy. 

Remember, there’s not only bragging rights involved, theres a monetary award as well.  And it doesn’t matter where you purchased your knife (as long as it was legally purchased), this isn’t about photo’s from TSA Knife customers, it’s about Great Eastern Knife collectors/users around the world. 

Just to remind you, its simple.  Just send in a pic of 1, 2, 3 of your Great Eastern knives and where in the world your located to .  They’ll be posted on the website for the world to see at .

Costs are going up!!!

I just received  a letter from Metalform that the wholesale prices for Metalform products would be increasing in the 4-5% range for 2011.   One of the factors pushing the price rise was listed as health insurance increases.  I can relate to that as my health insurance costs are increasing approximately 14% for next year.

This is the second such letter I’ve received from a supplier in the last few weeks and from discussions I’ve had with other business owners and mfgr’s., this is developing into a trend.  It’s particularly frustrating considering the persistently high unemployment levels and relatively stagnant wages a lot of people are dealing with.

As the saying goes:  ‘You gotta play the cards you’re dealt’  … but I think sometimes it pays to shuffle the deck.


GEC Knives are an Auction Highlight at the Spirit of Steel Show Nov 5, 6 & 7!!

Not sure how many of you can make the Spirit of Steel Show in Knoxville, TN coming up, November 5, 6 and 7 but it just came to my attention that there are a pair of pretty incredible Great Eastern Knives being offered at auction.  The knives were donated by Great Eastern Cutlery and the procedes are going to the National Knife Museum.

You can bid onlne if you’re interested by going to the Spirit of Steel Website.  I’d really like to see the two knives up  close.  When you realize how big the slabs of Mammoth Ivory are on those Sunfish, they have to be pretty dramatic.  I’ve requested permission to post the photo of the knives on the blog, but you can also check them out at:  Spirit of Steel

Photo courtesy of Bruce Voyles

Hats off to Great Eastern Cutlery for the generous donation to promote the cutlery industry and encourage new collectors!! 

And if one of you readers is lucky enough to win the auction(s), let’s hear about it!

Week 1 Poster Winner

Jani in  Finland was the first submissioon and I guess it’s appropriate that’s where the first poster would be sent!!!

Just want to remind everyone that any and all of the submissions will be entered in a “pick the best” survey for a $50 gift certificate for an International and a US entrant.  Each week I’ll be drawing a name from that weeks submissions and sending out one of the current posters to the winner.

I’ve also made a minor modification to the entries.  If you can’t or don’t want to take the time to photo your GEC next to a landmark, how about using a local newspaper for a background or if nothing else, just submit a photo of your knife.  I really would like to see how many different locations we can have represented to show GEC just how far reaching the interest in their knives is!!

You can check out the current entries at:  Collector Pix

Great Eastern Prototypes

The first part of October I started carrying the Great Eastern Cutlery Prototypes.  In the past, GEC made 1 and sometimes 2 prototypes of each handle material they produced with a few exceptions.  The main exception is in the case of very short runs wherein they’ll opt not to necessarily run a Proto.  And of course there are exceptions to the exception!!  Last week I received a Proto of the #53 Muskrat Furtaker in Red Looking Glass LG.  I believe the total production on that knife is around 17 pieces.  BUT, for the most part, GEC is currently producing a single proto for most of the patterns and handle materials.  The other exception of note is they are not producing Proto’s of the Fixed Blades, only the folders.

When I started handling the GEC Prototypes I also took the opportunity to pick up around 70 Prototypes from 2008 and 2009.  It’s taken almost 3 weeks to finally settle down to working on getting them listed in the store.  I’ve responded to email inquries and have sold a number of them but still have 50+ to get listed.  It’s going to be a while before I get through all of them.

