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New Blade Etches on New Patterns

I covered this in another entry regarding the new #12 Toothpicks but will touch on it again here.  GEC has started to use a new blade etch on new pattern releases.  There is a “PPP” etch on the main blade as well as a PPP stamp on the label of new production knives.  The PPP stands for Pattern Production Premier.  This will be used on the very first knives within a run/

The label on the new pattern knives will also have a completely different look from the later run of knives.  It also has the PPP stamped on the upper left hand corner of the label.

This makes for a great way to differentiate early release knives within a pattern from later production.  With the date and model stamp on the tangs, this is a great idea that should make earlier releases much easier to identify.


#12 Toothpicks and Sleeveboard ~ Blade Opener Rendezvous Sets!!!

Ohhhh… it is nice.  The new Toothpicks showed up today and they feel great.  I’ve never been a great toothpick pattern fan, but I gotta admit, it does feel good.  And it looks good too!!!  The first one’s to come in are River Blue Jigged Bone, Frontier Bone and 2nd Cut Burnt Stag.  All the stats are in the store, but they are nice.

A point of interest that I’m not sure of yet….  they’ve changed the label on the Tidioute tubes.  Not sure why the did it as I personally liked the old label.

Also, they’ve made some minor changes on the blade etch adding three “P” s  inside a circle.  I’ll track down some info on that in the morning.

The next item up is I was fortunate to pick up a couple of the “Annual Knife Rendezvous” Sleeveboard / Blade Key sets.  These were limited to a production of just 30 sets in LVS Abalone.  A really cool looking set.  Not inexpensive, but considering the handle material, the fact it’s the first ‘matched’ serial numbered set of knife and blade opener, limited production of 30 sets and the blade etch make this a nice collectible.

The #12 Toothpick

Okay, anybody out there lucky enough to make it out to visit GEC this past week??????   Love to hear from you!!  For those of you that didn’t see stefans earlier post, the #12 came out last week and was going to be the centerpiece of the Great Eastern Rendezvous and they got a pic up on the GEC website.

I have to admit that I’m surprised it’s as ‘delicate’ looking as it is.  I’d envisioned a much bulkier knife.  I know the picture’s a little deceiving as it is 4″ with a thick blade.  Hope to have some in stock this week.


Great Eastern Blade Openers back in stock!

FINALLY got some more of the ‘handled’ blade openers!  First off, thanks to all of you that ordered them and have been patiently waiting in some cases since early June! 

I only have about 10 left on hand as GEC only sent me a partial order.  They’re in the process of running a fairly large number of them and the lot I got was from an early release.  I’ve been pushing pretty hard to get more and they at least got out enough to cover my backorders and a few more.  Not sure how long these will last, but there’s more on the way!  I think it took everyone by surprise just how popular these were gonna be.

Thanks again, your patience was appreciated.


Keep up the suggestions for a shot at a free #61 Congress!!

You guys have put up some great suggestions for blade combinations.  Now, I want to encourage any of you that haven’t posted anything becuase someone else already posted your idea.  Don’t worry about it, put your suggestion up also.  Here’s why….

I’m interested to see how many suggestions we get for the same blade combinations.  Can we see a consensus forming?  Just put in your 2 cents worth and you’re in the drawing.


Great Eastern Sleeveboards in Primitive Bone and Genuine Stag are in!!

Just received some #26 Sleeveboard Northfields with Primitive Bone handles.  These all have lots of natural fractures that really add character to these knives.  IF you have an aversion to cracks in bone, this one isn’t for you!  These aren’t stress fractures resulting from assembly, but good old honest age fractures.  Great looking!!!!

Next is a great selection of Sleeveboards in Genuine Stag.  These ALL have fantastic handles on them.  Excellent matching panels!!!
Serial numbers top row left to right are 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and the bottom row is  30, 31, 32, 33 and 34 left to right.  PLEASE indicate first, second and third choice when ordering.  Actually, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Congress Blade suggestions….speak up NOW and win a Free Congress!!!

I haven’t had a knife giveaway in a while and I think another one’s long over due.  

I just put up the projected production schedule for Great Eastern that will take us into Fall of ’09.  NOW….if you read my post and missed it….one more time…. 

GEC will be running the #61 Congress with a change in blade configurations.  I don’t believe anything has been chiseled in stone as to what the combination might be so if anyone has some good ideas about what they’d like to see, speak up now.  Can’t say exactly when it’ll be released, but it’ll be later this summer.  This is a great time to have a little consumer input!!!!

In fact, here’s the deal, anyone that puts up a reasonable suggestion  for a new blade combination (no suggestions for saw blades, pliers, etc) will get their name put in the proverbial hat for a drawing for one of the new Congress’ FREE from TSA Knives, LLC.  Anyone that’s already submitted an idea is in the drawing already. The only condition is the idea has to be posted under the “Great Eastern Cutlery #61 Congress Blade Suggestions” category.  Don’t send me a personal Email thinking I’ll put you in.  You can just post a comment to this posting by hitting reply and replying!!


Here’s the latest GEC Production Update

Here’s the latest regarding what to expect from Great Eastern Cutlery.  This is going to carry on into late fall for some of the patterns and of course, there’s always the chance of changes.

The new #12 Toothpicks will be ready to go in time for Great Easterns upcoming Rendezvous which is just about a week away!!!   A couple other items worth noting is a new pattern coming probably towards October and one of the upcoming #61 Congress’ will feature a new blade combination

  • #12 Toothpicks Tidioute ~ 2nd Cut Burnt Stag, Smooth Green Bone, Frontier Bone

  • #36 Sunfish Northfield ~ Burnt Stag, Jigged Bone with a New Shield

  • #12 Toothpick Northfield ~ Burnt Stag, Jigged Bone

  • #61 Congress Tidioute ~ Gold Rod Micarta, Black Micarta, ???Jigged Bone

  • #25 EZ Open Northfields (single Spear Blade) ~ Burnt Stag, Jigged Bone

  • #61 Congress Northfield ~ Burnt Stag, Smooth Banana, Genuine Stag, Primitive Bone

  • #54 Big Horn Moose, Moose, Big Jack (Ltd run of about 20 each) Slanted Bolsters, Jigged bone

  • #23 GEC End Capped, Single Spey Blade, American Elk, Smooth Bone (this is the first ever End Capped GEC)

  • THEN…..there’s another new pattern in the works!!!!

  • 73 Jack Northfield Mammoth Ivory

  • 25 EZ Open Northfield with Sheepsfoot Blade

Start saving!!!!


    Cleaning up some stray knives!

    Cleaned off my desk yesterday and found a few knives that I hadn’t put in the store.  There’s actually a couple of pretty good ones in the lot that somehow just got stacked up in the clutter. 

    First up is a 613409 Congress withLooking Glass Grandma’s Kitchen Floor handles (serial #21) and a 613409 Congress with Looking Glass Black Pearl Handles (serial #27!).  Both of these were part of a “Factory Test Production Run” of just 27 knives.

    There’s also a Northfield 251208LPJ unserialized in Amber Jigged Bone,  a Northfield 734209JFB in Snakewood with Flat Bolsters unserialized and finally, a Northfield 252109 EZOpen in Banana Peel unserialized.