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The Bidding Ends Tonite!

Couple of quick points.

  • Right now the bid is at $150 for the Wounded Warriors package.  That’s less then the retail price of the knife and letter opener.  Remember, not one cent of the money goes into my pocket, it’s money that’s going to help out an American hero that’s made a life changing sacrifice in service to their country.

  • The bidding will end at midnite tonite.  I’m NOT going to take the time change into account ( I don’t think it “legally” goes into effect until 2AM anyway).  Right now, it’s about 8:30AM CST which leaves just 15 1/2 hours left to get your bid in to do someone a good deed!!!

  • You can place your bid by simply hitting the reply button to this post and placing your bid!!!


More 89’s, Letter Openers, EDC Knives & Letter Openers!

Let’s see…. first I just put the new 89 Melon Whittler in the store with Goldenrod Jig Bone handles plus one EDC Goldenrod. as well as a pair of 89 2nd Cut Burnt Stag EDC’s

Next were some more letter openers in Burnt Stag (nice) and Buffalo Horn. 

Also, I brought in a few of the EDC Letter openers in the Buffalo Horn AND a couple in LVS Abalone.  If you’re on a budget, the EDC line is a great deal.  The Buffalo Horn EDC’s appear to have hairline fractures on some of them between the pins which doesn’t affect the handle integrity.  The Abalone EDC panels are very, very slightly smaller then the metal handle.

What Happened to the “Steel Type” on the Label????

Before anyone misreads what I’m about to say, understandNO CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE IN THE BLADE STEEL on the Great Eastern Knives.  That being said and understood… read on.

It came to my attention yesterday that the new #89 label states “Made of the Best  High Carbon American Steel by Skilled Craftsmen“.   No mention is made that it’s 1095, hammer tested or frozen forged.  I see the same is true of the labels on the Yellow Rose that also came through recently.  On further investigation, I found out the PPP Toothpick labels also lacked the 1095 High Carbon Steel marking.   I called GEC and they confirmed no changes were made in the steel and it was simply a change in the label.  I really hope this isn’t a permanent change for a couple of reasons.


I realize if you’re buying a knife to add to a collection and never intend to use it to cut anything, it’s really irrelevant if the blade is made from ATS-34 or polished aluminum.  Who really cares if the blade is “Hammer Tested and Frozen Forged”  What the hell does that mean anyway????  To a few oddballs like myself, it means a lot.  

The first thought that entered my mind was…. have they changed the blade steel????   I know that on private order knives you can specify different blade steels to keep down costs.  Some of these showed up on Ebay not so long ago and I posted an article about them on the blog entitled  “Buying GEC’s On Ebay” .  That prompted the phone call to confirm nothing had changed but the label. 

I’m not a serious collector and a lot of the Great Eastern Knives I own get carried and used on a daily basis.  I live in one of those parts of the country where a pocket knife, a rifle and a hammer are all considered ‘tools’ used for different jobs.  When I buy any one of the three, I like to know I’m buying the best I can afford.  One of the ways I make that determination is reading the label.

Several years ago, I was at a gunshow and got to talking to a knife ‘nut’ and he told me he felt that if a blade is simply marked “stainless steel”, don’t necessarily anticipate getting the latest, greatest, highest grade, toughest stainless product currently made.  IF it were, they’d probably mark it as such.  I have to admit, I’ve seen more knives marked 440C then I have marked 420. 

There’s some great HC steels out there and I think most of us would agree that 1095 is one of them when handled properly.  Since my intro to the Great Eastern line, while I may get critical of the ‘edge’ on the knives as they come from the factory (which is purely a matter of personal preference) I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the 1095 blades on their knives.  On more then one occassion, I’ve made that point on this blog.

I like the graphics on the new labels (as well as the glossy look).  While this is probably a ‘non’ issue to some/most of you, I’m most hopeful that the Steel type is added back on and even better…. how about stamping it on the blade???????  When you’ve got a great story to tell, don’t whisper it in the hallway,
……shout it from the rooftop!!!

Metalform Magazines are in Short Supply!

As some of you are well aware, the Metalform Mags have been in short supply and it seems like the situation is slow to improve.  I’ve had the 22 Ace Magazines on backorder since late June and keep getting promises that they’re “in process” (whatever the hell that means!!)

The 45 Lanyard Loop mags,  8 round 45 mags, and 9mm mags are 3 major holes I hope to fill SOON!!!  In the meantime, thanks for your patience, not much we can do about it but wait, unfortunately.


Wounded Warrior Package Bidding Ends at Midnite Saturday 10/31/09!!

Finally got the knife and Letter Opener that’s part of the Wounded Warriors Auction Package.  Remember, the Knife and  Letter Opener alone sell for over $150.  The knife blade is lightly engraved: “Wounded Warrior Supporter” ( a special thanks to Chris and Patty).  The cap is a really nice “DriDuck”  and the T is a Heavyweight 100% Cotton.  This is a great Program and I really encourage you all to take a minute to visit their website Wounded Warriors Project.  And remember, 100% of the procedes from this auction will go to the Wounded Warriors Project.

The New Great Eastern #209 Letter Openers are in!

This is the first of the letter openers in LVS Abalone.  This ranks up there as an executive gift type item.  VERY classy looking, but I might use one anyway!!  One of the nice features is the addition of a square sided clear plastic tube with a great looking label.  Great Eastern has a new graphic artist working for them and I’m not sure if she deserves all the credit or not, but the label on the Yellow Rose 73 and the openers is really first class.

This will give you a little reference to the size when it lays next to a blade key.

The 89 is HERE!!!

Well…… here’s another ‘must have’ knife.  The new model 892309 in 2nd Cut Burnt Stag.  This thing feels so nice in your hand it just makes you wanna dig through the refrigerator to find something to cut!!!  My schedule today hasn’t been what I’d planned, so have a little patience and I’ll try to get these in the store by 9:00PM CST.

Compared to the Congress, it’s pretty delicate looking.  Sorry about the blur, but you can make out the new “1 of 50” blade etch and the PPP etch.

In fact, they had to stamp 1/2 of the model # on each of the secondary blades!

This gives you an idea the blade starts nice and heavy at the pivot point and slims down fairly fast.  You can also see the split spring.

Now, I’ve gotta admit I have an EDC coming in that I have every intention of using and will report back as soon as I can!

#89 and Letter Opener Pricing

I should have the 89’s and the first of the letter openers in my hands around noon CST.  As soon as they’re in, I’ll get some pix up at once.  But for now, to answer a couple of recurring questions……

  • Price for the 2nd Cut Stags Serialized is $112.95

  • Since all of the Tidoute’s blades, frames etc were run at once, they’ll all have the “PPP” etch and special label

  • Prices for the Letter Openers will be:

    • Buffalo $22.78

    • Stag $33.67

    • Abalone $46.02