Monthly Archives: April 2009

New Padded Knife Roll

Was at a gun/knife show this past weekend and brought along some of the padded knife rolls that I have in the store.  These aren’t really a ‘new’ item, but it made me realize a lot of the items I sell, actually sell a lot faster when people can feel and touch them.  This is a great example.

This particular heavy duty cordura case holds twelve folders up to 5″ long making them perfect for knives even bigger then the #23 GEC’s.  The pockets are lined with a man made fleece type material for the ultimate in padding and protection.  Put up to 6 knives in each side, fold the case in half and secure it with the velcro closure that runs the length of the case. 

Bark River “Gunny” is in stock!!

I finally got in several of the new Bark River Gunny models and they’re everything I’d hoped for.  What Bark River did was complete the lineup of Bravo series knives.  It started with the Bravo-1 then came the Bravo-2 which was a Bravo-1 on steroids and the Gunny finishes the lineup with a perfect sized EDC belt knife.  As of this writing, I’ve got both the Green Canvas and Black Canvas Micarta knives on hand.  There’s a lot of exotic handled knives out there, but it’s darned near impossible to beat the Micarta for a field knife.

I’ve always been a great fan of A2 blades and am really happy with the A2 Bark Rivers I’ve used.  The size and heft of the Gunny should make it a pleasure to use!!

Red Stag #53 arrived

I received the Great Eastern 538308 Red Stags this weekend.  These are the first Great Eastern marked knives we’ve seen in a while and the first Red Stags we’ve seen in quite a while.  The blades on these knives are marked 2008 and should be one of the last ’08 stamps we’ll see.

From left to right, the serial numbers are 15, 16(SOLD), 17(SOLD), 18, 23 and 24(SOLD).  Please indicate your first, second and third choices.

Another 26 Burnt Stag Arrives and a MOP #25!!!

I should have brought this up when the first #26 Burnt Stags arrived yesterday that there were 2 variations of that knife.  The 26’s that came in (and sold out) yesterday had a hand swedge while the ones arriving today have the cut swedge.  Below is a picture of the two together.  The top blade was the first variation with a hand swedge and the bottom blade is todays arrival.

This is even nicer matched stag then the first knives and they were nice.  From left to right, serial #’s 9, 10, 11, 12(SOLD), 13, 14.  Be sure to choose a first, second and third serial number choice.

The second arrival was a #25 Jack with a Spear and Pen blade in Mother of Pearl.  Really pretty knives.  From Left to Right, serial  #2(SOLD), 3(SOLD), 4 and 5.

Here’s what’s coming up from Great Eastern!

Just to  give you an idea what to anticipate in the next few weeks, here’s the upcoming production schedule…..

  • #53 Great Eastern Cutlery Stockman Red Stag

  • #73EC Linerlock Northfield Skinner Blade Burnt Stag

  • #23 Great Eastern Cutlery American Elk (2008 blades)

  • #23 Great Eastern Cutlery Jigged Bone (2008 Blades)

  • #54 Northfield Moose

  • #54 Northfield Jack

  • #54 Northfield Big Horn Moose(?)

  • #26 Tidioute Sleeveboards

  • The New Congress!! 

The New #26 Sleeveboard and an New Abalone #25 is in!!

I just received the New #26 Sleeveboards in Burnt Stag.  Great looking knives with a nicely matched lot of Burnt Stag!!

From left to right, serial numbers, 22, 23, 24(Sold), 25(Sold), 26(Sold).  Again, please indicate your first, second and third choice.

And here’s the #25 Jack Long Pull in LVS Abalone.  There were a total of just over 30 of these run (they are serialized).