There have been some pleasant surprises as I’ve gone through them finding some rather unique pieces.  Several of them have been Prototypes of some very short run knives such as the River Blue Jigged bone 23EC Great Eastern that I listed yesterday.  After talking to Chris, it appears there were only 5 made.  It has a 2007 tang stamp with the new “Prototype” etch and the COA verifies it was produced in October of 2009. 

I’ve also setup a separate category for the Prototypes  in the store as well as adding them into the Pattern and Year of Mfg categories.  Hope this helps everyone for all of the Great Easterns.

Update to the GEC Production Schedule and Fixed Blade 732 Canoe News!

This week the remainder of the 89 Exec Whittlers should be getting finished up.

Next week, the Northfield 56’s will start coming through in Yellow Rose, an unknown, Burnt Stag and Genuine Stag.

Following will be the 72 Tidoute Wharncliffes in Jigged Bone and Bubinga (beavertail)
Then the Northfield 72’s in Ebony Wood, Antique Walnut Bone, Burnt Stag and Genuine Stag.

36 Northfield with double pull spear and regular pen in Burnt Stag, Snakewood and Ebony Wood.

This will take us probably close to Thanksgiving.

It sounds like we may see the new Fixed Blade H73210 Canoe’s start shipping next week.  These were ‘released’ back in mid-September but there’s been a holdup on the delivery of the sheaths and the hope is they’ll arrive shortly.  These are coming through in a bone, Bocote and Burnt Stag handle materials.  The pricing sounds really attractive (particulary after seeing the quality of the sheath that came with the recent #50’s) in the mid $80 range and the burnt stags under $135.00.

New 56’s are in. Very unique.

The 56 Dogleg Jacks came in yesterday and it’s one of the more interesting releases from GEC in a while.  The first thing you notice is the unique “dogleg” profile.  Narrow on the pivot end with a very distinctive curve on the way to the wider butt end   (hmmm.. maybe I could have worded that better…)

When you open the clip blade, you really notice the fact that this isn’t just another knife with a nice straight profile.  It almost looks like it’s not completely opened.

But when you get it in your hand…..

it fits nicely.  The blade is ahead of the body of the knife and should give you a lot of leverage if your making aggresive cuts in a solid material.  It feels like it’ll handle a lot bigger tasks than it’s compact body might initially lead you to believe.  I like it and this could be the answer for anyone looking for a compact knife with a lot of backbone.

The blades of the first Tidioute’s carry the “PPP” etch and 1 of 25 for the serialized knives.

Latest Production Update Notes

Just a couple of quick notes regarding upcoming items.

The new 56’s are in transit right now and should be in distributor hands within a day or two.

The 72 lockback will be coming with a Wharncliffe Blade soon, as follows:

  • Tidioute    2 different Jigged Bone
  • Northfield    Ebony, Jigged Bone, Burnt Stag, Genuine Stag

Later in November there will be a 72 Mini Lockback released with a Spear Blade  and toward the end of November or the first of December….. a 2 blade Toothpick!!  Word has it that it’ll come with a Large Clip and a Pen Blade.

It’s also a good bet that we can expect to see another new release by years end.  At this point, I don’t think there’s anything specific on the planning board, but with the pattern of new releases we’ve seen this year, another new knife prior to Christmas wouldn’ t come as a surprise. 

Lots of Sunfish have arrived!

Finally unpacked all of the “Steel” Sunfish today.  If you don’t like big knives, strong springs, or classic looks, than this knife ain’t for you!  It’s big, heavy and has springs of steel.  Literally!  I don’t have my notes in front of me, but I promise you that several of these are really short run knives. 

One of the interesting things they did was to release a Small and a Big Jig pattern on the Antique Ambers.  While there’s a variatinog in color on the Big and Small jigged knives, it’s really neat how the jigging size or pattern in the same material really changes the look of the knife.

The Tractor Green’s has some nice color variation from end to end, going from just a light green to a rich dark green and back.
It really works great on a big handle.

And the pick of the litter has to be the Cocobolo.  As usual, the pix don’t always do justice to the knife.