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Great Eastern Cutlery Rendezvous #66 Prototype Raffle Info

I told you yesterday that Great Eastern Cutlery was having a raffle for the #66 Prototype during their Rendezvous with procedes donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  It’s a super project and I think it’s fantastic that Great Eastern is putting this together.

Tickets are $2 and you can get them at:  Wounded Warrior Project Raffle

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Voting Update: Potential Voting Fraud Uncovered!!!!

While the voting slowly approaches the close on Saturday, a potential ballot stuffing effort may have been uncovered!!!!!  I’m gonna continue to monitor the situation and can assure you the process will not be tainted.  When the final vote count is taken, I can guarantee you that I might be counting ‘hanging chads’ and chips till well into the wee hours of the 4th of July holiday, but a fair and accurate balloting process is promised.

Now, an update on the voting.  It appears that there are 3 serious contenders for the honor of the “official name”.  They are:

Betty Beaver is still chewing up the competition
Christine has slipped a bit but is still clawing her way through the brush
Slick appears to have gotten hung up on a pine knot, but is hanging in there

Remember, voting will run through Saturday so you’ve still got a chance.  HOWEVER, Tom,short of a miracle (or outright chicanery), I’m afraid Hazel and Willard are swimming together down the road to obscurity.  It appears that Hazel will beat Willard rather handily, but I doubt she’ll be more than a footnote in the cutlery history books.  My condolences.

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GEC is having a Rendezvous Raffle for the Prototype #66 benefiting The Wounded Warrior Project!!!

Just received word this morning that Great Eastern Cutlery will be raffling off the Prototype #66 during the 2010 Rendezvous coming up in July.  The procedes will go to the Wounded Warrior Project which is a fantastic organinzation doing great work for our returning vets.

A special feature of this raffle is that you’ll be able to participate even if you can’t make it to the Rendezvous.  I don’t have the final details yet, but as soon as I know the ticket prices, where and how to participate, I’ll let you know.

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Name the Beaver Voting Update Saturday June 26!!!

Looks like some of you took it seriously about getting out the vote.  As a result the woodchips are flying and there’s been some shifting of postions. 

Betty Beaver is chewing up the competition like a muskrat in a cattail patch
Christine is closing in quicker then water over the dam
Slick, Backstroke & Titus are in the battle tooth and claw for the coveted 3rd place
Hazel has gnawed her way solidly into fourth place
and it appears that Willard is firmly stuck in the muck chewing on lily pads….

Remember, voting will go on till next weekend, so there’s hope for all of us a lot of you.  Hazel’s done an admirable job of pulling herself up from the back of the pond and it appears that Christine got energized late last week to splash a little water in Betty Beaver’s face.  It could be a close finish between 1st and 2nd PLUS, after the voting on Friday, someone could be breaking out of 3rd place to muddy the waters!!  Good luck!!!

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Name the Beaver Voting Update!!!

Here’s the latest polling info on the Name the Beaver Contest.  I won’t release the actual vote count yet, here are the front runners as of 9:55AM 6/25/10.

Here are the standings:

Betty Beaver Leads by a tail length.

Backstroke is loafing along but hanging in there.

Titus is hanging on by his teeth

and Christine is just a whisker behind!!!

(sorry, couldn’t help myself)

There’s still plenty of time to influence the vote!!!!!  Let’s make an effort to get out the vote.  Remember, if this Beaver ends up with a stupid name like Willard (wait,…..that was my submission ), you only have yourself to blame!

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Celluloid, Acrylic followup

Here’s a couple of interesting articles that don’t get too bogged down in chemistry.  The first one has a brief history of plastics, the most helpful is the explanation of what “celluloids” were made of.  History or Plastic 

Now, if you’re prone to using a pocket shield and carry a slide rule, you can read up on Peracrylic Acid and how it’s used in the creation of polymers, but I’d skip ahead to this short article on polishing Acrylics. Polishing Acrylic Watch Crystals

And here’s probably one of the more interesting “layman’s” articles on different types of plastics.  Penturners

The long and the short of the story is, the new Acrylics (perylics or whatever you choose to call them) are totally different then the older celluloids particularly as it relates to durability and stabililty.  Hope this answers everyone’s questions!!

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Vote now to name the GEC “Beaver”

This is your big chance to become part of knife making history.  It’s your opportunity to be part of a movement to give the Great Eastern Beaver a name.  No one likes being called ‘hey you’ and I’m pleased a group of us think it’s time to give ‘the beaver’ a name.

You can only vote for one name, and you can only vote once.  So take your time, give it some thought and let us all know what you think!  There will be a ‘major’ prize awarded to the individual with the winning submission, as well as…oh, I don’t know, maybe a new TSA Knives bic pen or something of equal value for the 2nd and 3rd runners’ up. 

Here’s a list of the submissions to consider before casting your vote.  To vote, click on this link:  Vote Now!!

Al    Don

Andy       Stefan

Backstroke    Dave S
Betty Beaver    Max

Billy Beaver  Michael H

Bucky    David V
Castor    William

Christine   Steve 

Chip  David

Chipper     David

Dolores   Biggie Robs 
Tom W
Lazy Jake    Dave T
Lefty David

Mr Theodore “The Beav”    Jan C

Norbert    Don
Paddles    Eric S
Slick    Eric S.
Titus    Mike
Wally    sccmuskrat
Willard  Greg

Wood Rat Pat Vroman

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48 Doglegs in Burnt Stag, Blood Red Bone and Antique Goldenrod are here

Late this afternoon I received the latest Northfield 48 Doglegs.  The more I handle this knife the more I like it.  The Burnt Stag is really nice and the Blood Red is great as well.  The Antique Goldenrod is a bit dark for my tastes, but looks nice just the same!!  Blood Red and Antique Goldenrod are from run of 25 serialized knives while the Burnt Stags are a serialized run of 50.