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GEC is DONATING the Dogleg Prototype For the “Wounded Warrior Project” Auction Knife!!!

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that the Wounded Warrior Project auction knife is going to be the Dogleg Prototype

About a week ago I talked to Chris at Great Eastern and told her I was going to have another auction for the Wounded Warrior Project.  I wasn’t asking for a ‘freebie’, but only suggestions for a nice auction knife.  After a little discussion, Chris suggested she talk to Ken and see if it’d be possible to get a prototype to auction off.  When she called back and said it was a ‘go’, I was thrilled.  When I found out that Great Eastern was DONATING the Dogleg Prototype, I was pleased beyond words.  I would have been happy just to have had the opportunity to buy it and put it up for auction but this is really a generous gesture. 

The details aren’t complete yet, but at this point it appears the Prototype will most likely be an acrylic, color to be determined.  The Proto will be the only knife produced with the Prototype etch and the first one off the line.  A fantastic collectible that a most of us never get a shot at and the money raised will be going for a great cause. 

For now, stay tuned for more details.  Once I’m sure what the handle material will be, I’ll post the info.  Also, I’ll try to get photos as soon as the knife is made.  Pass the word to your friends and fellow collectors.  Chat it up on the boards and make sure everyone knows what kind of folks are operating and working at GEC!!!  There will be a few more items included with the knife and I’m looking at opening the bidding around Mid-April and running into May. 

100% of the proceeds are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Visit their website at:

Thanks Chris, Ken, Bill and everyone else at Great Eastern Cutlery.  You’re truly a class act!!!

Great Looking American Elk EZ Opens and New Desert Sand GEC’s

These are the very first Great Eastern Trademarked Barlow’s we’ve seen and they are great looking knives.  This has to be some of the best looking American Elk I’ve seen come through from Great Eastern.  The EZ opens are available with either a Spear or Sheepsfoot Blade.  It’s got a look that’s a cross between primitive bone and mammoth ivory.  Really nice looking.  In the store, I’ve listed each knife individually to  make it easier to see both sides of each knife.

The second offering is an EZ open with Spear or Sheepsfoot Blades in a new color, Desert Sand Jigged bone.  Nice color.

More Bark River and Fallkniven Knives in Stock!!

New shipment of Bark Rivers and Falknivens came in today.  Both brands are excellent knives and good sellers, particularly with the spring camping and ‘outdoor’ season upon us.  Can’t help but notice there’s also been a slight increase in prices on some of these. 

Back in stock or added are the Fallkniven A1’s, Bark River Bravo 1’s in Antique Ivory, Smoke Jumpers in Natural and Green Canvas, and the Kephart in Antique Stag Bone.  The Bravo 1’s have been fast movers and I was disappointed that they weren’t any of them with Black Canvas Micarta inlcuded.  That’s been the #1 seller and a tough one to keep on hand.

You can see a comparison of the Bark River and Fallkniven knives in our Vide Library.

Starline Brass Backorder Situation

Here’s a quick update on what’s happening regarding the brass situation.  A lot of the brass is in short supply and it appears that’s going to be the situation for the foreseeable future.  A combination of the political situation and the upcoming shooting season has really been stretching the brass makers to the max.  I asked this morning if they were anywhere near catching up to the demand and the reply was a simple… NO!

The Cowboy shooters have really been putting a strain on supplies of some of the black powder cartridges.  I just received notification that I can expect to recieve a shipment of 44-40 brass in the next couple of weeks that’s been on backorder since November of last year.  Yup, that’s almost 6 months on backorder.  There’s another shipment of 45LC coming in most likely not until late May or early June.    And, I should be getting more 10mm brass by mid to late May. 45-70 brass is backorderd and I’m not sure when that’s coming in.  All of this has been on order since at least February.

I’ve been asked, why don’t I just order 50k rounds at a time.  It doesn’t work that way.  They’re trying to keep it somewhat allocated so someone doesn’t come in and buy up everything available.  That’s fair, but it doesn’t solve the big problem!!  Be patient, not much else you can do!!

A new GEC Wounded Warrior Project Auction coming in April!! Suggestions????

For those of you that aren’t aware, last year with the help of Great Eastern Cutlery, I put together a couple items that went up for bid on the blog with 100% of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. If you’re not familiar with the WWP, check it out at:  Terrific organization doing some really great things for our injured returning war vets. 

While I’m not a vet, my wife works for the VA Hospital and we both have the greatest respect for all the folks that put themselves in harms way in the military.  The proceeds from this auction are an effort to try to say thanks and help to offer a little comfort to the injured guys and gals that sacrificed a lot more then just their time.

So, I’m in the process of putting together another auction (to be wound up by Memorial Day) to raise a few bucks for the Wounded Warrior Project .  Last year, there was a #89 2nd Cut Burnt Stag,  matching letter opener, TSA T-shirt and Cap .  Obviously, there’ll be another GEC knife (currently working on that) and a couple of other items.  Thanks to Mike W, USMC,ret., working in Kuwait, last years package went for just over $200 and I’d like to set the bar even higher this year. 

Any suggestions?

100% of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.


Update to the Great Eastern Production Schedule New Dogleg and Melon Whittler’s!

Just got an update this morning regarding upcoming production. 

The first part of next week there will be a ‘bunch’ of 25 EZ Opens and Jacks coming through.  Right now the knives are assembled and awaiting etching.  There will be American Elk and some bone handled knives coming through with the GEC trademark and Stainless Blades.

Next up will be Lockbacks in:

  • Copper Rust Acrylic
  • Jigged Bocote
  • River Blue Bone
  • Frontier Bone(?)

Then the first Dogleg’s (Tidioute)

  • An Acrylic
  • Jigged Bone
  • 2nd Cut Burnt Stag
  • Bocote

Following that will be a new twist on the Melon Whittlers.  Great Eastern is bringing out a new 2 blade version with a Spear and a Pen blade.  They’re dropping the coping blade on these.  They are about 4 different handle materials in the works in both Tidioute and Northfield trademarks. 

Going WAAAAAaay out to late April, early May, we’ll get to see the 72 Lockback in a Northfield in the following handle combo’s:

  • Yellow Rose
  • Genuine Stag
  • Antique Amber
  • Burnt Stag

New GEC Arrivals!

Just in this morning are…….

610410 Tidioute Goldenrod Jigged Bone, unserailized.  Worth noting is the fact that these have the Wharncliffe and Pen blades.  As I
mentioned earlier, there were only 3 offerings of the Wharncliffe, Spear, Pen blade combos made in the Congress.  Due to assembly difficulties, we won’t see the spear blades in the congress again.

Next is a Northfield 235110EC in Yellow Rose.

And the third addition is a 235110EC Beaver Tail with Jigged Bubinga wood handles.

Upcoming GEC Article and a Free Offer from Knife World!!!

Here’s the very latest on the upcoming Great Eastern Cutlery article by Steve Garger coming out in Knife World.  There will be one more issue of Knife World before we see the article.

NOW…. here’s the deal.  Thanks to a ‘heads up’ from Steve, if you go to, on the left side of the page is a link for a “Free Trial”.  Click on it, sign up and you’ll get a couple of issues free.  It’s an interesting pub’ to read and with writers like Steve, you can’t go wrong!!!  It’s FREE!