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2 Blade Congress is in stock!!

The new 2 blade Congress arrived today.  Nice feeling knife for anyone that liked the Congress but may have thought it was a bit to thick.  Well, they slimmed it down to around .44″ which is a pretty trim profile.  A point worth making is that these are the first knives that GEC is only numbering the first 25 knives and this appears to be a new system going forward.  The last I heard, there were only around 38 TOTAL Green Abalone’s run with the first 25 numbered.  I believe there are 60 TOTAL St Patty’s, and 50 each of the two jigged bone.

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Memorial Day, Wounded Warrior Project Auction and other ramblings…

Just wanted to say thanks again to those of you that helped make the Wounded Warrior Project Auction a success.  A check is going out today in the amount of $375 which will help support our wounded vets.  I’m already thinking about what we can do in November for a Veteran’s Day auction!

Some of you are aware that I wear several ‘different hats’ plus I’m in the midst of a remodeling project on our house.  As a result, I haven’t always been easy to get ahold of.  I’ve got a target date of mid August to have things pretty well finished on the house and maybe things will settle back to a more normal pace!!  In the meantime, the absolute best way to contact me is by email as I do check it more frequently then my phone messages.  If you don’t get an answer on the phone…. LEAVE A MESSAGE!!  I will get back to you.

In spite of the weak economy and high unemployment, It’s been an amazing year so far and the interest in the GEC knives continues to grow.  In just the last few months I’ve shipped GEC’s to Russia, Australia, Kuwait and points in between.  It’s been incredible how many xxx collectors have started to give the GEC’s a long hard look.  The word is spreading!!! 

I’ve got a half dozen EDC’s that have been laying on my desk for 3 or 4 weeks that I WILL get listed in the store (sometime).  I also have some used GEC’s that I’ve been meaning to put in the store so someone else can try them out.  This weekend we’ll kick off a giveaway for one of the new #66’s and Jan, I promise you, we’ll get a ‘name the Beaver’ contest going! 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!!!


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Genuine Stag 73’s and Burnt Stag 61’s have arrived.

As classy as usual, the Congress looks great in Burnt Stag.  This is the latest 4 blade version with Wharncliffe and pen blades.  As the blade indicates, these are part of a serialized run of 50.

And the 73’s are ‘handled’ with more really great looking Genuine Stag.  These have the new “narrow” etch that gives a really nice ‘classic’ look to the blades.

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New Model #66 is Coming!!!

In the rush to get the info on the blog, I’d earlier stated there was a revised Sunfish coming out and it would be called a #66.  There is a revised Sunfish coming through, but it’ll still be a #36

The Big News is that there’s another new Pattern coming through from GEC and it’ll be called a #66.  What a #66 is going to be is still a mystery.  Not a clue as to the number of blades, handle material…. nothin’.

I keep thinking of the 25 turning into a 26, the 73 turning into the 72, the 53′ and 54’s….. the 61’s turning into a #66?????   Ohhhh, I think I feel another knife drawing coming on!!!!!!!

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Production Schedule for June/July 2010

Here’s what’s upcoming.  The schedule should run through the end of June with the NEW Model #66 most likely coming around the first of July.  The #66 is NOT a Sunfish as I’d previously stated.  In fact, at this time, no one knows just exactly what a #66 will be. 

My understanding is that the serialized runs on all of these knives will be limited to the first 25 pieces.  Remember, nothing’s chiseled in stone but the plans are to produce:

61 Congress 2 Blade (Sheepsfoot / Pen) Tidioute’s

  • St Patty’s
  • Green Abalone Looking Glass (approx. 38 total)
  • 2 different Jigged Bone

61 Congress 2 Blade (Sheepsfoot / Pen) Northfield’s

  • Burnt Stag
  • Green Banana Smooth Bone
  • Another Bone to be named

89 Executive Whittler 2 Blade Tidioute

  • Jigged Bone
  • Zebra Wood
  • Red Abalone Looking Glass

89 Executive Whittler 2 Blade Northfield

  • Snakewood
  • Primitive Bone (Approx 35 total)
  • Genuine Stag (Approx 35 total)
  • Burnt Stag

53 Furtaker Clip GEC SS

  • American Elk ?????
  • JIg Bone

48 Dogleg Northfield

  • Crushed Perylic
  • Blood Red Bone
  • Burnt Stag

72 Mini Lockback Northfield

  • Smooth Yellow Rose
  • Genuine Stag
  • Antique Amber
  • Burnt Stag
  • Red Stag

36 Sunfish Revised

  • undetermined at this time

#66 NEW MODEL!!! Around first week of July.

