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Some Rare Great Eastern “Orphan Knives” arrived today with the Mini Lockback Genuine Stags!!

First off, the Northfield Mini-LockbackGenuine Stags arrived and they look great.  Nice match on the stag and it’s just a great looking knife!!

As you all know, I love “OK” knives (that’s “Orphan Knives” for the uniformed).  These are knives that are made up of ‘leftovers’ which results in some of the most rare of the rare.  In fact a couple of these are one of a kind knives and a couple are 1 of 2.  A unique thing about these Great Eastern’s are they all have satin blades while the GEC trademarked knives normally are polished.  If you’re looking for the rare and unusual, these are it!!

Burnt Sky Perylic, 1 of 2.

Antique Walnut, 1 of a kind.

Tractor Green Lined Bolster, 1 of a kind.

Tractor Green Smooth Bolster, 1 of a kind.

Blood Red, 1 of 2.

Curly Maple Smooth Bolsters, 1 of 2.

Time off for a little knife testing sabbatical

Have a heads up for all of you.  I’m going on a trek to the northwoods for a little R&R, golf (that’s not rest), hiking, fishing and most importantly, to try out a few more knives.  I can hear the sympathy groans already!!!  It’s okay, I can handle it.

At this point, I’m thinking I’ll take along one of the MInk and maybe a Dogleg to see how they work in the field.  Might also be a good time to take along one of the Bark River Bravo 1’s to see how it compares with the other Bark River and Fallkniven’s I’ve tried out. 

Everything will run like usual through this week.  Starting Saturday, the storefront will remain open, but I won’t be doing any shipping from 8/1 through 8/7.  So you can still place an order but remember, the shipping will be delayed.  I’ll be checking my email on an irregular basis so if you’ve got a burning question, I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.

Great Eastern Production Schedule Update

Got an update on the current production schedule as follows:

#48 Tidioute bear end w/Single Clip Blade

  • Jigged Wood TP(Total Prod) 75
  • Tractor Red TP 50
  • Tractor Green TP 50
  • Red Abalone TP 50

53 Tidioute 4 Blade Large Clip, Regular clip, Regular Spey, Punch  These are going to have a “Cowboy” related special etch

  • Smooth White Laser Engraved
  • Looking glass (Pearl like)
  • Jigged Bone

53 Tidioute 3 Blade Large Clip, Large Sheepsfoot, Large Spey This one will be “Cattle” related with a special etch

  • Smooth White Lase Engraved
  • Looking Glass (Pearl like)
  • Jigged Bone

The two 53’s may very possibly become part of a ‘series’.  Maybe commemorating different cowboys on a recurring basis like the Bronco Billy knife or a different cattle trail, etc.

66 Northfield Mink  with Clip and Pen blades on opposite ends

  • Jigged Bone TP 75
  • Church Glass Perylic TP 75
  • Burnt Stag TP100
  • Primitive Bone TP 25

Then the new 36 Sunfish???? maybe late August???

66 Burnt Grizzly and Grizzly Cut

Just wanted to offer up a short explanation regarding the latest 66 release.  GEC put out a Tidioute 668210 available as either a Grizzly Cut or a BURNT Grizzly Cut.  The knife on the left is the “burnt” Grizzly and the one on the right is the plain Grizzly Cut.  Here’s the difference.  Both knives are jigged and dyed but the plain Grizzly did not get the ‘burn’.  When GEC got the knives and starting burning them, they decided the unburned looked great and left them as the were.  The do look nice and  it’s not real evident in the photo, but the unburned handle material is whiter where it’s not jigged then the burned version.

Metalform 10 Round 9mm Magazines are back in stock

The 10 round 9mm magazines have been a popular item and they’re finally back in stock.  They have the UltraMag bases on them to fit in the magwell on pistols so fitted.  On the standard frame 1911’s they extend slightly below the frame, offering a short grip extension.

 I also received some more of the 7 rd 45 Officers or Kimber compact/ultra models in Stainless.  These are the 7 rd flush fit magazines.  The good news is the price is a couple bucks a mag cheaper.

July – August Production Schedule (start saving your change!!)

I don’t have all of the details on a few of the newer items yet, but here’s a teaser of what we can look forward to going through August.

  • 66 Tidioute Burnt Grizzly Cut
  • 66 Tidioute “Unburnt” Grizzly Cut
  • 72 Northfield Genuine Stags
  • 48 Tidioute Single blade (Clip w/Sabre Grind)
    • Tractor Red
    • Tractor Green
    • Looking Glass
    • 48 Beaver Tail
  • 53 Tidioute 3 & 4 Blade (Stockman pattern) Their will be a lazer cut Smooth Bone (cow or horse engraved??)
  • 3 Blade ~  Oversize Sheepsfoot, Spey/Clip
  • 4 Blade ~ Oversize Clip, Reg Spey, Reg, Sheepsfoot, Punch

Mid August:

  • 66 Northfields ~ Lined Dimpled Bolsters  Clip/Pen
  • 66 Jacks  Big Clip & Pen

Late August

  • #36 Sunfish!!  Their will be some (as yet unannounced) changes from the original configuration

Burnt Orange 72’s Arrive, the Rendezvous Knife and Rendezvous Raffle Followup

Here’s the latest in the 72 Mini-Lockback.  This is the Burnt Orange jigged bone.

Also wanted to put up a few pix of the Rendezvous knife for those of you (us) that didn’t make it out the Titusville last weekend. 

Take note of the different tang stamps on the blades.  One is Northfield, the other is Tidiuote.

And special mention has to be made regarding the label on the tube.  I’m assuming Sue is responsible and she did a knockout job.  I think it’d be nice if she’d design a new label for the #66 Mink Skinner????

The folks I talked to that were at the Rendezvous said it was great.  Everyone seems impressed with the factory tour and particularly, the fact that each knife is handled over and over again.  It’s not simply a matter of sticking some bar stock and bone in one end of the machine and having a ‘cookie cutter’ knife pop out the other end.  The GEC’s are truly handmade knives.

I was really pleased to hear that the Prototype Knife Raffle raised almost $900 for the Wounded Warrior Project.  That’s fantastic.