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I’m back.

Just to let you know… I’m back and I’m caught up on shipping!!  Many thanks to those of you that were patient enough to wait for me to get your knives shipped out. 

I had a chance to use a few knives and will try to put together a short review in the near future.  Just to give you an idea of what all was taken along…..

May be a bit of overkill, but you just never know what you might be up against!!  Won’t be reviewing all of them, but the Bark River got a workout for sure.

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4 new Congress’ out last week!!!

I leave for a week and 4 new Congress’ are waiting for me when I get home.  Nice way to be greeted!!!  First up is a limited run Tidioute in “Tiger Lily”.  These are unserialized.

Then came 3 new Northfields, all with Long Pulls.  The First is Banana Peel.

Then aPrimitive Bone.

And finally, some great looking Burnt Stags!

From left to right the serial numbers are 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35.  And as usual, please indicate a first second and third choice when ordering.

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I’m closing down for a week!!!

Time for a little R&R.  Actually, it’s time to do some serious housekeeping and cleaning out some cobwebs.  As a result, starting Sunday the 23rd, I’m going to be halting shipping until Monday the 31st.  You can place orders, drop me an email (I will watch the mail and try to respond) etc, but nothing ships till the 31st.  In fact, as usual, don’t wait to place an order if there’s something you’re interested in cause it’s first in, first out.

There’s a couple of new knives coming out next week and I’ll get them published as soon as I can.  Have patience!!

I put a couple of new Congress’ in the store today and added a bunch of EDC’s so if you hurry up, place an order and get it paid for before Saturday afternoon when the post office closes, I’ll get them off to you.


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More EDC’s added today!

I now have a selection of 12 different EDC knives in the store.  These have been really popular and are a fantastic value! 

When you check out the EDC listings, you’ll note that many have a ‘generic’ photo next to the description of the knife.  If you’ll email me with your interest, I’ll send you pictures of the actual knife being offered with a closeup of the cosmetic flaw.  As I’ve said before, some of the flaws are really difficult to spot and all of the knives are 100% functional with no ‘mechanical’ issues.  In fact I recently shipped a couple of the EDC knives to a regular blogger.  After he got them he sent me an email asking me what was wrong with them!  Pretty common remark.

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Tidoute Congress in Dead Skunk and 2nd Cut Burnt Stag ~ wow!!

Couple of beauties just arrived.  First is the Tidioute Congress in 2nd Cut Burnt Stag.  These are really, really nice looking.  Great matching colored panels!!  From Left to Right serial numbers 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32.

The second New congress is inDead Skunk.  These were run in a limited quantity without serial numbers. 

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Congress’ in Black Micarta, Super Ltd Run Abalone Sleeveboard, EZ Burnt Stags!!!!

Here’s a totally classy lookingTidoute Congress inBlack Micarta, very dressy!!

If you’re looking for a high end rare knife, how about a Northfield Sleeveboard with LVS Abalone.  Great Eastern made just 6 of these without serial numbers.  They’re identical to the Abalone Sleeveboards they made with matching blade openers for the Rendezvous in July. 

Finally, I found a couple more really nice Northfield EZ Opens with Burnt Stag no serial numbers.

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Blood Red Jigged Bone Northfield Toothpicks arrived

Great color.  All I can say is that a camera really doesn’t do justice to the deep Blood Red color of the bone.  This is one of the nicest looking jigged bones I’ve seen from GEC.  There’s just a depth to the color that’s really an eye catcher.  I only got a handful of the serialized knives in and a few of the non serialized knives.  As of this writing, I have just one serialized left and 5 of the nonserialized left. 

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EDC Update!

The first group of EDC’s that I offered were really well received!!  There’s obviously a number of you that want an EDC and aren’t concerned about minor cosmetic flaws.  Well, I plan on continuing to offer them but with a minor adjustment to how I’m handling them.

Going forward, I won’t have them listed in the store with pictures and a description as I’ve done with the rest of the line.  Instead, I’m going to TRY and offer each knife based on it’s individual appearance and price it accordingly.  There will still be a Product Category for EDC knives in the storefront.  When you click on the link it’ll take you to a Generic photo with a description instructing you to Email me for a current availability/price list.  

A few of you have wanted specifics as to the nature of the flaws on the knives and I’ll repeat that none of the flaws affect function.  Almost every knife I’ve seen has had a flaw related to issues with color, finish or match of the handle panels.   Most of those has been pretty subtle.  I”ll do my best to provide photos of the knives you’re interested in but cut me a little slack and I’d appreciate it if you’d limit your requests to knives you’re actually interested in.  It gets pretty time consuming taking multiple pictures from multiple angles of multiple knives!!

There are some great buys and I’ll try to keep this going as long as it works for everyone!!  Hopefully, I should be getting in another assortment later this week.  Thanks for working with me on this!!!