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New Arrivals from GEC!!!

Lots of new stuff this weekend!!  All of these are very short run items and all are unserialized.

892309 (Executive Whittlers) Northfield Burnt Stags.

250109J and 250209J Strawberry Jigged Bone Tidioutes.

A single 235210 Frontier Bone Northfield.  I have a feeling this is another really short run item.

The Yellow Rose 735109 Linerlock’s in Jigged and Smooth Bone.  Both of these were short runs.

And finally, some really pretty 210 Letter Openers in Rosewood.

Lily (the Black Bear) just had a Cub 11:30AM CST 1/22/10!!

For those of you that might be interested and saw the earlier post about our Minnesota hibernating black bear,…. she had a cub.  There’s a video of the cub being born which is pretty neat.  If you’d like to check it out, heres the link to the video.  You can also watch her in real time in her den by going to  Have patience as the site has been tough to get on the last few days with all the viewers watching from around the world.


New Northfield #23 Orphan Knife in Red Jig bone!

I just love getting these!  This is what I refer to as an Orphan Knife (OK for short).  These are knives that are made up from ‘leftover’ materials from previous runs.  Frequently there are only a handful of them made.  Great collectibles.  I have a pretty good variety in the store and this is another nice one. 

This particular knife is a 235210 Northfield End Capped Red Jig Bone.  Great looking deep red color.  I believe there were only around 7 of these made.

72 Lockback, 61 Congress Blades, 89 Exec Mammoth Ivory and more Updates!!

Here’s the latest on the 72 Lockback.  It will measure 3.875″ closed, will have a lanyard ‘tube’ and the Northfields will have a ‘thumbgrip’ on the top of the blade.  The Tidioute’s will have the circled “PPP” etch indicating that it’s a Pattern Production Premier of a new pattern.  I’ve been told it’s similar to the Remington Lockback Bullet knife built on a GEC 73 size frame.  Just a quick search led me to look at the Remington R1306 (tracker) which I’m guessing could be a pretty good look into the future.  Still guestimating seeing these around mid February.  No idea on handle materials yet.

Regarding the Congress blade configuration, here’s what we’re gonna get.  2 Wharncliffe’s a spear and a pen.  I’m interested to see how that pen fits in there, but it should be interesting.  There will be 3 Tidioutes with smooth bolsters and 3 Northfields with lined bolsters.

A couple of changes have been made on the upcoming 73 Left Hand Locks coming through.  There will be a Yellow Rose offered with a smooth and a jigged bone handle.  It appears these will be limited in quantity.  GEC had also originally said their would be a Bocote which has now been changed to Rosewood with around 23 total production and around 23 of an as yet unnamed jig bone.

AND there’s another Mammoth Ivory coming through in the 89 Exec.

It looks like all of this will happen between now and mid February!

Added a few more GEC’s to the Store

I just added a few knives back into inventory that had previously sold out.  Most of the ‘fillins’ are unserialized with the exception of Serial #49 in a Northfield 73L in Yellow Rose.  Added are:

253109EO Burnt Stag
735109 Northfield Brown Jig Bone
613409 Northfield Banana Peel
735109L Northfield Yellow Rose
735109L Tidioute Tractor Green
892309 Tidioute 2nd Cut Burnt Stag
892309 Tidoute Smooth Goldenrod
892309 Tidioute Golden Rod EDC
250109 Northfield Smooth Oiled Bone

I can’t ‘publish’ pix of the EDC’s, but if you want to see the actual EDC’s I’ve got for sale, drop me a note and I’ll email you the link to access them.

HELP!!! A question about Knife Storage and Care

I had a collector ask a couple of great questions by email this morning that I felt belong on the blog.  No doubt, there are more then a few of us out here that could use some good advice.  You long time, serious collectors can probably address these questions better then I.  I come from the old school of a good wipe down, a drop of oil and put it in the back of the drawer where nothin’ can ding it.  So, needless to say, I / We would appreciate your input.  Thanks in advance!

“I use Renaissance polish on my knives once in a while & a drop of gun oil at pivot points–that’s about it. But here’s my question: Regarding stag & bone handled folders, if they’re not displayed in a cabinet, what’s the best way to store knives? For GEC blades, is it a bad practice to leave them in the brown wax paper in their tubes as they were shipped?  

Should they be out of their tubes & in a knife roll? Can knife rolls trap moisture & hold it against the knives? What’s a good brand of roll? I know there are a lot of opinions but I’d like to know where you stand personally & what you might recommend. “

New Bark River Knives Added to the Store (and 1 Bark River EDC!!!)

I just added in a couple of new Bark Rivers.  The North Star was one of the first Bark Rivers I bought and is still one of my favorites in their lineup.  The size and weight makes this a perfect sized knife to carry all day without noticing it, but will take on just about any size task asked of it.

Another added is the Bark River Kephart.  Interesting blade design that will perfom multiple tasks including skinning, and kitchen duty.

The EDC I’ve added is a Bark River Smoke Jumper with Green Canvas Micarta handles.  This one came in with a minor stain on one side of the blade (visible in the photo).  This isn’t pitting, but rather a stain that could probably be buffed out.