Monthly Archives: February 2010

Bravo I is back in stock. New 2008 Custom Ptarmigan Bocote in stock.

It’s been a while since we’ve had the Bark River Bravo I in stock.  Finally, the Black Canvas and Green Canvas Micarta’s are available again. The Bravo I is an incredibly tough knife if your looking for a new field knife.


Another great looking Bark River (at a great price!) is in stock.  That’s the Ptarmigan with Bocote handles. These were part of a Custom run made in 2008 and the reverse side of the blade is marked as such.  Really a nice looking knife!!

53 Tangos and the 53 Beaver Tails are here!

Just got the 53 Tango Furtaker back with the Eggs & Hot Sauce acrylic handles.  Great looking handle material.

And the awaited #53 Tidioute Furtaker Trapper Beaver Tails are here.  Hope they don’t make a muskrat furtaker trapper beaver tail drop point end capped……   Starting to take up too much space to get the names on the title page!!!  May have to start abbreviating them as 53TFTBT’s or some such thing!  ANYWAY…. nice looking knives.  They’re available in both Bubinga (left) and Wenge (right) jigged wood handles.  Great ‘vintage’ look to the knives.

Another new knife is coming!!

Just got news today that there’s another new Great Eastern in the works.  I’ll share everything I know about it….

It’s a #48 and we should see them around the end of March or first of April…..

That’s it!!!  Actually, I’m hopeful that next week I’ll have some concrete info that’ll shed a bit more light on what it is.

Starline Brass situation

For you frustrated reloaders trying to find components, not much has changed.  I spoke with Starline earlier this week and was told that this time of the year, they typically are looking at a bit of a slowdown going into Spring.  HOWEVER, this year they are going full speed ahead and not gaining much ground on the backorders.

I recieved an order of the new 32 H&R Mag brass two days ago and am sold out already.  The last order of 45LC brass was on backorder for 2 months and I’m waiting on more that was supposed to have shipped over a week ago.  (2000 rounds of that order are already presold).  Even though I haven’t received my current order, I’ve already placed an order for more that won’t ship till May or June!!!  There may be a recession going on, but it’s not affecting the reloading component mfgr’s.

Last weekend I worked a gunshow in Minnesota and had the absolute best show I’ve ever had.  Guns and knives were selling extremely well but the components were tough to even find.  Everyone predicted we’d see this situation start to subside but it looks like we’re going to be tolerating shortages for the foreseeable future.

Some New “old stock” hard to find knives in the store.

I just added a few older Great Easterns to the store this AM.  I’ll be uploading a new in stock inventory sheet later on this morning.  I try to highlight the latest addtions to the inventory to make it easier to find them. 

Just a couple of knives worth mentioning are an unnumbered 538308 Tidioute Red Wine bone ( 1 of 19) and a really great looking #53 Tidioute Buffalo Horn from 2007 which was one of 25 unnumbered, a 251208 Primitive Bone and a really nice 53 Tidoute with beautifully matched Rams Horn from 2007. 

The #53 Trapper Furtaker and the NEW #72 Mini-Lockbacks are HERE!!!

There here…. again!  The 53 Trapper Furtaker’s arrived and they look great.  The Furtaker blade is a great combo to put together with a clip.  The first one’s are part of the “Tango” series in Burnt Sky Acrylic.

Now the biggie…. the all new #72 Mini-Lockback.  There is so much to like about this knife I’m not sure where to start.

It’s basically a rework of the #73 which is my #1 pick of the Great Eastern lineup.  A very slim profile (.48″ thick) which now includes a lanyard hole and I understand we’ll see the Northfield series coming out with a leather lanyard loop attached.  One of the noticeable changes is the location of the nail notch compared to earlier 73’s.
If you look at the lock back (middle knife), you’ll notice the notch is ‘south’ of the midpoint of the blade.  My very first concern was would you have enough leverage to open it!  The Top 73 is a non lock and it is somewhat stiff to open.  The bottom knife is a linerlock and opens noticeably easier then the non lock.  But be prepared, this new linerlock opens with the greatest of ease!!  If you purchased one of the Executive Melon Whittlers, I’d have to compare the effort to open the two knives as almost equal.  There’s no half stop on the lockback like the linerlock, but when it’s fully opened, it locks with an authoritative snap.  This is a winner in my book!!!  Bring on the STAG!!!

Furtaker Jacks are here there and on the way back..

Funny thing happened the other day.  Gotta share this with you all.  I got a call that the Furtaker Jacks were on the truck, but I had to return them as soon as they arrived.  Return them??????  Seems like there was a minor error that got caught after they went out the door.  See it??  There’s a free blade opener to the first eagle eye to catch it.

The Lockbacks are on the Way!!!

I stole a photo from the GEC website of the new lockback.  So far, I’m liking it.  I’ve always been a big fan of the 73’s and this looks like a sure winner.  There are Northfields in the works, but none on the schedule yet.  I can assure you, they are coming.  This first run will be approximately 100 knives with 50 serialized.  My understanding is the upcoming Northfields will probably include some sort of leather lanyard loop.