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Correction!! A new #66, a modified Sunfish, new 2 Blade Congress AND a change in serialized runs!!!!!


Coming soon will be  NEW KNIFE!!!  It’ll be a model #66 but it will NOT be a Sunfish as I previously incorrectly stated.  The #66 will be a new pattern but at this time there’s no more information available, but I’m working on it!!!   a reconfiguration of the #36 Sunfish.  It’s gonna be a “#66” Sunfish.  All I know at this time is that there will be changes made to the original Sunfish with the blades being one of the changes.  Beyond that????????  Rumour has it that we should see it probably in time for the Rendezvous.

Now, the #36 Sunfish is going through some changes (as yet unannounced) but it will still be called the #36 Sunfish and hopefully we’ll see them in the next few weeks.

Another interesting twist is going to be the release of a TWO blade Congress.  I believe it’ll have a Pen and Sheepsfoot blade.  The Congress has always been a favorite of mine and a two blade version should mean a really nice slim profile.

The other interesting bit of information relates to a change in the serialized runs.  We’ll start seeing some of the serialized runs consisting of just 25 knives.  The total production run may be for 30, 40 or even 50+ knives, but in some if not most cases, only the first 25 will be numbered.

I’ve gotten feedback from a number of you (Case collectors in particular) lamenting the fact that some of the manufacturers will produce a   run of 3000 serialized knives and call it a limited edition.  Most collectors have been really happy that Great Eastern has kept their serialized limited edition runs….. limited. 

For those of you that have been collecting the GEC’s for a while, remember some of the first runs that were two and even three hundred knives.  The interesting thing worth noting is that even those long runs from 2006 and 2007 have been pretty well snapped up by collectors.  Considering the serial numbers will be limited to the first 25 knives is definitely going to put some pressure on the ‘serialized’ collectors.

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We have a Winner of the Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife!!!

Congratulations to Dave S. for placing the winning bid of $375 for the Great Eastern Prototype Dogleg Trapper  donated by Great Eastern Cultery and the $100 Gift Certificate to the TSA Knives store.  I think it was fantastic that Great Eastern Cutlery eagerly stepped forward (without being asked I’ll add)  with their generous donation and it speaks volumes about them as a company. 

Thanks to everyone that bid on the knife and helped get the word out regarding the auction, but thanks in particular to Dave for his generous bid.  Not only is Dave the proud owner of a great collectible GEC, but he’s done a great thing for our returning wounded Vets. 

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Just 4 hours left to place a bid on the Dogleg Prototype Auction!!!

Hey gang, it’s 7:50 CST and I want to remind everyone the auction for the Wounded Warrior Project items ends at Midnite CST tonite!!!  Bid now if you want a genuine GEC Prototype Dogleg Trapper, a $100 TSA Knives Gift Certificate and most important, a really great feeling that you’ve done a ‘good thing’ for a good cause!!!


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Some New 73’s and a few more Discontinued hard to find models in stock!

Here’s a run down of the latest release of 73’s from Great Eastern.  A new Yellow Rose, Frontier Bone, Green Abalone Looking Glass, and some great looking Burnt Stags!!  The Northfields (Yellow Rose & Burnt Stag) are both Long pulls while the Tidioute’ are the regular pulls.

In addition, I picked up some more discontinued knives including one of the 2009 Sleeveboard Abalone “Rendezvous” sets with the matching blade opener, a 2008 Ruby Red #23 GEC (1 of 22), a 25 Cameo Bone and several more Sunfish.