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Bid on a Special Great Eastern #89 “Wounded Warriors” Package!!!

Here’ what I’ve got going.  I have a number of customers that are on active duty overseas including a few retired lifers and one that I know of that even signed up to continue working in Kuwait after he retired.  My wife works at a VA Hospital and is well aware of the problems facing some of the vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan related to their service.  I have nothing but respect for all of the troops but would especially like to help out the guys and gals whose lives have been changed forever while just ‘doing their job’

Here’s what’s gonna happen!!!!  Great Eastern Cutlery is going to engrave one of the new #89’s (in 2nd Cut Jigged Burnt Stag) with a special inscription (to be determined) on the back of the main blade.  This knife is going to be put into a package which will include:

  • #89 Great Eastern Cutlery 2nd Cut Jigged Burnt Stag
  • A New Burnt Stag Letter Openers
  • TSA Knives Cap
  • TSA Knives T-Shirt

Bids for the package can only be made through the blog (and no, I won’t put it on EBay for all kinds of reasons).  I’ll have a special category on the blog entitled “Wounded Warriors Bidding“.  Bidding will start at $50 and continue through October 31, 2009.  The highest bid received by midnite 10/31/09 will get the package.  To bid, just ‘respond’ to this post with your bid.  (Also, let’s keep it simple and keep the bids in $5 increments)

This isn’t a freebie giveaway, but your going feel pretty darn good knowing you’re helping someone that really deserves it AND get a helluva nice knife in the deal!!  So even if you don’t feel like bidding, pass the word along.

100% of the Proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project.

If you’re not familiar with the Wounded Warriors Project, please, take the time to visit their website at: .  In the meantime, bid high and bid often!!!!

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