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I just want to make sure all of you are aware of the pending attempt by US Customs to classify assisted opening knives AND knives capable of being opened with one hand as switchblades.  Some time back I had posted some info on the blog regarding the archaic laws regarding pocket knives that were passed recently in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.  Well, it’s coming to our shores. 

From AKTI’s website:

“Be warned. U.S. Customs’ proposal indicates it is directed at only the importers of assisted-
opening knives. However, the language used in their revocation document is so broad and
uses virtually every term ever applied to any knife that opens with one hand. We fear that they
are attempting to bypass the will of Congress
and that once they succeed in getting assisted-
openers defined as switchblades, they could
move against all folding knives. These include
multi-tools, traditional pocket knives, one-hand openers, and assisted-openers.”

AKTI had requested an extension of the comment period regarding this change which was denied as of 6/10/09.  Pardon my bluntness gang, but this is serious shit!

Here’s a link to the American Knife and Tool Institute website to get the details of what’s going on.  They are requesting the public  write ASAP in response to the action.  On their site are further links, directions and an address to help you prepare your letter.  PLEASE don’t blow this off as ‘nothing to worry about’.   

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Great Eastern Cutlery Congress & Blade Opener Promotion

For a very limited time, you can add one of the new “handled” blade openers to your purchase of a new #61 Congress for an additional $5.95!!!!  That’s roughly half the regular cost in our store.  Or if you’d prefer, I’ll send you one of the polished ‘non’ handled models FREE!!

Here are the terms:

  • Limit of one opener at the special offer price (or freebie) per customer

  • This offer is good only with the purchase of one of the new #61 Congress’

  • “Handled” Openers are chosen at random

  • You have to request the opener when you place your order

  • Be sure to add the additional charge to your payment

  • The offer is ONLY good through June 20th

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Great Eastern Cutlery Blade Openers NEW!!!

About a year ago Great Eastern Cutlery came out with their first brass blade opener which was shaped like an actual blank knife blade.  Just recently, they revised their opener and came out with a more practical design in a stainless or nickel steel and even more recently have further upgraded it with a “handle”.   Neat little gift idea.

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Submit your Congress Blade Suggestions HERE!!!

Okay, I’ve had numerous emails, a couple of phone conversations and several comments on the blog regarding the blade configurations on the new #61 Great Eastern Congress.  I know the blog gets read by a few folks at Great Eastern and your comments don’t go unnoticed.  So……lets hear your ideas.  I guarantee you we’ll see some other blade combinations, so if you’ve got an idea or suggestion, good time to voice it.


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The #61 Great Eastern Congress is in!!!

I can get pretty enthusiastic about new Great Eastern patterns, but gang, this one is different.  Up to this point, I’ve had a definite preference for the #73 Linerlocks.  Great size, fit, weight etc.  That may change with the intro of the #61 Congress.  The first one is in Burnt Orange Jigged Bone.

The balance of the springs is outstanding and while the springs aren’t nearly as stiff as previous models, they still have a positive ‘half’ lock position.  My hat goes off to the GEC gang on this one!!  Job well done.

Here’s the specs. 

  #61Four Blade Congress #73 Single Blade Linerlock 

OAL Closed 







2.8 oz 

3.5 oz 

GEC also produced a pair of limited “Factory Test Production Run” knives in Looking Glass Black Pearl and Looking Glass Grandma’s Kitchen Floor handles with a total of 26 each of the Looking Glass colors.

Based on preproduction interest, I’m betting this could be one of Great Easterns most popular patterns to date.  In the next few weeks I plan to put one of these to the test and will let you know what I think of it.  It makes a great looking safe queen, but I think it’s got a lot more potential as an EDC pocket knife!


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New Great Eastern Cutlery Blade Opener

I just got in the first of the new #109 Great Eastern Blade Openers.  There’s going to be 2 different versions.  The first is stainless with no handle panels.  There will be a second version coming out in the next week with handle panels.  The handle panels will be made up from ‘left over’ material too small to fit on knives.  So what we’ll see are handles made from virtually any material that GEC has used inlcuding bone, MOP, Stag, etc.  Should be interesting.