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The New #61 GEC Congress is in transit!!!

I should have the first of the #61 Tidioute Congress in stock the first of the week.  Here’s a photo from the GEC website.

The first one’s will have Burnt Orange Jigged Bone.  Measurements are 3.75″ closed with a sheepsfoot and pen blades on each end.  Taking a guess, these will list for around $101.95.  This is a pattern I’ve been patiently waiting for.  Never thought the Muskrats made a lot of sense, but the Congress…..that’s a different story!!!

Following the initial run, we’ll see more coming out in Looking Glass Tortoise Shell and a River Blue Wave Jigged bone.  And there will be more!!


2009 Great Eastern Open House is coming up in July!!!

Just wanted to pass on the word that GEC is having another Open House July 23, 24 & 25.  The hours will be from 8:00AM till 2:00PM with refreshments and tours available during those hours. 

A couple of key details are that there is an excellent chance attendees will get a chance to see a brand new pattern released at the Open House.  AND, they’ll be running an Open House special knife with just 10 knives available for purchase each day of the Open!!!


2008 Production Totals are out! UPDATE 5/26/09!!!

As of noon 5/25/09, I’ve been informed that the Production Total sheet that GEC put up on their website is going to be revised as there are a number of errors that need correcting.  When the corrections are complete, I’ll republish them on our site as well. 

This is an extremely valuable tool for the collector as GEC is one of the few companies I’m aware of that gives total, actual production numbers for their knives.  A number of different things can affect production and just because 50 knives are projected in a run, it can end up being a total of 9 or 10!  That can make a huge difference in a knife’s desirability as a collectible.  It can also explain why a certain knife is so hard to find or why a collector may be asking what seems like an incredible premium. 

Whenever I’ve been aware that a specific knife is only being run in a very small quantity, I try to post that information on the blog or on my inventory sheet.  In a few instances, those knives may sit for a long time before anyone takes notice.  In the few short days the ’08 production totals have been out, I’ve sold a lot of low production knives including 6 to one buyer.  So be aware, collectors do pay attention to this information.


Looking Glass “Factory Test Production Run” knives released!

Great Eastern released two very limited run knives last week with a transparent acrylic handle material based on the #26 Sleeveboard patterns.   When you look at the handles from the sides, you can actually see the pins.  The “Looking Glass Pearl” consisted of a run of just 14 knives and the “Looking Glass Tortoise Shell” is part of a run of just 12 knives.

Custom Black Water Boot Knife II and Bravo II Bark Rivers are in Stock

I was lucky to pick up a new in the box  Black Water Boot Knife II (SOLD).  These were a custom run knife in 2007 commemorating the discontinuance of the old Blackwater.  Pretty interesting knife with a “Large Diameter Hollow Ground” blade made of Bohler N685 Stainless Steel.  Great looking knife and a little bigger then the original.  The blade is also etched “Custom 2007”.

I also have the Bravo II  back in stock.  This is a big knife in the class of the Fallkniven A2.  Measuring 12.25″ OAL, it’s truly a tool for the serious outdoorsman / survivalist / military user.  I sold one to a fellow in Asia who actually uses a knife like this in his ‘occupation’.   He only buys the best cutlery as his life literally may depend on it!

Fallkniven Knives Now Ship FREE in the USA! A1’s and A2’s are in stock.

All of you Fallkniven fans know by now that there have been some SUBSTANTIAL price increases in the last couple of months.   I guess it has something to do with the strengthening yen, flying monkeys or some such thing.  At any rate, 15-20% wholesale price increases have not been uncommon.  So, to soften the blow a bit, I’m shipping all Fallkniven orders postage prepaid.

Both the A1’s and A2’s are back in stock.  The A2 is one big knife, falling into the same category as the Bark River Bravo II. 

3 New 54 Northfield Burnt Stags are in

Just got in three new Northfield 54’s in Burnt Stag.  The first is the 541209LPBHM which is the Long Pull Big Horn Moose.

From Left to Right, Serial #’s 4 Sold, 5 and 6.

Next is the 541209LPM which is the Long Pull Moose. 

From Left to right serial numbers, 5 Sold, 6 and 7.

And finally, the 541209LPBJ which is the 54 Long Pull Jack.

From Left to right, Serial #2 Sold, 3 and 4.