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Another Sunfish in the future???????

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve probably sold more Sunfish then I’ve sold in the last 3 months.  I’ve had a couple of you  tell me that there’s been some discussion on the knife boards regarding the GEC and the Case Sunfish / Elephant Toes.  And it seems as though the interest in the Sunfish is picking up.

Earlier this week, I was in a conversation (with someone who would know) and I brought up this renewed interest and asked if there was any chance we’d see another Sunfish from GEC.  To my surprise, the answer was:  there’s a pretty good chance and it could happen in the next 4-6 months, possibly sooner.  It sounds like there may be some slight changes from the original but at this time, not a clue what they might be.

At one point in time I had heard a pretty definite ‘no’ to anymore Sunfish, so this is good news.  They’re an expensive knife to make based on the amount of material required to build one.  Keeping in mind how long it took to see a change in the blade combination on the Congress’, we’d probably best be prepared to have some patience.  But keep your fingers crossed!!!

Just in! New Sleeveboards, More Doglegs and a few EDC’s

Here’s the newest addition to the Sleeveboard line, the “Little Carver”.  (Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy, but I’m out of coffee!)  This one’s Cocobolo and there’s also a 2nd Cut Jigged Burnt Stag and a Frontier Bone.

And along with the new name comes a new Label.  Nice “Retro” look.

In addition to the 26’s, I also received around 25 more ‘fill in’s” on some of the 48’s that sold out fast!!!  Among them are serial #49 & 50 of the 2nd Cut Burnt Stag 48’s, unnumbered Bocote, Cobblestone, and Antique Amber.  PLUS… some more EDC’s in 72’s and 48’s.  Gonna take a few days to get the EDC’s in the store as I have a show this weekend, but I’ll try to get them in the first of next week.

Wounded Warrior Project Great Eastern #48 Prototype Auction Begins!! Bid Here.

I’m starting the Wounded Warrior Project Auction for the St Patty’s #48 Prototype and a $100 TSA Knives Gift Certificate today 4/26/2010.  I want to make sure everyone knows that Great Eastern Cutlery was very generous in donating the knife for the auction and I know it would be appreciated if you’d take the time to drop them a note at with a word of thanks.  

If you’re not familiar with the Wounded Warrior Project please drop by their website at and find out what it’s all about.  They do great work that’s well worth supporting.

Bidding opens today at $50.  Bidding will end at Midnite, Central Standard Time on May 22, 2010.  The winning bidder will receive:

Great Eastern Cutlery #48 St Patty’s Prototype

$100 Gift Certificate from TSA Knives, LLC


To bid, simply post a comment in response to this entry with your bid amount. 

Problems or questions?  contact me at


Great Eastern Production Schedule Update

Here are the next knives we can expect from Great Eastern.

  • #26 Northfield’s Wharncliffe / Coping Blades New Etches
    • Antique Walnut
    • Burnt Stag
  • #26 Tidoute Wharncliff/ Coping Blades
    • 2nd Cut Burnt Stag (run of 50)
    • Frontier Bone (approx 25)
  • #73 Tidioute Spey / Skinner Blades
    • Cobblestone
    • Jigge Bubinga  Beavertail
    • Frontier Bone
  • #73 Northfield Spey / Skinner Blades
    • Genuine Stag (approx 25)
    • Burnt Stag
    • Yellow Rose

4 New Doglegs Are Here

Here’s the latest release on the #48 Doglegs.  Seems like everyone has been happy with the front and back photos of the individual knives, so I’m going to try to keep listing new additions individually in the store.  That way you can pick a handle you like or if you’re looking for a serial number, at least you can see what the handles look like.

From Left to Right:  Mexican Bocote, Antique Amber Jigged Bone, 2nd Cut Burnt Stag, Cobblestone Jigged Bone

Blog Problems!!!

It was brought to my attention yesterday that not everyone can post a comment to blog entries.  It’s been fairly widespread and I spent close to an hour on the phone last nite with our blog host trying to track down the source of the problem.  As near as can be determined, it’s a problem with our Internet Provider and it should resolve itself within the next 24 hours.  My understanding is that it has to do with our IP caching info that’s causing the problem.  As they renew the cached info, it should be corrected.

#48 Doglegs are here!

Got my hands on one of the new 48 Doglegs yesterday and it feels fine!  The dogleg handle shape is comfortable to hold and would obviously be a comfortable knife to use for an extended period of time.  I particularly like the long spey blade.  The length and width of the blade give the appearance of a good balance between strength and manueverability.  These are the first two out with St Patty’s Day and Tomato acrylic handles.  The St Patty’s Day is an unnumbered knife and I believe there were only around 24 of these made.  The Tomato is one of a series of 50 serialized and both carry the Tidoute Trademark and Tango Etch and Shield.

The Dogleg Trapper Prototype / Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife photo!!!

Here it is!!!  This is the very first of the Dogleg Trappers from Great Eastern Cutlery.  This is the one of a kind Prototype that GEC has generously donated to be auctioned off to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project!!!  In the next few days, I’ll be adding a few items to the auction and we’ll get the bidding started next week.  But for now, this is a photo of the actual knife we’ll be offering at auction…..


New Lockbacks Are Here a Tango & a Beaver Tail

Check out the artwork on the new label for the Jigged Bocote “Beaver Tail”.  This is really a ‘classic’ look for a classic knife.  Great Eastern has a graphic artist by the name of Sue who’s been quietly working in the background developing the labels we’ve been seeing.  I’m sure you collectors are well aware of how much the original packaging and labels can affect the price of a collectible knife.  Well, I’d say art like this is going to be a major asset to the collector down the road.  Nice job Sue!!!

And here’s the Jigged Bocote Beaver Tail.  Unfortunately, the jigging doesn’t show well in the photo.  When you’ve got the knife in your hands, the jigging really compliments the Bocote.

And this is probably one of the best looking Acrylics I’ve seen from Great Eastern in a while.  The Copper Melt Tango is fantastic.  It really reminds me of the “Tiger Eye” rings that were so popular years ago. 

New Sack-Up Products are being added.

I’ve just added a few new items from Sack-Ups to the store today.  Sack-Ups are a heavy knit cotton material that’s treated with an oil/silicone to protect metal surfaces from rust, heat and scratches.  The picture below is a ‘Wipe’ they offer for wiping down a firearm or knife.  These are great if you’re showing off your collectibles and want a quick wipe down to protect the metal surface.  It won’t damage wood or bone so you don’t have to worry about unwanted staining. 

I’ve also added the Sack-Ups gun cases for pistols, shotguns and rifles.

And of course, a full selection of Sack-Ups for knives.  I brought in well over a dozen new items, so watch for additional items in the next week!